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Inside College Student: Private Marijuana Growth

Long, perfectly coiffed blonde hair, blue eyes, a thin, crisp sweater, jeans, and short black ankle boots; this is not the stereotypical look or attire of a marijuana grower. 2,399 more words

Plant Lighting Specialist Interview

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How did you end up in such an offbeat, unconventional and interesting career?

Following some work experience in my native Nepal, my love of technology took me to Japan for a Masters in Agricultural & Environmental Engineering at Hirosaki University, followed by my PhD at Iwate University, where I studied Biotic Environment Science. 349 more words


Chapter 2 – World Merger

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Kimarya was decisive and stuck to her choices, whether sound or completely crazy once she decides, she fully commits. She’s wasted too many hours watching videos where people have second thoughts before doing something and majorly wiping out, enough of those for it to have a lasting impact on her and building that decisiveness. 1,486 more words


Novel: Carrying the World

This is what I thought about for a long time. I’ve already said that in my introduction, but lemme repeat: I like Chinese Novels. But, recently I encountered a problem: namely, I’ve ran out of novels to read. 2,508 more words

A note on Nomenclature

A handful of plants on this site will be labeled with bogus names.  The plant archive is largely a database for myself so I can keep information organized.   138 more words


The simple joy of being

If you find yourself in a hole, stop digging. – Will Rogers

From time to time I catch myself in the task of solving problems, truth be known it is pretty well a state of being. 236 more words

Daily Practice