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Finland deliberates over a potential 'Bilbao Effect'

While some countries are pursuing ‘starchitecture’ museums and hoping for an associated economic renaissance, Finland appears to be a little more cautious. With the Guggenheim looking to establish a museum in Helsinki, questions are being raised about the potential impact on local arts, national identity and on economic grounds. 6 more words

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Surge in box office sales:

The MONA Effect is touted as one of the factors leading to a significant jump in ticket sales for the Tasmanian Symphony Orchestra. Evidence of a flow on effect to local arts? Read more from ABC Online.

The Emerging MONA Effect

Glenorchy council seeks interest in caravan park near MONA

The effects of MONA’s presence continue to unfold. Will this caravan park turn funky and retro (and cheap) or will this site evolve to cater for the affluent? Read more from ABC online.

The Emerging MONA Effect

Caravan park MONA's land of opportunity

As part of the MONA Effect project we are conducting two in depth case studies about local impacts and perceptions – one in the Hobart municipality and one in Glenorchy where MONA is located. 18 more words

The Emerging MONA Effect

MONA Visitor statistics

Did you know that MONA is Tasmania’s second most popular attraction after Salamanca Market, with 28% of all visitors to the State visiting MONA?  7 more words

The Emerging MONA Effect

The Bilbao Effect

The idea of the MONA Effect is modelled on the purported success of the Bilbao Guggenheim in Spain. This starchitecture museum was touted as bringing about social transformation in a disadvantaged area, and governments around the western world continue to pursue this model of urban and social regeneration. Read more from The Guardian.

The Emerging MONA Effect

MONA campaign industry proposal 2015-2016

MONA continues to work with partners with the aim of increasing visitation to MONA, MONA events and Tasmania. They introduce their latest campaign: In April 2012, we asked the industry to get in bed with not only us, but our friends, too. 91 more words