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Mystery Solved? . . . .

One of the things that has confused and yes annoyed the students and  us is how Indian people stand in line or don’t, exactly.  Here is a picture which tells the story.   219 more words

Lent, Week Six: Remember Me

There is so much talk of memory in the Bible, have you noticed?  I think about memory a lot because my best friend is terrible at it (although far less terrible than he says he is) and I hold onto the strangest things.   910 more words


Rude Foreigners

“The French are always so rude!”

This was the response I received after talking about the different people I met during a trip to Austria. Why do the French get such a bad rap?   580 more words

You really need to be comfortable with ideas opposite from your own

Art Markman is a pretty smart dude; I’ve come across his writing/work/research a couple of times before. He seems to be a professor of psychology and marketing (you would think there are  745 more words

Fundamental Explainers

What On Earth Am I Doing Here?

When I was six years old, I recall a discussion between my mother and father. I was seated in the back seat of the Buick, and my parents were concerned about the new school term. 570 more words

Cultural Differences

Show Me the Money!

When I was in Washington DC, people consistently asked me if I had any Indonesian currency. Money says a lot about a country–the images and words printed on legal tender remind citizens daily of a nation’s ideals. 518 more words

Peace Corps

England Saved Me From a Life of Crime

That’s right. Moving to England literally saved me from a life of crime(s)… against fashion.

A persistent stereotype about French women is that we are all born with an innate sense of style and that, with the gift of glamour at our fingertips, we just effortlessly tumble into our clothes and make them look, and here’s a cliché if I ever heard one, timeless. 566 more words

Cultural Differences