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Owning Wild


That’s probably how Mom would describe me, though I’m not sure that I would agree.

The Oxford Dictionary defines the word as “living or growing in the natural environment; not domesticated or cultivated.” The first part I understand, but the second part I find a bit unsavory. 452 more words


Wherever you go,
always bring yourself–
yes, you–
lock, stock and barrel.

And a combo
or a key
to open or close you
as you need, 92 more words


In Defense of Hemp — Medium

Hemp has been cultivated by countless civilizations since time immemorial and yet it is only now that the plant is being recognized as the…

Why I Stopped Podcasting (For Now)

I have always been a big fan of podcasts. The fact that you could get free information of a wide variety was always appealing to me. 641 more words


Break crops in retained stubble systems in Tasmania

  • Retaining standing stubble resulted in lower poppy establishment, reduced poppy plant size and vigour.
  • High levels of Red-legged earth mite (RLEM) damage may occur to poppies where previous wheat stubble is retained.
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Guidelines For Growers

New on 500px : Don't know why I like it but I do by annie7 by annie7

We had driven several hours in our camper van and reached the outskirts of Scotland. We decided to stop and make a meal and a cup of coffee. 54 more words

Real Estate And Mortgage

Newsflash: 'Twinkism' isn't Natural. Yes, It's Cultivated.

With your help I want to drastically expand my website and activism, both online and offline. Please donate here. Thank you. – Ken

I’m sick and tired of those people who insist that we have to approach the evil and darkness of this world with love and joy joy feelings and that star children and light workers will save this planet at the end of the day. 313 more words