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Be not afraid of (Local) Greatness!

2016 celebrates the 400th death anniversary of the highly talented playwright William Shakespeare. As part of the festivities there were notable talks, exhibitions and plays scattered each day. 479 more words

Cultural Experience

What do we want? Culture! When do we want it? Now! (and always)

I had never thought of activism as a form of culture. Whenever activism is mentioned, the images that come to mind are protesting, marches and in most cases a large vocal group of passionate people. 453 more words

Cultural Experience

It's the most Cultural time of the yeaaaar...

Christmas comes but once a year, but by God looking around the magnificently lit up streets of London, one cannot help but wish it lasted the entire winter season. 478 more words

Cultural Experience

Christmas and New Year Traditions

In our last class before the break I asked some of my Lithuanian English language students about traditions for Christmas and New Year’s Eve. Here in Lithuania, Christmas Eve is the big day, when family gathers together for a traditional meal. 409 more words

Dear Australia, 'The First Time'

People often get attached to ‘firsts’; first loves, first pets, and often the first exotic place they visit. My first far away land was Australia, I was just about to turn sixteen and had barely been outside of Washington State let alone the U.S. 820 more words

A Cultural Pick'n'Mix

Brexit felt to many, like a rejection of multiculturalism. Although there were of course a multitude of reasons why people voted Leave, for some it was in protest of preserving ‘Englishness’ in our globalised world. 426 more words

Cultural Experience

Promoting Rural Resilience: Lessons from Cuba

by Lucas Wolf, Assistant International Director

For many folks, Thanksgiving conjures up images of abundance and family, a smorgasbord of food laid out on the dinner table with smiling faces and conversations ranging from the day’s football matches to work or politics. 606 more words

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