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Iaido and the Ronin Dojo Pro

Last night I was packing up my bags for another night of iaido practice.  Into the bag went my hakama, gi, and juban along with my obi and tenegui to mop the perspiration from my face and hands.  1,215 more words

Water Wearing Down Stone.

Everything is Changing.

What is it about our minds, that wants to hold onto this ever changing flux and flow of life.  I wonder why we evolved to engage the flow of life and to grasp at feelings, things, emotions, people, states of mind, that by the time we have grasped at them, are already gone if they ever existed in the first place.   702 more words


Finding Balance and Poise.

To continue , from my  last post , My Inner Texan, and Meditation, where I started to develop  a model of looking at the process of addressing meditative activities. 759 more words



A Sinhalese word meaning cultivation
Like when seeds are sowed on arable land

And that is a rare Sinhalese word
Found in English dictionaries, yet used sparsely… 214 more words


It's About Shape and Mind

To study anything requires a precise language and to continually develop an understanding of different terms and how they apply to that study. In one model of looking at the body/mind practitioners of Kung Fu and The Internal Arts delineated 4 parts; Chi(qi) the flow of life that moves through us all, Hsing the shape of life and all of its parts , Shen, the spirit with a small (s) that moves through life , and Ching the mind that moves through life. 726 more words

Daily Practice

How to Eat the Moon

In one part of my life, I am a photographer, Food, and People. I have worked over the years with many foodies and have cooked some pretty tasty meals myself, here is a link to some of my… 731 more words


Proposition 64

We have all been waiting for the day when recreational cannabis use will be legal in California. That day is soon to come.

In November 2016, the Adult Use of Marijuana Act will be on the general election ballot. 113 more words