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Misunderstanding: Halal Certification and What It Means in Australia

As an individual who spends a significant amount of time on the Internet, watching TV and sharing in the social networking experience, you would think I would feel informed on day-to-day occurrences. 375 more words

Social Networking

Lessons from "Counseling Our Students" (Mini-Plenary at AALS Conference on Clinical Education)

At the recent AALS Conference on Clinical Education two additional sessions provided important insights from experts iin other disciplines on how to operate effectively in the midst of the current period of change in legal education. 389 more words

Standard 5: Establish a culturally inclusive learning climate that facilitates academic engagement and success for all students

“The purpose of multicultural curriculum is to attach positive feelings to multicultural experiences so that each child will feel included and valued, and will feel friendly and respectful toward people from other ethnic and cultural groups (Dimidjian, 1989).” 2,165 more words

5: Establish A Culturally Inclusive Learning Climate

H1 - Honor Student Diversity

H1 – Honor student diversity and development. Teacher candidates plan and/or adapt learner centered curricula that engage students in a variety of culturally responsive, developmentally, and age appropriate strategies. 549 more words

H1 - Honor Student Diversity And Development

EDU 6989: What our schools should teach: Religion

“Goodness is the best source of spiritual clear-sightedness.”-Miguel Unamuno

It seems religion and the topic of teaching this subject in schools as well as other various religions makes many parents/schools uneasy. 335 more words


Elder Justice and the White House Conference on Aging

The White House Conference on Aging (WHCoA), an event that occurs every ten years, will be held this summer in Washington D.C.  Over the last five months the WHCoA has been holding a series of regional forums designed to listen and involve older adults and stakeholders  in shaping aging policies over the next decade.  343 more words

Financial Exploitation