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Cultural Competency 101: Do The Research (Lesson 2)

One of the more annoying parts about writing a paper in college was doing the literature review. The Lit Review was as labor of love. This was the portion of the paper where you had to go through books and articles that both cosigned whatever thesis or theory you were asserting in your paper and refute it. 2,236 more words

Cultural Competence

Cultural Competency 101: Go Into The Community (Lesson 1)

Camden, New Jersey is one of America’s most dangerous cities. It is so not because the people are without morals, values and a drive to be better people. 1,746 more words

Cultural Competence

Cultural Competency 101 (Knowing Your Student Population): Course Introduction

This post marks the beginning of post concerning the topic of cultural competency / cultural relevancy in the classroom. This course is specifically for teachers. If time allows, I will develop such a course for school administrators; stay tuned. 1,079 more words

Cultural Competence

Intake Forms: What Do They Say About You?

I had an experience today that I had to share and how what I learned there could improve your patient care.

I was filling out an anonymous research survey I had been sent as an APTA member to help out some poor students. 770 more words


180 Days of Kindness: Educating students on kindness and cultural competence

Kindness, empathy, acceptance: things we expect students to know and understand, yet we don’t always take the time to teach. At one of my schools there is a multicultural committee, which has taken on an initiative this school year to promote kindness every day in school in a creative way. 588 more words


WTF: The"Ferguson Effect"???

In the latest Washington Post, there is an article that explains the reasons that a female law enforcement officer did not draw her weapon when she arrived at the scene of a car accident. 969 more words

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4 Ways to Create Gender-Inclusive Schools

Creating a gender inclusive school is the best way to demonstrate respect for the diversity of learners within a welcoming learning environment. Such environments acknowledge and affirm gender diversity, as well. 721 more words

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