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Pondering Dragons

The only biologically factual dragons are Komodo Dragons, which are large, very fierce lizards that we should leave alone. While these creatures are interesting from a scientific viewpoint, Komodo Dragons are not what most people think of when they encounter the subject of dragons. 558 more words

Cultural Highlights

Funk & Disco Pops Of 1977: 'Bridges' by Gil Scott-Heron & Brian Jackson

Gil Scott-Heron released this album at a very key time for his particular creative bent. This came out during the beginning of the disco era and for many, outside the influence of the Philly sound, there just didn’t seem to be too much room for complex sociological dialog in the music. 489 more words


Ode to a naked plastic woman.

Or why Barbie is a cultural martyr.

I was mowing the grass this past weekend when I came upon the scene of the crime. A mud spattered naked plastic woman, her body prone on the grass, her decapitated head supine. 1,544 more words

Cultural Icons: Prince

The 1970’s was the first decade that saw Glam rock and pop culture explode into normal day routines. Marc Bolan had developed into the decade’s first superstar and David Bowie had redefined the whole era with his breathtaking, 1970s discography that represented a boundless network of underground music, innovative art, film, and literature. 487 more words

Cultural Icons: Elvis Presley

It’s easy to label Presley as one of the founding members of rock n roll, listen to the plethora of rockabilly songs the artist produced and forget about his presence in the meantime. 471 more words