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The Future

In front of the main building of the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) in Washington, DC are two statues, The Future and The Past. In between them is the door through which I enter and leave when I work my shifts helping staff its Education and Public Programs Division activities. 2,355 more words

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Welcoming the stranger

In a restaurant in College Park, Maryland, near Washington, DC, the supervisory archivist and team leader smiles at the camera, surrounded by records declassification colleagues who work with her at the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA).  2,305 more words

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Going Home

You sometimes hear snatches of conversation from strangers as you stand on a street corner waiting for a Walk signal.  Or in an elevator.  Or waiting to be seated at a table in a restaurant. 2,310 more words

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How to Best Support Someone Who Is Experiencing a Loss

Loss is a certainty of life at some point[s] in our lives. It can be experienced through a divorce, life-threatening illness, job retirement, or addiction. Loss is very personally experienced, yet it is a common phenomenon with centrally shared feelings. 1,012 more words

Cultural Competence

Mellody Hobson: Color Blind or Color Brave

Mellody Hobson promotes cultural competency by challenging us to have open conversations about our differences, oppressions and privileges, and the use and effect of microaggressions.

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Cultural Competency

What they don't teach you in grad school

What don’t they teach you in graduate school? Sara Allain’s blog post at Letters to a Young Librarian offered a thoughtful look at “10 Things I Didn’t Learn in Archives School.” 2,348 more words

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Familiarize Children with Marshall

When we think of African-American leaders, notable figures, and people who were directly instrumental in the modern civil rights movement and the shaping of the renovation of America, we must emphasize a prominent attorney named,   1,233 more words

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