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Ibiza Day 65

Dear readers,

I’ve been promising an update for ages now, but now that I sit down to write one I wonder exactly what to say. So much happens every day, but the experiences that pass each day with a blur are hard to sum up in words! 446 more words


The Tribe

There’s a show on channel 4 in the UK right now called “Tribe”.  It’s not the Bruce Parry one.  This show tracks the daily lives of a tribe in Africa and gives an in-depth account of what it’s like to live as part of their community.  1,319 more words


What have you decided?

Many people seem to have made up their minds that Christians are to be hated and scorned. What has happened in our country? I realize that there are some groups which preach hatred toward other faiths and of people who they deem as “unworthy”, but they are not the majority of Christians! 335 more words


To Understand What Is Happening In Greece - Understand Philotimo

This post strays a bit afield from the normal subject matter of PanaceaChronicles, but I feel strongly about what is happening to one of the countries I love most – Greece. 1,069 more words

Teaching ESL in Korea: A Survival Guide

So you applied for an ESL job in Korea. You’ve been accepted. You (hopefully) threw yourself a mini celebratory party when you heard the good news, and you deserve it! 1,740 more words


Argentina and beyond

My program is coming to an end. The infinite feeling of 5 months gradually changed to days and weeks flying by and I have two more days of class left before I am officially done with studying abroad and I get to claim the title of being a senior/4th year. 872 more words


Things I have witnessed since moving to Turin.

This afternoon, I’m leaving on a work trip to Lake Como (sometimes you have to make sacrifices for your career, you know?) so just a quick listicle type post for today. 324 more words