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Γεωργική Παραγωγή και Καπνική Πολιτική / Agricultural Production and Tobacco Policy

Μαντζάρη Αχ. Ι./ Mantzari Ah. I.

Ένα νέο βιβλίο με άθικτες σελίδες και σημάδια ραφιών. / A new book with uncut pages & signs of shelf wear. 20 more words


Ο Καπνός + Ο Καπνός / Tobacco + Tobacco

Πραγμάτεια / Essay

σελ. τιτλου / title page


πως πpέπει να καλλιεργείται και συσκευάζεται εις την Ελλάδα …. / How it must be grown and packaged in Greece …. 73 more words


Vermont Senate Approves Bill to Regulate Marijuana for Adult Use and Eliminate Penalties for Home Cultivation

April 21, 2017
Press Release

News State by State: Vermont

MONTPELIER, Vt. — The Vermont Senate approved a bill on Friday that would regulate the production and sale of marijuana and eliminate penalties for personal possession and cultivation by adults 21 and older. 360 more words


Dharma Master Shou Yu: Genuine Baptism Is Not A Religious Ceremony

This is an English translation of a blog-post by Dharma Master Shou Yu, who inherited the Zhunti sadhana from the Master Nan Huai Jin after studying with him for a considerable number of years. 1,612 more words


Northern Lights Strain Review

The northern lights when grown correctly will have you staring up at the night sky as if you really were in Alaska enjoying the northern lights.   398 more words

Strain Info

Cultivating Your Garden: An interview with Kaetlyn

Now that it seems like most places are finally getting spring, I see people all over social media and home improvement stores buying plants, seeds, soil, etc. 1,327 more words


Hu Song Nian: Anapana Dharma Door & Chan Samadhi Cultivation

This is an English translation of a blog-post by Hu Song Nian, who studied under the Master Nan Huai Jin for a considerable number of years. 3,125 more words