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Barack Obama: Patron Saint of Sheep

“Democracy is a pathetic belief in the collective wisdom of individal ignorance.” -H.L Mencken

This quote rang loud as a liberty bell in my mind the other day when in response to the hypocrisy and contradictory nature of Obama’s past comments on marriage, a statist said “as an elected president, he has a duty to represent the will of his constituents.” 262 more words

A House Divided...

In June of 1858, Abraham Lincoln won the candidacy for the Republican Party in the Presidential race. He addressed over a thousand people that evening with a now famous speech that, in part, spoke of the rift caused by slavery. 781 more words

Justifiably Intemperate Rants

Mela Festival

Mela festival has just gone. It is the time the Asian community and other communities invite others to enjoy cultural diversity and take us into their food, heritage and music. 48 more words


White Riots VS Black Protests • BRAVE NEW FILMS

White Riots VS Black Protests • BRAVE NEW FILMS Ever notice how the mainstream media treats black protesters & white rioters differently? LIKE our page: Brave New Films (Y) Using the term “thug” to describe black people, but “students” or “drunk people” when describing whites, shows that “thug” is the new, coded way of saying the n-word.

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African American

Diversity Tips

  • Begin by recognizing, understanding, and appreciating ways in which your own racial,

cultural and/or ethnic background have contributed to your character and personality.

  • Be aware of unspoken messages about difference: raised eyebrows, body language, avoidance, etc.
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10 Ways to Promote Workplace Diversity

Good organizations realize that there are benefits to be gained from well-managed diversity programs in their workplaces. Ignoring these benefits can increase the risk of falling behind the competitors that are more attuned to the need for human capital investment. 666 more words