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Dinner With Sam

So we just arrived in Interlaken, but I still have a ton to talk about with both Berlin and Munich. Here’s one of those things from the first city. 504 more words


East meets West-Chinese meet French

When East meets West

when Chinese meet French

When you live in a culture where has big gaps than your own culture no matter in history, philosophy or politics, it’s not uncommon to find some misunderstandings, stereotypes.  1,138 more words


Night Train to Party Train

In preparation for this trip, we were advised to stay up all night on the CR tradition: the night train. I hate to disappoint, but we certainly did not do this. 1,364 more words


What Would You Choose?

Carol A. Hand

We teach the next generations
through our lived example
how to care for the earth
and all our relations
We’re ever creating the world… 344 more words



In addition, while cultural differences in rhetorical patterns can adversely affect communication in English, they should not be viewed as dificiencies: ‘Invention, arrangement, style, memory and delivery can all be defined , practiced, and valued in ways other than our own’ (Matalene 1985: 814).

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Home grown food

Peru has over 5000 species of potatoes and is home to a lot of other tubers, legumes, amaranthaceaes, tomatoes and corn. Let’s have a closer look to some of them. 332 more words


The First Emperor of the Ming Dynasty

Zhu Yuanzhang was born to a poor family that died of the plague when the Yuan (Mongol) Dynasty ruled China. To survive, he spent his youth as a Buddhist monk begging for food. 350 more words