Who gets to write what?

There was a really interesting article in the NY Times yesterday related to our conversations in class about power and the racial imaginary–I’d be curious to hear people’s thoughts. 65 more words

Take No Crap 

One of my mutuals on tumblr is getting a lot of crap lately (ugh I want to curse so bad but I try to be good on this blog) because they basically stood up and said that they never met a single white person they liked. 421 more words

Cultural Appropriation

Appropriate and inappropriate cultural appropriation

I only learned about the term “cultural appropriation” about seven years ago, and blogged about it here: Inculturation, indigenisation, syncretism and cultural appropriation. But though the term itself was new to me then, the thing it described was not. 834 more words

South Africa

Video: Boxed Wine and Bullshit

Last week one of my favourite YouTube channels brought their first season to a close, so it’s time to share it with you all and give the show the shout out it deserves. 276 more words


Cultural Appropriation: Marc Jacobs and Dreadlocks

I always found Cultural Appropriation to be a topic that is highly controversial and quite scary to discuss. However, today I just couldn’t stay quiet. I have always been scared to discuss my opinions on this matter, but when I heard about the Marc Jacobs and Dreadlocks situation, I just had to vent my frustration. 1,124 more words


On June Events, Eating the Other, and the Impossibility of Good Faith

At the end of Easter/exam term at Cambridge, there is a week of festivities called “May Week”. During this week, colleges host extravagant balls and garden parties, usually around particular themes (for example, the theme of my college’s ball was “Hollywood”). 952 more words


Autumn - Back to Life

The children are back to school and already the heat of August is a dim memory as the cold nights draw in, and the trees start to shed their leaves for winter.  591 more words