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My Akha Diary

My friend (Jason) and I recently visited a place where he made a comment ‘this is like the Akha experience we had in Laos’. My thought immediately went back to November 16, 2016 when we started our 3-day trekking trip into the primary and secondary forests of Muang Sing. 1,376 more words

Christmas in Vienna; Epiphany in Vilnius

I seem to have started a new tradition of traveling to a new place for Christmas. Last year I spent Christmas with two friends in Portugal (sooooo much warmer than Vilnius!) and this year, a friend and I went to Vienna. 314 more words

Cultural Experience

Once upon a time, I lived in a postcard. Visiting Garmisch

Garmisch- Partenkirchen, Germany. “Huh?” is the reaction get from most people when I talk about the cute little town at the foot of the German Alps that I called home for 13 months. 794 more words

Cultural Experience

Hashigo-nori (ladder-top acrobatics) at Ikegami Honmonji

Old Edo was a firetrap. One and two-story structures, made mostly of wood, straw and paper, standing cheek-by-jowl with the neighbors, with everyone cooking and heating with open fires or charcoal braziers. 609 more words


Day trip Malmö, Sweden

On day 3 of my time in Copenhagen I decided to take a day trip into Sweden. Why not when it’s so close! Getting from Copenhagen to Sweden is easy.   621 more words

Cultural Experience

The seven lucky gods of Minato: A different perspective on a well-known Tokyo district

This article takes readers on a walk to visit Japan’s seven lucky gods at shrines and temples in the Minato neighborhood of Tokyo.  Such walks are a popular new year’s activity, said to bring luck and fortune to participants. 28 more words