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Lucy, Schroeder, you laying on the coffee table...

In S1E15, Emily says to Christopher and Lorelai, “Do you remember when you two were, what, 10? And you put on that adorable show for us?” Lorelai asks, “What show, Mom?” Christopher answers, “Lucy, Schroeder, you laying on the coffee table…” Lorelai finishes, “You pretending it was a piano!” Richard asks Christopher if he wrote the song they performed- “Suppertime.” Lorelai says, “Dad! 88 more words

Season 1

George's marvelous medicine

For over a year I’ve struggled to get my eldest to read independently. To be honest that’s not entirely true as he’d happily jump into reading Star Wars encyclopaedias at the drop of a hat. 420 more words

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Much more George Clooney than Brad Pitt

In S1E15, Christopher comes to town and runs into Jackson and Andrew in the bookstore. Jackson says, “Boy, I gotta tell you, did they get your description wrong.” Christopher asks, “Really?” Jackson replies, “Oh yeah, much more George Clooney than Brad Pitt. 145 more words

Season 1

The wearing of Bonne Bell Lip Smackers around my neck...

In S1E15, Lorelai is telling Sookie that all her worst moments have happened with Christopher. She elaborates, “My worst fashion choices, my big-hair days, the wearing of Bonne Bell lip-smackers around my neck… It was all with Christopher!” 78 more words

Season 1

I'm dumbin' it down for you, Alfalfa!

In S1E15, Kirk is heckling Dean and Luke as they’re playing softball (Kirk is just watching). Kirk makes up some insult about Dean and Luke having a show called “Zero and Zero,” and┬áLuke says, “That doesn’t even resemble clever.” Kirk calls, “I’m dumbin’ it down for you, Alfalfa!” 75 more words

Season 1

Eating habits, sleeping habits, Houdini habits

In S1E14, Rory is telling her grandparents about the bird (Stella) that she had to take care of for class. Rory says, “Everything has to be logged. 42 more words

Season 1

Joan and Melissa Rivers think I'm being morbid.

In S1E14, Emily and Richard are making fun of their dead friend’s taste in decor as they plan to rent his old vacation home. Lorelai jokes, “Well, he’s dead now, so he got his!” Emily looks horrified and replies, “Lorelai, you’re being morbid.” Lorelai says, “I’m being morbid?” Rory interjects, “New subject, please,” and Lorelai tells her, “Joan and Melissa Rivers think I’m being morbid!” 101 more words

Season 1