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Korean rap wave sweeps foreign shores

The Korean-American rapper Okasian began on November 17th and 18th his first European tour. He evokes his future plans with the mainstream South Korean scene and the different appreciations of trap music genre  1,079 more words

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6th Annual Interfaith Concert @ The Sheldon - September 11th, 2016

The 6th Annual Interfaith Concert was actually a 15th Anniversary commemoration of 9/11 in music. It consisted of about 11 different vocal groups and choirs, that was made up of students from grade school and high school. 213 more words

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my big, color-filled American family

At last year’s reunion my color-filled American family played a non-contact game called human foosball. This year’s gathering, complete with log rolling, swimming, boating, fishing and good food, involves a 100 foot homemade poly-plastic slide that empties into a man-made lake for those of us brave (stupid) enough to try it. 649 more words


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Tanya Cliff tells us about the America she has always known ~ family reunions "filled with three generations of multicultural, American relatives who range in tone from dark, chocolate brown to milky white." All racism must be checked at the door...

Mole and Mariachis

It’s hard to go wrong with an event that combines two of Mexico’s most beloved cultural symbols.

As I wandered around Santa Cruz’s popular Mole and Mariachi Festival… 1,007 more words

Racial and Cultural Diversity


Contributed by: Rev. Joann Conroy                                                                  (President of American Indian/Alaska Native Lutheran Association)

This discussion is really is about culture, not race. Race is a construct made up by the white male dominate culture. 463 more words