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So much...so fast...

What can we do? It seems that life, daily and around the world, is moving too fast. We start a new year and then six months have gone by, almost in a flash. 709 more words


Reflections and a Reblog - "Why Are You So Different?"

Why Are You So Different?
Posted on November 6, 2013
Carol A. Hand

Years ago, I accepted a position at a university as an assistant professor. 1,140 more words

Critical Thinking

Japanese Soccer Tights

One of the cultural differences that interests me is the wearing of tights by boys in some countries; it would be very rare to see a boy in tights in Britain.   80 more words

Cultural Differences

Red Army

I know nothing about Ice Hockey and am not that interested in sport but this film by American director Gabe Polsky is absolutely riveting and, as it tells the story of a group of young hockey players in the Soviet Union during the Cold War, I was keen to see it. 391 more words


A Korean Bakery in Paris

                                  Korean Paris Baguette in Paris

This is a Korean bakery in Paris (there’s fusion for you!). I debated whether to post this on the Korean blog or the French blog, as it pertains to both. 455 more words


Sworn Virgins

We watched the following 20-minute video as part of Peace Corps training the other day.

The following is a practice found in northern Albania (and not in Kosovo). 106 more words

Marriage Myths Four


Sixty-nine percent of marriage problems are managed rather than solved, according to John Gottman’s research. “The common lore is that conflict avoidance is a bad thing, but it really works for a lot of people to just ‘agree to disagree,'” he says. 260 more words