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On empowerment and disempowerment...

Some things happened this week that made me reflect on the notion of power. I find myself asking questions about whether empowering one group of people – or even just one person – justifies the disempowerment of others. 1,200 more words


Are Australians Racist? A Discussion About Cultural Competence

Australia is often promoted as a multicultural country that celebrates diversity. But is this always the case?

There has been various moments in Australia’s history that have created images of Australia being violent and hateful towards people of different cultures and nationalities. 712 more words



Most estimates suggest that almost 233 million people worldwide hold to some form of Buddhism. If true, that means 3.3 percent of the world’s population is Buddhist. 2,380 more words

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Aussie Universities and Cultural Competence

Intercultural encounters in Australia, particularly between local and international university students, are in need of significant improvement.  The cultural competence of Australian students is limited, mostly due to ethnocentric and parochial attitudes towards international students.  618 more words


The great wall of English

Simon Marginson states in International Education as self-formation

“international education is more than a profit-making business. It is an educational and social experience. It is an experience that with immense potential to enrich the lives of all who are touched by it.” …

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International Students in a growing Australia | BCM111 | Post one.

Without international students, Australia wouldn’t be Australia, based on feedback and  stories I have come across, many people give the review that Australia is so multicultural and that they were expecting to see more ‘Australians’. 366 more words


On Multiculturalism. (or What's your Beef with Cultural Competency?)

I remember sitting in class during the one mandated culturally competent psychotherapy course in grad school and literally shaking in my chair. The knot in my throat wouldn’t let me speak and the confusion in my head wouldn’t let me think.I had lost my mind. 1,194 more words