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What Was the Abolitionist’s REAL Game?

By Al Benson Jr.

The radical Northern abolitionists before the War of Northern Aggression have always been painted in what passes for history books as a noble, self-sacrificing breed who would sacrifice even their lives to free the black man from slavery in the South. 1,301 more words

China issues 20 illegal Tibetan activities

Dharamshala: – Chinese authorities in Rebkong County, Amdho region of north-eastern Tibet (Ch: Tongren County, Qinghai Province, northwest China) have issued a notice of 20 “illegal activities related to the independence of Tibet”, according to sources in the region. 785 more words

The Guilt Complex Industry

by Al Benson Jr.

Marxist Cultural Genocide takes many forms, everything from destroying the cultural symbols of a people to making them feel guilty about who they are, making them ashamed to be what they are so they long to be something else. 1,055 more words

Privilege Comes with Such a Heavy Cost

Carol A. Hand

A few days ago, I intended to write a story using the metaphor of sharing a canoe to describe relationships. I spent more than half of my life with a partner I only accompanied on one canoe ride. 1,254 more words


A Little Community Organizing in Charlottesville, Virginia

By Al Benson Jr.

There has been a big flap recently in Charlottesville, Virginia over Confederate statues being taken down. It goes without saying that this is yet one more exercise in Marxist Cultural Genocide in the South, yet many of our people do not seem to be aware of what is being done to them and their culture. 1,246 more words

What der Führer Has Taught Me

When I was a child I admired der Führer. In my ignorance I couldn’t help but be impressed with his speeches, although I only understood a few words of German, I knew that what he was saying he really meant every word of it. 266 more words

Remembering Tenzin Choedak: A Son of Tibet

Tenzin Choedrak, a Tibetan social activist died two days after his release from prison at the age of 34. He was serving a 15-year prison term for acting as a ringleader of the March 2008 protests in Lhasa, Tibet [1]. 224 more words