Mr. Collipark Says Black Music Has Been F*cked, Raped & Whored Out (VIDEO)

(AllHipHop News) The appropriation and exploitation of Black music has been a topic of conversation since the days of Jazz’s dominance. Recent years have seen the subject repeatedly brought up in Hip Hop circles. 324 more words


The Imitation of Afro Hair.

A couple months ago, a white YouTube blogger posted a tutorial on how to turn straight hair into Afro textured hair. The video starts out with the vlogger braiding sections of her hair in what seems to be folded foil paper. 1,170 more words

Black Media

Episode 86: Leigh-Chantelle on Effective Activism and the Evils of Facebook

You can watch Nick’s discussion with Leigh-Chantelle as a vodcast above, or listen to the podcast, which features all of this discussion plus additional discussion from Nick and Katie, as well as music and clips, by clicking on one of the links below: … 240 more words

New Years Day the Family Way

Everyone knows unstructured invitations-to-play, placed carefully upon one’s dining table, are great ways to keep kids’ hands busy and minds blooming while mom washes the floor with chemical-free norwex products, but I also try and socialize my kids through structured community events while I expose them to family structures that are different than our own. 356 more words


Is Taylor Swift Appropriating Culture?

Or is she just being a dork? Is she secretly conveying some kind of sarcastic jab at other pop stars, like Lady Gaga and Miley Cyrus? 711 more words

Das Schwierige mit den Dreadlocks von Weißen

(Notiz zum Inhalt) kommt zur Sprache: Gewalt + rassistische Verbrechen gg. die Menschheit. Was ich in dem Text zum Teil sage, schreiben Schwarze, People of Color und solidarische Weiße seit Jahrzehnten. 1,397 more words


The Response to Dye-ing Culture

After my article on the way Color Run™ and similar for-profit charity runs like Run or Dye™, Color Me Rad, and the Color Vibe appropriate the Indian festival Holi in order to make money, Jessica Nixon, spokeswoman for the Color Run™ responded with the following letter: 1,089 more words