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The strange sensation of losing my Dutch touch

I started Double Dutch plus Three a while ago to describe my experiences as a Dutch woman building up a life on an island in Maine. 834 more words

Living In The US

I Have Malaise

I completed two “Friday Gratitude” posts for two different topics this week, but in the end, I trashed both of them. Both felt false to me. 361 more words

Everyday Accidental Racism #5 - Confusing Being with Doing

Racists do not always fully appreciate why they shouldn’t be. After all, it’s always the fault of the minority that annoyed the racist in the first place. 1,909 more words

Race & Xenophobia

End of the semester

And so ends the first half of Year 2. Finally!

I bought probably way more snacks than my students needed for our movie time – chips, the Korean equivalent of cheese Ritz Bitz, fruit snacks (splurged on the expensive imported Welsh’s), choco pies, and juice boxes. 721 more words

Life In Korea

Are Japanese people really polite?

Please note that this article is not based on any particular research, but based only on my perspective. I had always been vaguely thinking about this topic, because they can be very nasty and I have confronted those Japanese people who are considerably rude. 1,195 more words


Cultural Intelligence - Drive

I would like to delve further into the four components of  Cultural Intelligence (CQ) over the next few blog posts.  This post will focus on Drive. 389 more words

Cultural Intelligence

Norway Is Closed

As July comes to an end you’ll notice some stores that have been closed for what may seem like ages, will throw open their doors, ready to welcome you back again. 144 more words