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The Lieutenant

This novel by Kate Grenville is another exploration of real events through fiction.  In this case, she has taken the first settlers of New South Wales and developed a story about the first encounters with aboriginal people. 370 more words


Tomorrow is Mardi Gras and my birthday. This is the second time in my life that the two events have coincided. It just so happens that people haven’t even heard of Mardi Gras here in Japan, so we can let alone the idea of their celebrating it.

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On being from nowhere and the problem of belonging

Where are you from? Pretty simple, every day sort of question. For some, the answer is incredibly simple and straightforward. They were born and raised somewhere and continue to live and work in the same place. 1,560 more words

The day someone told me I was an Idiot

Alright, these are not the forewords I wanted to use to start a blog, but this isn’t necessarily a blog, more a recollection of thoughts and stories that really happened to me and that I can use as personal lessons. 766 more words

Chinese Culture

#944 and #945: Dudes Who Come With A High Degree of Difficulty

Dear Captain Awkward,

I’m afraid I might be walking into an Alice situation (a la letter #247). My boyfriend’s family is very conservative and even though he is an adult, he not only lives with them (which is fine) but lives by their rules, curfews, and puts up with their interrogations over who he is spending time with, who his friends are, etc. 2,557 more words

Reader Questions

A Few Thoughts Around the Playground

I’m currently between some classes and have had much more free time for long, meandering walks around the village. On most of my walks, I end up going past the playground of the elementary school in the neighboring village. 745 more words


Galilee Birds

I’ve been thinking today about birds. Birds and rocks. We’ll get around to that subject later. I’m staying in this apartment for the next week or so and the balcony faces the Sea of Galilee. 545 more words