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Exam-stress? See what other students do to fight it...

Whatever the cultural differences, all students have their own rituals and superstitions, whether it is playing a lucky song, eating special food or even wearing a pair of lucky pants. 24 more words

Global Monarchs

The Secret River

I was late to this novel by Kate Grenville.  It was originally published in 2005 but I read it only after searching for novels about the Aboriginal people of Australia.   502 more words


Traditional Costume Experience

At a number of famous sights in Korea we were amazed to see so many young women wearing traditional Korean dresses (hanbok) and even some young men wearing traditional garb. 223 more words



I saw this film at my secondary school in the 70s.  A teacher ran a film club and once a week a film was shown at the end of the day when lessons were over.   218 more words


Walking along with a friend yesterday, I paused and backtracked along the walkway, until I reached what would have been the center of the road (I say ‘what would have been’ instead of ‘what was’ simply because we were on an elevated walkway, a couple or few stories up from ground level, so we weren’t actually in the road… plus, I’m not so sure the road actually went directly underneath us, as we were in front of a train station… anyway…).  

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Okay, so I lied (wow, I'm bad at this)

I’m not good at posting regular updates, I’ll admit it. But I’ve come to realize I don’t like to write these about my everyday life or about every detail because, well, I just don’t. 582 more words

Cultural Differences

How Foreign Buyers Are Different (Part 2)

As promised in the previous post about foreign buyers, let’s see what Chinese buyers are looking for, according to some American, Australian, Canadian and Western European realtors selling homes to the foreign buyers: 396 more words

Foreign Buyers