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A book taught me self love

Because it loved me as I should be

It handed me tools to see

It gave me verses to grieve… 43 more words

stressed and depressed (TM)

For me:

depression isn’t a cartoon –

a line drawing of a stick-girl balled up like an armadillo

windows to the soul blacked out and blank, fixed on a white wall. 110 more words


Day 24 - The Beauty of Gentleness

The more I dive into our study of 2 Corinthians, the more excited I become to meet the Apostle Paul someday. My preconceived imagery of a strong, warrior-type leader is being transformed to see a softer side. 792 more words


But we are doing things, we have irons in fires, we have things coming up that we're working on right now and we're almost ready to start shouting about those next things...

Yeah okay, I know, it looks like we’re being lazy and rather like we haven’t done any Cultivate type things since those two rather intense Intent shows back at the start of the year. 170 more words


Present Transformation Effort

The Present Transformation Effort at home is near completing its 1st Phase. My inner transformation has also been mirrored in this effort. I am being trained for the days ahead. 474 more words

That Is What I Am Saying-

Cultivating Change

I find a particular kind of creature fascinating for a number of reasons. I’m going to share three, here.

First, it’s complex. People borrow layers of an onion to describe the intricacies and labyrinth of human emotions, thoughts, and experiences. 557 more words