Is Cultural Appropriation Appropriate?

I recently read the submission guidelines of a particular agent, and one of them said “No cultural appropriation.” This prompted me to wonder what cultural appropriation really is. 433 more words

Cultural Appropriation Debate


Cultural appropriation is when one culture borrows from another culture.


For: Cultural appropriation is a regular thing that happens between bigger and smaller cultures and should be seen as negative only when something is borrowed for personal gain. 657 more words


The World Today: Outrage at Hollywood film 'whitewashing' of Hawaiian Islanders

There’s outrage in Hawaii over a major Hollywood film, set in the islands, with some claiming it’s a ‘whitewashing’ of island life.

The movie is called ‘Aloha’ and stars Bradley Cooper, Emma Stone and Rachel McAdams. 27 more words


The Conflict of Cultural Appropriation

Cultural appropriation is the use of elements from one culture by members of a different culture.  According to law professors and psychologists, social scientists and politicians, cultural appropriation happens when one culture’s dance, dress, music, language, folklore, cuisine, and more are used without permission of the culture from which it is taken.  705 more words

Elyse Bruce

Cultural appropriation: an attack on non-ethnics?

The thing about culture is that it’s about individuality, belonging and identity. If ones culture is taken away from them and used for someone else’s personal attainment, the powers that individual gains from their culture are simply being taken away. 652 more words

Black People

Joseph Fiennes playing Michael Jackson in new TV Series has Internet going crazy

White actor Joseph Fiennes actually thought it would be appropriate to play a Black man – not just any Black man, but one of the most celebrated entertainers in history, … 333 more words


Jan 3rd- Jan 11th, 2017

My brother and his friend needed help with a PowerPoint they’re going to present on Friday at their prom committee meeting. The committee voted for Bollywood as a prom theme, but there are many implications and complications that come along with having that as a theme. 335 more words