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Which part of "Noh" don't you understand?

Japan has many traditional performing arts, each with its own origin and style.  Noh, which dates back to the 14th century, combines music, dance and drama, as well as the distinctive feature of performers who are often masked.  1,124 more words

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A traditional river crossing...and meandering old neighborhoods

In the opening scene of the 1968 movie, “Admiral Yamamoto”, starring the great Mifune Toshiro, Yamamoto is being ferried across a river in his hometown and is challenged by the boatman to make the crossing standing on his head, thereby demonstrating his superior balance and seamanship. 1,064 more words


Footfaults: [Mis]adventures in footwear

Not long ago I was visiting my friend Maki’s house.  While using her toilet, I glanced down and realized with horror that I was wearing my house slippers. 1,763 more words

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A Study in Sakura

By special guest blogger: Oliver Trapnell

As the weather continues to warm, Japan will soon begin experiencing its renowned sakura (cherry blossom) season, leading many people to venture outdoors and have a… 540 more words

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The Stories of Survivors

By special guest blogger:  Oliver Trapnell

Nuclear issues are voiced strongly in Japan, and have had a direct impact on thousands of lives not only in Hiroshima, Nagasaki and Fukushima but also from cases such as the Daigo Fukuryū Maru (No. 553 more words

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Suón Tiên- A Vietnamese Amusement Park

“Do you want to go to Harry Potter world and go go-karting?”

What an offer. And to think I almost didn’t go. I am so glad I did!!! 448 more words


Where in the world in Kuala Lumpur?

Where in the world is Kuala Lumpur? I  was asked this question a lot after I started posting pictures of my trip to KL. It’s a fair question. 817 more words

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