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Social Media Marketing and Cultural Challenges

The emergence of social media has leveraged significant opportunities for businesses and marketers worldwide. It has also elevated significant challenges, particularly for global brands targeting individuals from different cultures. 568 more words


Between Frankfurt am Main and Nuremberg, we can find this beautiful city. It’s in the north of Bavaria, but their dialect is Franconian (you will learn there is a mutual “hate” between Bavarian and Franconian), so don’t confuse your dialect or beers. 511 more words


sometimes paradise is a love song part 2...

I had so much fun last week posting a Spanish love song that I think I might make it a weekly part of my blog. I had recently run out of all of my favorite Mexican commercials. 399 more words

Me llamo... Helen?

A few days after my arrival in Alcorcón, I went back to the restaurant with the nice waiters who had taken pity on me during my overwhelming first day here. 667 more words


"You and what army?" #FOR ASSESSMENT

We have reached the end of the road together, for this will be my last blogpost!

The focus of this week’s blog shall be: Costa Rica’s… 273 more words

sometimes paradise is black and white...

but still Royal. Here’s a black and white photo of Canibal Royal Beach Club from 6 years ago.! Happy Friday.!! Enjoy your weekend :)

Japan Diaries Day 27 - New Year's Eve

Although I only had a little over a week left in my one-month trip to Japan last December, it was finally New Year’s Eve. Since New Year’s is mostly a family holiday in Japan, we continued our time with my  468 more words