Green Witch but.. not like that

So this post is being written waaay too late at night but I am resolved to stick to my promise of posting everyday for 13 days leading up to Halloween. 290 more words

Bean Sidhe

A literature review of cultural appropriation

The topic that I am choosing to research is cultural appropriation and its affect on fashion, cultural appreciation, and the aesthetics of costuming.

This topic is very near and dear to not only my heart, but the hearts of a lot of friends, family, and coworkers. 396 more words

Theory Of Mass Comm

How to Be Respectful This Halloween

In the wake of culturally tone-deaf events like Marc Jacobs’ debut at New York Fashion Week, in which white models dawned dreadlocks, and our tumultuous political landscape, people might be confused about what is and isn’t acceptable to wear as Halloween approaches and people are gearing up to dawn elaborate costumes. 314 more words

Sydney Rakestraw

THS Recommends: Mountain Man Healing

The writings of herbalist and traditional Ozark Mountain “Yarb Doctor” Brandon Weston of Mountain Man Healing are deeply steeped in the traditions of the Ozarks. It’s a wonderful thing that he is writing these down, and making them fresh for a new generation of people from the Ozarks and the wider culture of America. 130 more words


Chief Morning Star - Appeal for Middlesex Hospital, 1919

Montreal Daily Star, 27 November 1919, page 14

The Prince of Wales, as Chief Morning Star, the symbol of light and hope, comes forward in a new enterprise, and thousands to whom the night brought suffering and pain will greet the Dawn he heralds with gratitude and joy. 164 more words