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Deliberations on Life

Hello World,

What a diverse and complex planet we have created. Strip it back to its basic raw form and we have land and sea. Climate and environment dictated by the sun and wildife/sealife appropriate to that climate etc. 774 more words


Leading and listening in Ukraine--and elsewhere

Keith Hudson

The fighting in Ukraine has gone beyond most Europeans’ attention or caring now and even Obama’s political opportunism in lambasting Putin and raising fears of some sort of NATO war against Russia is subsiding. 300 more words

#Sameface-Much More Than Just a Game

Back in January, we traveled with NSLI-Y to Busan, South Korea, for a cultural exchange camp between us and teenagers from Busan. Each Korean class (there were three) had to prepare a presentation that focused on one aspect of American culture, as a way to share our culture with the Korean kids. 971 more words


Cultural Differences

The way that people drink tea is interesting as on the one hand, it is part of daily life, but also savoured as a delicacy. Chessers Tea is a British company sourcing tea from Taiwan, and while travelling to different farms spending time with our Taiwanese farmers and friends, we saw a lot of differences in each culture’s approach to tea. 488 more words


Thais That Live Abroad

For a long time now, observing and studying Thai culture has been a keen interest of mine. In fact, observing and studying cultural differences full stop is a fascinating subject. 126 more words

Thai Culture

Free talking

Had another two hours of free talking with two 2nd grade girls in my office today. I was really impressed with them (both their English level and their general level of maturity), and so here are some of the comments they made that stuck with me. 530 more words

Life In Korea



Anorexia is an eating disorder, which can be describes as ‘self-starvation’. The person with anorexia has appetite and food tastes good for him/her, but the food is seen as ‘the enemy’. 460 more words