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Introducing: The Cultivate Series

I’ve always known I am lucky. Lucky to be alive, lucky to have food to eat and people to sit with around the table. I grew up aware of poverty all around the world, first being exposed to it at age five. 496 more words

Good Soil

This morning when I was waiting in the long Starbucks drive thru line, I had a moment of clarity, or a revelation or an “ahha” moment. 199 more words


Our abilities, talents, skills and expertise are nugatory if they can not be used, harnessed, employed, cultivated and channeled to better the lives of others”… LinkfordBiz


Clearing Out

Like so many of you, I have been making a real effort in all aspects of my life to cut out the junk. Unsubscribing from emails, cleaning out my blog reader, deleting my work fax from spam lists, and so on. 341 more words

All About Me

Who Else is Going? Create + Cultivate LA 3/21

Who’s down for Create + Cultivate LA? It’s a pretty penny, but I rationalized the chance to meet new people, make great connections, and learn to expand my audience as enough of a perk. 36 more words


First Ever Tribal Marijuana Conference

WASHINGTON – The Obama administration recently announced that they would allow Native American tribes to cultivate and sell marijuana on tribal lands if the tribes desire to do so. 130 more words


The Sunday musings - #1 - The start

Well, I really don’t believe in counting or labeling my posts. But I will make an exception for a change.

I happened to read Sir Richard Branson’s blog while travelling via Delhi metro, returning from another stressful Sunday. 575 more words