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On the definition of culture / The difference between divisions of humankind and of humanity.

When stumbling across the word culture, what comes to mind? Perhaps it’s just the general definition that we’re all pretty familiar with: it’s the set of customs and ideas belonging to a group of people. 994 more words


152MC- My story

My short life story began in 1995 when I was born but it was the events that occurred before my existence that shaped a lot of the way I live my day-to-day life. 493 more words


152MC- Cultural Identity

Looing through my brief ideas, I noticed that I didn’t know what I was trying to convey through my work. Looking into reasons as to why people get high I couldn’t come to a conclusion as to how I would show it. 282 more words


How "Indian" Are You?

In a world where boundaries between countries and cultures have never been so lucid before I get this question about once a week on average: “Where are you from?” And despite the frequency of being asked this question I never know how to really answer it. 960 more words


St. Patrick: The Man, the Myth & the Merchandise: A critical commentary on the modern Irish brand

On March 17th every year the people of Ireland and the members of its diaspora around the world celebrate the life of the man that many believe brought Christianity to Ireland, St. 692 more words


She's Been in 68 Countries in 21 Years


I have been fascinated with CarouLLou ever since I met her online about a year ago. She and her husband have been global nomads together for 21 years (and on their own before that). 2,076 more words

Cultural Detective

English at heart

I consider myself fortunate – I speak and write in one of the world’s most popular languages. I rarely have to translate what I read about me or struggle to understand the meaning. 302 more words