Special Vault News for 11.24.15

A special edition of Vault News, covering a few news stories so that not too much is crammed when I upload on the regular Saturday. 32 more words

How a cancelled yoga class stretches the point on cultural appropriation

Good piece by Jonathan Gatehouse who puts the yoga and other political correctness stories into context:

But the hyper-sensitivity of a few undergraduate activists shouldn’t be mistaken for a mass movement.

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I Just Can't With You.

While clicking around trying to find alternatives to fast fashion that don’t look like pillowcase dresses made by cults, I stumbled upon this article about how this famous photo is actually  405 more words

Cultural Appropriation

Cultural appropriation

I am still trying to get my mind around the fact that one of the leading proponents of the concept of cultural appropriation, whereby the adoption or use of elements of one culture by members of another culture is inherently a negative, oppressive act, is a third generation Jewish immigrant from the Bronx named George Lipsitz who is a professor of African-American Studies at UC Santa Barbara, teaching white students Black History. 35 more words

Think Pieces

Yoga Banned: Cultural Appropriation Zealots Are Creating A New Apartheid

Today’s virtue-signalling, totalitarian student activists will stop at nothing to let everyone know just how enlightened and considerate they think they are, and how backward and oppressive they consider the rest of us to be… 1,311 more words

UK Current Affairs

Cultural Appropriation And Where Do We Draw The Line.

I was watching J.Lo’s performance on the American Music Awards the other day. Oh! Great Job J.Lo, jaw-dropping performance. However, I couldn’t help feel a little bit uncomfortable looking at the whole dance ensemble’s costumes. 416 more words

Cultural Appropriation

Cultural Appropriation and Fair Use

When the 2015 collection of Best American Poetry came out this September, the poetry world erupted into controversy. At the crux of the matter was a poem titled “The Bees, the Flowers, Ancient Tigers, Poseiden, Adam and Eve” by Michael Derrick Hudson. 1,448 more words