Cultural Appropriation and How to Avoid It

Cultural Appropriation and How to Avoid It.

Main point: Don’t be lazy. If something catches your eye, research it. Time and energy are the first steps toward being anti-racist and culturally respectful. 246 more words

Chocolate, Cowboys & Cultural Appropriation

The Houston Livestock Show & Rodeo has been a staple in Houstonian history far longer than I can remember. Filled with mouth-watering turkey legs, bedazzled clothing and cowboys, it is the essence of what the world thinks Texas is in the purest, most stereotypical form. 1,016 more words


Concerning Viet Cong and the Politicization of Band Names

The cancellation of Viet Cong’s show at my alma mater Oberlin College is now receiving national attention.  They were scheduled to perform at the ‘Sco (which is the small club located within the Student Union) on March 14, but the promoter, Ivan Krasnov, cancelled it after receiving backlash over the offensive band name. 684 more words

So It Is St. Patricks Day And The Irish Are Everyone...

I know, you think the phrase is supposed to be, “It’s St. Patricks Day and everyone is Irish. I don’t see it that way though. This isn’t the first thing I wanted to post on this blog. 1,766 more words


Native Americans in Children's Literature

My blog post on cultural appropriation received lots of visitors from Twitter yesterday. I was quite surprised as this is a new blog.

If you’re interested in portrayals of Native Americans in literature, I hear that American Indians in Children’s Literature is a very good blog. Click here to visit it.


Interesting Post at American Indians in Children's Literature

A redundant title, given that Debbie Reese’s blog is always interesting, and people should just be reading it all the time–so here’s an excuse to call attention to it again. 24 more words

Author: Kate E. Fort