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sometimes paradise is intense...

It’s rainy season in Playa del Carmen right now. So along with the beautiful rainbows or arco iris, we also get some stormy weather or… 20 more words


Colourful bins and dancing ladies

Bom dia, os blogueiros!

Already I’m picking up cultural similarities and differences between England and Portugal, and it’s great.

I thought that Bristol was quite a “green city”, but Lisbon gives it a run for its money. 871 more words

Speak Up During the Year of Your LL.M. (Part 1)

This post was originally published on Fordham Law School LLM Career Corner under the FLS Graduate Professional Development Program. Stay tuned for parts 2&3. 

An LL.M. 681 more words


Learning the power of the Talmud in China and South Korea

According to Jewish tradition, the Torah was revealed to Moses about the time of China’s Shang Dynasty (1766 – 1122 B.C.), more than three thousand years ago. 600 more words


1 year in Korea! (I'm even more surprised than you are)

Today marks my 1 year anniversary of starting my ESL adventures in Korea, so what better time to take stock of the past incredible, unpredictable and bewildering year that it is has been. 690 more words

The Cultural Barriers

An interesting study recently released ‘Australia’s International Business Survey 2015’ had some key findings supporting the case for increased cultural intelligence (CQ). The findings provide insight into the nature, needs, concerns and future plans of the overall Australian international business community from an organisational perspective. 154 more words

Cultural Intelligence

Look What We Have

Thais love taking pictures, especially selfies. They snap photos at restaurants, at temples, at funerals, at meetings and in classrooms and even while on holiday. Social media are filled with smiling or pouty-lipped Thais aiming their cellphones at themselves. 966 more words