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The Rolling Stone

This powerful play by Chris Urch is my theatrical highlight of the year to date.  Dembe is a Ugandan youth, full of energy and life.  He is also gay in a country where admitting this would be harmful.   256 more words


My recent China reads III

A couple of weeks ago I made a flying visit to Beijing to sort out some stuff and it was my first night away from baby Z, which was difficult. 816 more words


Blinking Lights of Tokyo (Part One)

My blog is my time machine. It transports me back to past moments of my choice. Come travel with me. We’re going to Tokyo today. 566 more words


Hofstede’s 6 Dimensions of culture summary

Ø Power distance (PDI)

Is a term that tells how people in a culture see power relationship among individuals with the fact that persons not in power admit that power is spread unfairly. 400 more words

The Great Breakfast Debate of 2016

Yesterday was pancake day. I did not know that was a thing until yesterday. That would explain why reception was giving out pancakes.

This sparked a debate in the middle of my databases lab yesterday. 457 more words


What would you be willing to do to Enhance your Beauty?

According to historical accounts, foot binding appeared in China during the Sung Dynasty (960-1276 AD).

The process of foot binding often started between the ages of four and seven. 342 more words


Encouraging Words and Advice When Moving Abroad

Hey guys,

As some of you may already know, my boyfriend moved from England to Sweden a few months ago. And as many of you may know, moving away from what you know throws you into an unparalleled journey that will teach you more about life, love, and fear than any education or book ever could.  2,444 more words