Halloween Costumes, Redface and Mascots//

Sigh. It was just a matter of time before i had to make this post. For those of you who don’t know me, hi, I’m Vi, a Mvskoke and Cherokee Native American. 615 more words

Native American

On Totems/Spirit Animals//

Hey guys, Violet here. So I’ve done posts on smudging and dreamcatchers and native medicine, but for some odd reason I’ve not done a post on spirit animals, which is probably one of the biggest appropriative monsters in the witch/new age community. 579 more words

Native American

On Dreamcatchers//

First of all, for those of you who are reading this and don’t know me, hi hello my name is Violet, I am a Muscogee Creek Native American. 675 more words

Native American

On Smudging//

For those of you who don’t follow my blog or know me, hello my name is Violet, and I am a Muscogee Creek Native.
//What is Smudging?// 585 more words


A football team that many refuse to name, Part 4

The Washington, DC, area’s professional football team is an embarrassment, and I don’t just mean its longtime on-field record. Every time I hear a newscaster or read a sportswriter refer more than once to “the burgundy and gold” or “Washington’s team,” I know he or she is deliberately avoiding saying the name of the team. 1,304 more words

thoughts on: cultural appreciation

As our world becomes continuously globalized and smaller, this opens the doors for new cultural exchanges and influences. With this knowledge at our mere fingertips, we are able to purchase goods, research religions, become influenced by another country’s values and the like. 677 more words


Witchcraft 101: Cultural appropriation

Many Wiccan primers will provide you with the basics, one that you will likely learn when you begin to research more about Wiccan theology, and that I don’t feel it’s necessary to cover here: how to cast a magic circle, how to call quarters and invoke elements, and so forth. 3,744 more words