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Birds Of A Feather

Photographer: Aaron Favila

Like spectators

at a football match,

they sit in tiers observing

An occasional flurry 27 more words


SS Half Term


Half Term.

Two short words which, in the true spirit of four letter ones, evoke a diverse range of emotions… 1,206 more words


Is identity fixed or does it change?

Is cultural identity fixed or is it something that’s always evolving, adapting and changing? There are elements on the right and in particular, the far right, who see cultural identity as something that’s more or less fixed and only evolves slowly. 2,557 more words

Identity Politics

Hybrid Variety Indian

“So where are you really from?” is a question that I often get asked as a child from a Defence background. Thanks to being posted all over the country I never could claim one city as a “hometown”, the best I manage is that I finished the last years of my schooling in Bangalore, where my maternal Grandparents stay. 1,130 more words

Cultural Identity

Human Behaviour

Blue and black dominate,

a robed wizard addresses

the flat topped audience,

homogeneousness listening 61 more words


But I ask you, what’s in a name?

Think identity, personality, experience.

It’s your first day of university in a new city, in a new country. You think about how everything around you is so foreign and new. 334 more words