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Wait, Did I Just Feel Hopeful? Weird.

So, I applied for another job.

My interview was yesterday, and by the end, it took all of my willpower to not launch myself across the conference table and say, “can I start tomorrow?” 541 more words


Don't Stand Too Close. Violence is Contagious!

If a smile can be ‘infectious‘, then what about all types of violence? It makes so much sense that we should begin to view violence as a communicable and highly contagious disease that infects all those who are exposed to it. 1,045 more words

Cultural Competence

Incorporating Multicultural Perspectives in Lesson Plans

How lessons in Physical Education can reflect the diversity of my community, region, country, or world

This is simple.  Physical Education is present throughout the world.   512 more words


Have You Considered an HBCU when Recruiting Prospective Black Male Teachers?

When it comes to recruiting prospective teachers of color, some school administrators and human resource managers claim that there aren’t enough viable candidates available to hire. 211 more words

Urban Education

A Data-Driven Approach to Hiring More Black Male Teachers

Increasing attention is surrounding the need for school districts to hire more Black male teachers. Academics and journalists alike have offered statistical and common sense evidence to show the importance of Black male teachers for a variety of reasons. 198 more words

Urban Education

Adultification is....This Child, Your Child, or You?

Doesn’t everyone know a child who has a smart, not dirty or foul, mouth? You know that kid- the one who seems to position her/himself in the middle of  adult conversations and makes statements or decisions indicative of a more mature person or an adult. 1,107 more words

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Let's Talk About Hair, Part One

I have big hair. It’s basically an entity unto itself. It is incredibly curly (think giant ringlets mixed with kinky corkscrews), thick, and can be as coarse as steel wool if I’m without conditioner for too long (the main reason I don’t go camping. 1,331 more words