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Where Are Your "Parent Reporters"?

Who reports the family-focused news within your school community?

Do you have “Parent Reporters“? How many reporters do you have? This is an excellent way to gather information about the communities you serve, and also find out exactly what the concerns, problems and events are happening in the school community, including school sponsored activities. 407 more words

Family Engagement

Why Labels on Family Events Matter

What do we name the discussions/ conversations/chats whose target audiences are parents and family caregivers of children who attend our schools? We call them everything except that for which they truly are intended. 700 more words

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American Red Cross and its racist poster

Let’s play a game of Spot the Racist Images. (Answers at the end of this post).

The American Red Cross’s recent blunder is a great example of why diligence and diverse perspectives and experience are necessary in the workplace. 241 more words


The Current Need for Cultural Awareness and Identity Development for Educators

by Julia Payne-Lewis
August 6, 2016

In the last few weeks, our educational consulting firm has been approached by three different organizations who are looking for teacher training that focuses on diversity, cultural competency, and teacher identity development. 777 more words

How well fed were they?

“Slaves were well fed.”

Words spoken by Bill O’Reilly of FOX News in response to Michelle Obama’s speech about life at the White House before the Democratic National Convention.

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In the Hot Seat: Resources to Help Teachers Respond to Questions about Race

will be honest. As a classroom teacher, I did not believe I was skilled at engaging in meaningful conversations about race with my colleagues, let alone responding to questions from my students that directly related to equity,discrimination, or oppression. 265 more words