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Show Me Your Puso: Rice is Close to the Hearts of All Filipinos

Puso is the Visayan word for rice. Puso is also the Tagalog word for heart. Jenny Bee speaks Visayan, an off-branch of the Filipino language. I guess it’s basically the English equivalent of Jive or just mumbling everything you say. 664 more words

Bee Life

The Realities of A Non-White Expat Life

“I wasn’t asking you.”

The customs officer’s blunt phrasing and cool expression directed at me after I helpfully provided extra information about my husband’s reason for coming to Chicago immediately woke me up from my  jet-lagged state after a 24-hour flight all the way from Singapore. 984 more words

Daily Life In Chicago

Spring is here!

My favorite season in the Netherlands was the spring: birds singing, green grass, tons of flowers and color after the three grey and cold winter months. 447 more words

Living In The US

Love of French Names in Korea

A Taste of France in Korea and the Korean Love of French Names

Many stores, especially those related to food (and especially bakeries), have French names. 926 more words


10 challenges of being a non-native speaker

With every language you try to learn, you are opening up common ground with potentially millions of new people. That’s a great thing. But when you have to live your life in that language, you are also opening up a world of uncertainty and struggle. 1,070 more words

The Everyday

Clairsentient Japan

I’ve just been looking through British Vogue‘s youtube channel – especially the feature ‘inside the wardrobe of’. I’m feeling jealous but not because i want to possess any one item. 161 more words


8 Differences between US and India

I’ve been here almost a week, and wanted to take a minute to talk about some big differences I’ve already noticed.

0) The Temperature.

This one’s obvious, so it warranted a 0 instead of a 1… But ugg. 908 more words