Demands asked of Write magazine go too far: Kate Jaimet

Hopefully but unlikely the last post on this subject but Kate Jaimet’s overall take and her critique of the equity task force “fundamentalists” is largely on the mark: 820 more words


Whose Land is This Anyway?

No-one’s. The question is absurd. It’s not land.

It’s earth. One can ask for room, not ownership.

You can’t own Earth. She gives everyone room. … 125 more words

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Opinion: Aboriginal fortunes rise and fall at whim of elites

As a card-carrying “Indian” and proud “Half-Breed,” I am truly amazed at the silly, contrived debate on cultural appropriation now making the rounds — and the pretentious, sanctimonious stampede toward indigenous political correctness. 669 more words


A Short History of Whiteness in Cascadia

It’s not a physical thing.

Apricot in Her White Gown

White is a tricky, racial word. Here’s a small piece of a meditation on it from my book in progress, … 449 more words

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Stop Using Black Culture

Last night was the Billboard Music Awards, and as warranted with every award show, there were plenty of white celebrities appropriating black culture in an attempt to make a comeback. 238 more words


We Are Not At War

When you live on the earth, in the earth and with the earth, culture is shared between creatures, their spirits and their energies, in a relationship built of balancing energy flows, always to bring forces and creatures together into a mutually interactive patterns. 180 more words

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Cultural appropriation and the aristocracy of stupidity...

Many of the white folk who have positions of power at various Canadian media and literary outlets, who made the deeply insensitive comments last week about their indifference to the concept of cultural appropriation – coming in the midst of a national debate about Canada’s 150th birthday, and how the nation was built on the genocide and oppression of Indigenous peoples who already lived here – was clueless on so many levels I am almost too overwhelmed to respond. 948 more words