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“I will do whatever you say,” Ruth answered.  So she went down to the threshing floor and did everything her mother-in-law told her to do. 818 more words


The Connection Between Faith and Hair

Cultivate is a word I hear and see all over the internet. As much as I tried to avoid using “buzz” words, it is the perfect word for the current season of my life. 263 more words


The (Accidental) Marks Made While Making Art, an open call...

We have some exciting things going on right now, we’ll keep it all under our hats for the time being, we’re rather excited about where it all goes next in terms of Cultivate. 277 more words


Cultivate Your Dreams

Hello everyone.  (Does anyone else have trouble knowing how to start their blog posts? Sometimes I get completely stumped after “Hello Everyone”.) 

This little mixed-media piece was worked on over the course of several weeks.  222 more words

Celebrate what?

What we celebrate, we measure.

What we measure, we cultivate.

What we cultivate we become.

We need to think carefully what we celebrate


We can't just repeat things, we can't do the things we've already done all over again. Watch this space...

Okay, so things have been a little quiet since the adventures and the seaside treats of Folkestone, all the ponies sold straight away of course and a fine day was had by all. 947 more words



It’s as if a film/veil was in place today and for a divine reason.  It may have even felt thick.  It can be/feel very healing/supportive, too, though.  471 more words

Spiritual Writing