Marketing Keywords to Know: May 19, 2016


Definition: “Discovering” something that is not new

Columbusing, or cultural appropriation, occurs often and in some cases, innocently. It makes trends out of natural occurrences of one culture and grows in popularity in ours without citing where the trend originated. 83 more words

Marketing Keywords To Know

Travel Journal Day 1

I’m on vacation. This is a rare-to-never event for me, but a dear friend is getting married in the mountains of North Carolina, so I flew back to spend some time roaming around the mountains, like I used to.  603 more words

Mac Vibe Tribe Collection

Normally when there is a new collection at MAC the internet (and I) goes crazy.

As one of my favourite brands I was rather upset to see many people disappointed and in uproar about cultural appropriation, leaving many famous beauty bloggers and youtubers refusing to purchase it. 408 more words

Cultural Appropriation in Yoga

Cultural appropriation is lifting a cultural practice or symbol from its original context and placing it in a new culture where it has no foundation, thus stripping it of its original meaning. 733 more words

Ashtak Yoga Graduate

Cultural Appropriation Resources

With the festival being just 3 days away, NEF wants to share some of the learning we have done over the past year around the issue of cultural appropriation, and invite the NEF community to (personally) engage with this issue as well. 145 more words


Okay ladies, now let's get into cultural appreciation.

Pop culture informs our social culture. It’s a simple concept really. Fashion, music, media– they all come together and form an amalgamation of ideals and principles that help us common citizens of the society decide what is important to us. 311 more words


Dreads: Appropriation or Appreciation?

I need to start this off in the worst way possible, but in a way that is entirely necessary. I am white, so my opinion on this matter doesn’t actually mean anything, so take what I say with a grain of salt. 601 more words

Cultural Appreciation