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Iranian Arabs: Ten Years of Oppression and Injustice | ABF blog

Iranian Arabs: Ten Years of Oppression and Injustice | ABF blog.

“The honorable judge did not provide any explanation whatsoever regarding his guilty finding, nor about how and why the charges had been brought against me , based on what witness testimony, and what objective or subjective evidence. 4,013 more words

Human Rights

Yushu: A Tibetan Town Rebuilt in Beijing’s Image

Note:  China removed this Tibetan town’s name (Kyigundo, Kham) and gave it a new Chinese name (Yushu)

After a massive earthquake destroyed 90% of Yushu’s buildings and claimed more than 2,000 lives, the price of recovery has been sacrificing identity… 901 more words

China to enforce Tibetan monastics’ patriotism - another step towards cultural genocide

China to enforce Tibetan monastics’ patriotism


Writing for The People’s Daily, Chen Quanguo, China’s Communist party chief in Tibet, has announced plans to more formally assess that Tibetan monasteries are models of harmony, and that to ensure that the monks and nuns that live in them remain “patriotic law-abiding.” As AFP… 116 more words

Where Was the Church All This Time?

By Al Benson Jr.

Back during the 1970s and 80s Francis Schaeffer wrote a whole series of books that catered to a broadly evangelical audience. I didn’t read all of them but I did read a few, and some of them, to be honest, left me a little flat. 1,573 more words

Robert Parry: Netanyahu Unmasks Israel

For years, U.S. politicians have rejected allegations of Israeli racism and excused mistreatment of the Palestinians as a temporary necessity that would be fixed by a two-state solution. 1,355 more words


Connection with country: is it still 'invisible'?

What to write about PM Tony Abbott’s recent comments regarding remote Indigenous Australians and his view that being connected with country and living on ancestral estates is a ‘lifestyle choice’? 430 more words