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Submission by Ryan Racine about Rethinking Cultural Capitalism

The Consequences of “Cultural Capitalism”

I was interested in reading Jaime’s post about what she describes as “positive capitalism.” I want to discuss a bit more about this topic and expand this musing to address the consequences of this complicated idea. 614 more words

Social Justice Issues

This Riot Cop is Offered the Ice Bucket Challenge and you Won't Believe What Happens Next!

To look into the face of the American 21st century is quite a queer thing to behold. Peering back at you would be two completely opposing images of the world that rest like shifting tectonic plates upon one another; it is only through their incessant grinding that we can ever hope to come to some kind of reasonable estimate regarding our present situation. 969 more words



Hi all – I wanted to share an ad that I recently came across. I actually found this ad in the girls washroom in C.J. . 148 more words


Žižek and Consumption as Experience

Watch this:

And read this, from Slavoj Žižek’s First as Tragedy, Then as Farce:

At the level of consumption, this new spirit is that of so-called “cultural capitalism”: we primarily buy commodities neither on account of their utility nor as status symbols; we buy them to get the experience provided by them, we consume them in order to render our lives pleasurable and meaningful.

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if cultural capitalism doesnt divide the shit outta our society

before the age of youtube, I cudnt pronounced half the designers and ALL the authors of books cause my parents, immigrants who didnt have much capital to pass on, cudnt mobilize us up the social ladder with all their knowledge… 7 more words

The Macro-Problem of Helping Others

Sometimes you can use Scripture to interpret Scripture and it can be very enlightening, but other times you can’t.

Case in point, Matthew 26:11 – “The poor you will always have with you, but you will not always have me”; cross-reference with this the previous chapter, Matthew 25, where Jesus describes separating the sheep from the goats, here v. 615 more words