The Dark Age of Islam

The Mohammedanism, like the Stalinism who came later, demand history be abolished, and are responsible for the burning and loss of nine tenth of the known lost ancient manuscripts of history.

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Beyonce becomes bigger narcissistic whore


As if the inflection over the ‘e’ wasn’t pretentious enough.

I’m over her and the loop ‘ugh’ music since I read she’s a creepy skin-lightening bitch. 1,058 more words

Stop appropriating white culture

You look like you fell out of a student production of Shakespeare.
It’s like putting Tarzan in a three-piece, you look silly.

Asians don’t suit white clothes unless they’re vaguely slutty-looking because they retain their boyish figure. 331 more words

Seattle Opera Confronts the Ugly Side of Madame Butterfly

I was excited to hear that Seattle Opera was performing Madame Butterfly because I love Puccini’s music and Butterfly is one of the most famous operas ever written. 1,003 more words


'that's because, as the website warns you, the technology isn't yet advanced enough to tell you whether you're part Navajo or part Sioux. '

“The logic is on vivid display in a TV ad for featuring a woman named Kim who pays her money, gets her DNA scan, and is thrilled to discover that she’s 23-percent Native American. 126 more words

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Cultural Thieves

I thought I’d share this piece with everyone, seeing as it was entirely researched, written, and verbally debuted in Ireland tonight at the Westside Library for Open Mic night. 1,829 more words

Ireland 2017