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The Tibetan people’s nomadic culture is fast disappearing, courtesy of policies enforced by the Chinese regime, in which some 2 million Tibetan nomads are being removed from the grasslands and into housing settlements. 189 more words



Call me a malcontent, pot stirrer, or whatever you like but the more I learn about the Star Knowledge crowd the more outrageous it becomes and the more I wonder how anyone can buy into anything they’re selling. 227 more words

Cultural Destruction, Land Conversion Threaten Indigenous Papuans

from Abeth You, at our partners Tabloid Jubi’s West Papua Daily

October 21, 2015

Jayapura, Jubi – The destruction of Papuan culture is gradually happening and is threatening the lives of indigenous people, a student group said. 546 more words

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Cultural heritage a target in times of strife - Lee Keath

In this image made from an ISIS video posted on YouTube in April 2015, an IS jihadi militant hammers away at a face on a wall in ancient Hatra, a large fortified 3rd century BCE Seleucid (Greek) city in Iraq recognised as a UNESCO World Heritage site. 1,079 more words

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When I think of sacred items the bible does not come to mind. The bible is not sacred to me. The bible is simply a book of stories intended to teach life lessons to a particular culture or ethnic group. 592 more words

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Initially this blog was entitled, Independence Day. Why, because my life as a Neophyte entrepreneur has a certain freedom that is invigorating and scary, in equal measure. 774 more words