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“The Laughing Sutra” by Mark Salzman

I’m creating a new category for this book, which I read about 15 years ago, long before I had this blog. The category is



萨城中文学校除了提供学习中文的园地和平台,它还在传播中华文化中起着不可低估的作用,在当地社区有着积极广泛的影响。首先,萨城中文学校是最具影响力的华人社团,是连接当地华人的纽带。其次,萨城中文学校是外国人了解中国的一个窗口,是建立中加两国人民友谊的桥梁 。
萨城中文学校除了每周末提供一至十二年级和各级成人中文课程及各类课外活动教育,还通过Saskatchewan Organization for Heritage Languages (SOHL)在萨城公立学校和教会学校(小学和高中)范围内开展一年一度的Mini-Language Program活动,委派我们优秀的师资走进每一个有需求的中小学课堂,让我们博大精深的中华文化在萨城各族裔学生中生根开花。
学校先后有张平晔校长、王睿红老师、江红老师、韦华邕老师、李秀玲老师、鲁翠艳老师等,分别到St. Marguerite School;  St. Matthew School;  St. Peter School; Saint Philip School; and Ecole Sister O’Brien School 传授中华传统文化,分享中国美食。学生们和老师们对向他们展示的中国特色的物品,爱不释手;对品尝的中国美食赞不绝口,直说中国的饺子“真胖(棒)!真好吃”!活动结束的时候,学生们就关心起下一年,我们的老师是不是还到他们学校去。 32 more words

Cultural Diversity


I came to an awareness tonight at dinner with friends that most people have no idea about the rich history, cultural diversity, and effervescent life of living in California’s Central Valley. 195 more words

Central California

Falling in Love with Hominids by Nalo Hopkinson (138)

This is the last book that I am reading by Hopkinson for now. I am sure I will be seeing her in print in the future because she is an amazing writer of short-stories. 169 more words

Author From Ontario

Montcalm and Wolfe by Roch Carrier (136)

This is another historical book about the plains of Abraham. It took me back many years to my days of taking history in high school. 259 more words


The Roar of the Twenties by James H. Gray (134)

This is a wonderful history book. It is a classic and it discusses the allure of the 1920s in Canada. It was an interesting time. And for people who haven’t lived during these times, which is most of us otherwise we would be really old…it is a great read because we get to know how our parents and grandparents lived and what their social and cultural background was like. 213 more words

Educational Book

Anne Hebert: Collected Later Novels by Anne Hebert (132)

This is another author that I decided to give a try over the holidays. She is another author from Quebec that tweaked my attention. However, now that I have sampled her writing in this book, I will probably look her up again. 173 more words