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The Gallery (First Quarter, 2017)

Over the past year I’ve felt like a pedestrian beside a busy interstate. Cars whiz past incessantly. I can’t think with all the noise.

It’s the internet, guys. 646 more words


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People can be cultivated their unique guild throughout Azeroth

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Greatness is cultivated

Everyone, including me, aspires to be great. But like all big things and Rome, greatness isn’t built in a day. Nor does success happen overnight. All the overnight success stories you’ve heard only seem so because you haven’t heard about the years of struggle that go into making that one night a success. 369 more words


Owning Wild


That’s probably how Mom would describe me, though I’m not sure that I would agree.

The Oxford Dictionary defines the word as “living or growing in the natural environment; not domesticated or cultivated.” The first part I understand, but the second part I find a bit unsavory. 452 more words


Wherever you go,
always bring yourself–
yes, you–
lock, stock and barrel.

And a combo
or a key
to open or close you
as you need, 92 more words