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British Bona Fides

Things slowly seep in when you move to Britain.  Not things like tea with milk (never without it) or calling a sidewalk ‘the pavement,’ or wrong side of the road travel, or the superfluous ‘u’ added to words like neighbour.   188 more words

Made Me Laugh

Hip-Hop Flow= Healing Flo

Conscious hip-hop can increase self-esteem in marginalized people. Through the outpouring of authentic self-expression the artist and supporters embrace colloquialism, and cultural identity. Dialogue and language are important to culture and should not be labeled as substandard and non-significant. 96 more words


The Buzzword: Transracial.

Recently, the mainstream media has tried to make “transracial” a great big buzzword thanks to a former NAACP leader and dovetailing on Caitlyn Jenner’s Vanity Fair cover and the recent uptick of media attention while the world tries to better understand the transgender community. 325 more words

Adversity in Diversity

By Matthew Chase

For those who did not see the news reports back in January 2015, there was a recent stir of controversy around a billboard near Springville, Alabama, that stated: “Diversity means chasing down the very last white person. 828 more words

Matthew Chase

Sharing My World in Malaysia: "These are a few of my favorite things!"

After being in Malaysia for about five months, some of the luster is lost. That is, until someone visits you for you to share the experience with and be reminded of the large and small reasons why this world is so special. 29 more words

TCK Cultural Identity – Lynda Mullaly Hunt’s Fish in a Tree

Ally is smart, creative, and talented but she constantly ends up in trouble at school. That is because Ally has a secret…she cannot read. When Ally ends up in Mr. 187 more words

Cultural Identity

The Human Canvas

Modern tattoos are an outlet for self-expression. A symbol of devotion toward a loved one or a hate group, an act of empowerment after a mastectomy, or a drunken mistake, tattoos speak to our sense of individuality. 894 more words