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Welcome to Dr Frosty's Cannabis Blog

This will be a info hub for all things cannabis cultivation related. Keep your eyes posted for new,guides,pictures ,videos and more as we aim to expand the knowledge of cannabis cultivation so those with a medical need and or use for the plant. 105 more words


Rekap Singkat Teori Komunikasi, termasuk Teori Komunikasi Massa

The Spiral of Silence

“ketika seseorang mempunyai pandangan yang berbeda atau bertentangan dari pandangan yang dominan, sementara pandangan orang-orang di sekitarnya sama dengan media, maka ia cenderung bersikap “diam” atau mengikuti pandangan yang dominan.” Teori ini dikemukakan oleh Elisabeth Noelle-Neumannn yang mengatakan bahwa individu-individu merasa takut untuk terisolir karena perilaku yang menyimpang dimana individu-individu akan diam (silent) atas opini atau pendapatnya. 288 more words

Window Garden & Mid-week Update

A few weeks back (or is it months now, boy does time just fly!), I had posted about us starting to tear down the kitchen cabinets… 260 more words

Family Life

Jamaica Decriminalizes Marijuana and Moves Toward Cultivation

A law passed in Jamaica on Tuesday decriminalized possession of small amounts of marijuana, while also laying the groundwork for regulating the drug’s cultivation and medical usage. 132 more words

A Life of Cultivation

I originally wrote this piece for The Abby of the Arts website as part of their “Monk in the World” series.  

A certain form of existential paralysis has shadowed my inner life in the past. 1,054 more words

Quiet Pilgrim

Not Just Grants

The board member was telling me that his organization “doesn’t bother” with individual donors. “Grants,” he said (smugly, I might add), “make so much more sense.   379 more words



Meditation: 20 mins x2
Counting: 1018 in 19 mins
Mala count: 442/961

During chanting earlier felt throbbing between brows… Until eyelids also throb…

Was reading Master Roy’s 2015 forecast. 128 more words