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What the “News” Media Isn’t Telling Us About Baltimore

By Al Benson Jr.

Originally I had not planned to comment on this situation. There have been enough like it recently, all pretty much following the same pattern, that you know someone’s agenda is at work here. 1,447 more words

China imposes “harsh policies of repression on Buddhists” across Tibet

U.S. Commission on International Religious Freedom: China imposes “harsh policies of repression on Buddhists” across Tibet

International Campaign For Tibet ON MAY 1, 2015

In its just issued 2015 Annual Report, the U.S. 1,622 more words


This is good news on two fronts – indigenous actors setting monetary considerations aside and taking a stand for cultural integrity.

Too begin with Adam Sandler being of Jewish ancestry should have a working knowledge of discrimination and cultural abuse in view of the history his own people have endured, he ought to understand that denigrating a people or their cultural beliefs has no comedic value. 195 more words

100 Ans de Memoire Concert

Last night, I went to the Opera House to watch a live screening of a concert held in Paris by the Armenian World Orchestra in honor of the victims of the genocide. 1,086 more words

Blotting the Ledger

SP is proud to feature “Blotting the Ledger,” an art installation by Shubigi Rao. Born in India, now based in Singapore, Shubigi distinguishes herself from her contemporaries through a playful, yet thorough-going sense of irony. 1,838 more words


History dies in ISIL's hands, but curators worry buying artifacts would fund terrorism

As ISIL terrorists use power drills, bulldozers and explosives to destroy the cultural and architectural heritage of ancient Mesopotamia — Christian, Muslim and pre-Abrahamic from the ancient Assyrian capital Nimrud to the tomb of the Biblical Jonah in Mosul — western curators hoping to preserve what is left are caught in a dilemma. 832 more words


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Painful to see this cultural genocide taking place.