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The Hustle: Double Digging

Double digging is for the birds…

…and carrots, and parsnips, and maybe potatoes. Oh and possibly sweet potatoes. Onions?

Double digging is a cultivation method used by gardeners to deeply aerate and loosen the soil. 541 more words

An Immortals Beginnings

Leon Jones looked out from on top the mountain across the wide, expansive valley. Leon had a large a muscular build, while his dark skin and shinning golden eyes gave him the look of freshness often associated with his age. 1,828 more words


A Place of Abundance, Authenticity, and Natural Beauty.

For many Millenia, our mystic friends from many traditions, have described a place that coexists along side of our normal waking consciousness. In our Tradition, we call this place… 671 more words

Daily Practice

National Eat a Peach Day

Earlier today I discovered that it was ‘National Eat a Peach Day.’

I saw several images of peaches today, or had friends talk about peaches. One friend had one given to her, but didn’t know it was ‘National Eat a Peach Day.’ 236 more words


Why Would You Want to Cultivate Chi (QI)?

As I mentioned in a previous post on Cultivation, the goal of a cultivator is to have a free unrestricted flow of chi (Qi) in the body/mind. 560 more words

Daily Practice

Hand Written Notes: What to Write

In my last blog post, I extolled the virtues of handwriting notes. (Click here to read that one) If I convinced you that writing notes is a good idea, you might be wondering “what should I write about?” I’ve got some ideas for you. 246 more words

Other Environmental Impacts Associated With Crop Production

There are several additional environmental impacts associated with intensive feedstock cultivation. Among the most important are:

• monocropping and biodiversity loss, usually associated with large scale cultivation… 48 more words