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At the Café de Flore

We’re still in Paris and still with film.

This picture was shot with a Pentax 6×7, an oversized SLR, which at one stage in history was the go-to-camera for interior and design photographers, especially in New York. 224 more words

Horse Play

A Reading with Commentary
The Black Dove
Brighton, 2011

A reading whereby I recited some of my favourite poetry by Bukowski, cross-referencing this with my childhood idol ‘Rizzo’ from Grease. 47 more words

As DEBBIE HARRY Turns 70: Did BLONDIE Write the Best Pop Song Ever...?

I can’t believe Debbie Harry turned 70 today. Whatever that woman’s diet is, we all need to know for future reference.
But here’s a proper, old-school musical and cultural icon, who first came to fame a few years before I was even born and is still out there, doing her thing with singular style and energy, and pushing her craft even now. 1,392 more words
(All Things) CULTURE

The Emperor’s New Yeezy’s

I love Kanye.

I do. I think he’s a musical genius and that his passion shouldn’t be held against him as a pop culture figure. But when we obsessively laud and coddle his every instinct, we’re lying to him and ourselves. 539 more words

If I Could Write a Happy Ending for "Sam & Diane"

Commentary by Jacqueline Bennett newsandviewsjb.com

Having stumbled upon the old “Cheers” program with Ted Danson and Shelly Long showing on a Hallmark Channel in the wee hours of the morning, I  am even more certain an ideal resolution is desirable for their rocky romance. 653 more words

Jacqueline Bennett

Was Enid Blyton a bad writer?

Enid Blyton is responsible for a huge portion of missed sleep from my childhood. The Famous Five books and the ‘Mystery’ series were staple components of my evenings (and long into the night) from the age of about eight or nine till I started high school at twelve (we don’t do middle school in Scotland). 844 more words

Children's Fiction

How big can a character get?

There are characters that stretch across the globe: Harry Potter, Mickey Mouse, Elsa but where are they? That might seem an odd question but think about it. 575 more words

Jack Reusen