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The City of Melbourne to Present Fembots and Feminism

Posted by Beat Magazine in March.

Fembots and Feminism: Exploring Diversity in AI will see Astrid Scott present a discussion on the role of gender and cultural diversity in the digital world.  106 more words


Why multicultural democracy is a disaster

Britain is hardly a multicultural utopia. More than three hundred languages are spoken in London; while the city is at ease with its diversity it is a world apart from the rest of the country. 584 more words

Embracing Diversity

Growing up away from my hometown, in a multicultural city has been a boon because I don’t tend to see regional differences amongst people as much. 344 more words

Obama Administration Changes Face of $20 Bill To Harriet Tubman

By now this is old news, LOL. This kind of information travel fast!

Are you serious?  Many people are overjoyed and shaking their head in disbelief that the U.S. 350 more words

African American

Wedding couples around the globe - part 1

It’s so amazing how we are surrounded by so many different people of different culture and identities. Living in UK, I have seen a lot of cultural diversity. 356 more words

And That's Why I Hang My Hat in Tennessee; Exploring My Own Country

I have spent the last week heavy lifting, getting bruised up, and voluntarily and repeatedly jumping into freezing water.  Tennessee doesn’t seem to realize summer should start in February like it does in Texas.   420 more words


Kenyan Stories

Everything from the humble woodlouse to specks of dust moving through a ray of sunlight. Each tells a story. ~ Fennel Hudson

With my camera, I try to bring the diversity of distant lands into our modern world, and share the stories I discover in my travels ; to create imagery that reminds us and generations to come how beautiful and diverse the world is. 151 more words

Infrared Imagery