Nicki Minaj addresses Miley Cyrus feud in New York Times interview 

When Nicki Minaj looked over at Miley Cyrus during the 2015 VMA’s and said, “Miley, what’s good?” you could almost hear viewers all across the country gasping and wondering, “Is this real or some sort of skit?” 574 more words


'Onder Ons' and contacting Guido Hendrikx

Last month I went to Encounters short film and animation festival, where I saw a film called ‘Onder Ons’ – ‘Among Us’, by Guido Hendrikx. 401 more words


Cultural Misinterpretation - Thoughts from Valentino's 'controversy' catwalk

About the Valentino 2016 catwalk in Paris: It was inspired by Africa without representing anyone of African descendants.

We have let the standard of beauty become a single ideology. 856 more words

Fashion Talks

How can I avoid Cultural Appropriation?

SO how can we all avoid cultural appropriation?

Well first thing, stopping it all beginnings with know what it is! Get EDUCATED.
Simply hit up our other post and find out… 172 more words


I Smell Halloween...and Cultural Appropriation 

I realized last week that October is here and of course with it comes Halloween. I sat and thought about what I wanted to dress up as and then it hit me, Pocahontas! 290 more words

There is Power in a Union (to ban Sombreros)

If you haven’t heard about the great sombrero kerfuffle of 2015 then let me fill you in.

Last week newspapers across the country carried the story that the student union of UEA had banned a local Tex Mex restaurant from handing out sombreros. 385 more words

Student Life

10.5.15: Eastern Exposure: How The Met and MFA Boston Did Good and Bad

At a certain point the idea of appropriation became synonymous with a power dynamic. A word once used to mean to take or allocate is now used to conjure up a vast history of conflict. 1,642 more words