Open...your mind and heart, Greg Glassman.

I emerge from an eventful half-year – new job, new baby, nay — LIFE, all to write more about diabetes and Nick Jonas? YES.

Both these things happened last week: 917 more words


"Pocahotties”, “Geisha Girls” and “Rasta Impostas"

October 28, 2013

Hey there, BCIAW reader. I don’t know you and it’s possible you don’t know me. I’m not one to ask for favours from strangers but in this case, I have to make an exception. 143 more words


Post a picture that makes you proud of your country?

We can be gay af everywhere and openly without consequences its p cool

Mikahel using AAVE.

Twitter Teach-In: 6 #NothingMoreAmericanThan Tweets To Challenge US Oppression

Rather than acting like pseudo-patriots blinded by the flash of fireworks and national anthems,  many are taking to twitter under #NothingMoreAmericanThan to voice the  hypocrisy of celebrating freedom while maintaining  systemic oppression. 245 more words


Viral 'Mexican 4th of July' video turns the tables on cultural appropriation

A hilarious new video asks, “What if Mexicans celebrated the 4th of July the way Americans celebrate Cinco de Mayo?”

The skit takes a lighthearted but poignant look at the way Americans appropriate Mexican culture under the guise of celebration, while rewriting history in the process. 85 more words


Mikahel insulting a PoC’s appearance on this instagram post – which also includes other problematic things which I noted in this post. 32 more words