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Cultural Competence as a librarian + immigration as part of globalization

This is my INFO281 Blog Post #3

In our globalization class, we’ve been reading about cultural flows and global flows of people (migration in particular).  As I read about the plight of undocumented immigrants, I was reminded by a recent read:  357 more words


Cultural Incompetence is alive and kicking!

In this climate of equalities diversity and inclusion (EDI) have you considered how fit for purpose you or your organisation is equipped to deal with an increasingly small world where many communities are global not just local? 681 more words

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On Teaching Christopher Columbus

I came into the world of education as a teacher seven years ago. I taught social studies; primarily U.S. and world history. I taught in Camden, New Jersey. 758 more words

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On Being Okay With Being Me.

Last year, I discovered that I had an intolerance for peppers. I had eaten a giant, beautiful, grilled red bell pepper on a burger and then spent the next three days no farther than 10 feet from the nearest bathroom. 1,257 more words


On Teaching The N-Word

I recently read a thread on Twitter regarding two Black children and their discomfort with their teacher’s usage of the N-word during a lesson. Long story short, a White teacher, in a room of mostly White students, in an attempt to teach about the N-word (the lesson objective was neither directly stated or implied in the thread) only normalized the discomfort those Black students felt via responses of their White classmates who said their various points of discomfort in life was equivalent to the discomfort the Black students felt about from their teacher saying the N-word in that moment. 1,035 more words


Rosh Hashana and Yom Kippur Coming Soon: Jewish Culture-Gram

Today’s post is written by guest blogger Kelly Steiner. Kelly shares these insights with her faculty and administration. Thank you for sharing with us!

Hello everyone, 766 more words


Is cultural competence the missing piece to the diversity and inclusion puzzle in the legal profession?

I’ve spent a lot of time over the last 7 or 8 years thinking about diversity and inclusion in the legal profession. I’ve thought about it on the micro-level — questioning and exposing the everyday interactions between individuals in the profession, on the mezzo-level — examining organizational practices and policies that reproduce and promote inequality in legal workplaces, and now, on the macro-level — considering what it is about the profession on the whole that produces or reproduces inequality. 663 more words

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