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Connecting the Dots

A confession. I no longer open direct mail. But this was from a place where I had been the Executive Director—although many years ago—and I was curious what they were up to. 556 more words


32nd Featured Thinker: Tobi Luck

Tobi Luck is a gardener, living and working on the edge of the wild Atlantic, in County Sligo. His garden exists in a constant dynamic; the gentle sensitive cultivation and management of growing food against an uncontrollable elemental backdrop of an edge-dwelling location. 33 more words

Featured Thinkers

From Under the Apple Tree

Spring: a merrily tumultuous time of year, full of strange stirrings and mystical changes. A time when the earth’s sap rises and I, like an over-anxious handmaid, attempt to prepare her for respectability. 226 more words

From The Notebook

Work, dreams, and being present: The gift of dirt

So, I have been hard at work on a smattering of projects lately, not least of which is trying to turn a shady piece of woodland into a possible gardening site. 450 more words

At A Distance

Arms length. It’s the worst way to connect with a prospective donor. Direct mail–when sending to a list that is at least warm–only gets about a 4% positive response rate. 492 more words


Bolivia to consider an increase in legal coca cultivation

Image by Shorizo izo (CC BY-NC 2.0)

By Hannah Taylor

Bolivia looks set to expand the area of legally cultivated coca in the country, though questions remain over whether the proposed amount exceeds demand in the country and whether this excess could be diverted to the cocaine trade. 500 more words

South America

Joy to the World, da, da, da, a bohemian RHAPsody

Sitting on the golf cart; da, da, da,

Heading towards the rainbow; da, da, da,

Going to a party, da, da, da,

Aren’t you famished da, da, da? 15 more words