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A comment left by The Snow Melts Somewhere just now made me dash out this quick post. Because her comment drove home an interesting point. And this does not concern Snow but the people (in school, at work, in daily life) who use these labels and act accordingly, if you’re going to slap labels on something, if you’re going to stick me in a category, I need to make sure it actually fits. 533 more words

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Dear Adoption, I'm Tired

Dear Adoption, I’m Tired

Worn out from years of explaining who I am and who I am not. I have grown weary of trying to assimilate into countries and cultures that ask me to be… 534 more words


In Remembering Honour

We stand in the hot November sun,

artificial red poppies

flower on white cross stalks

The sun shalt not wilt them

like those on green stems 39 more words


Caught between two worlds

I was getting dressed for services Sabbath morning when I noticed that what I was wearing in the moment was quite different from how I had been dressing lately. 264 more words

Opinion | I Want ‘Allahu Akbar’ Back

My all-purpose expression of gratitude has been stolen to signify terrorism, and it hurts.

Source: Opinion | I Want ‘Allahu Akbar’ Back

Power Stuctures

Let's Talk Identity

Alberto Baez

Prof. Denise Silva

Kresge 80B

25 October 2017

Let’s Talk Identity

In discussing the topic of language and its unbreakable connection to the identity of self and community, a form of personal experience is required. 600 more words

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