I uploaded a new video on my channel! I interviewed my friend, Ellen, who is a fashion designer, about cultural appropriation and the fashion industry. Please watch, share, and join the conversation.


All of my thoughts could not fit in the first video! My heart was so heavy with the news of Sandra Bland, I felt that I could not leave this part on the editing floor.   164 more words

My Rants

"Every Single Word Spoken" & Hollywood's Whitewashing

I recently had a discussion with a friend (and our Easter Orgasm Cookie recipe contributor), Hoshi, about the whitewashing of the summer movies of 2015: Jurassic World, Mad Max: Fury Road, Pitch Perfect 2, Pixels, Ant Man, Magic Mike XXL. 998 more words

White tears, #AllLivesMatter are attempts to steer spotlight off black suffering

Although I don’t believe the removal of the Confederate flag from South Carolina’s statehouse was a thorough rebuffing of systemic racism, I can definitely see the importance of the moment for blacks who’ve suffered under that flag’s tyranny for decades. 973 more words


Cultural appropriation

Cultural appropriation is the act of taking traditional knowledge, cultural expressions or artifacts from another culture.

Cultural appropriation is when somebody adopts parts of a culture that’s not their own. 329 more words

Word Of The Week

The Holocaust is a myth and a hoax.

The holocaust as a myth not as a case for historical revision rather an illusion with a punchline. Raised on the holocaust myth so as to live in fear of systematic genocide. 691 more words

Cultural Appropriation?

There has been a surprising increase lately in conversations (or online shouting matches) about the horror of cultural appropriation; usually these derail into fantastical examples of… 1,795 more words