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Multi Media Project: Post-Colonial CCT Assignment Michael Rigakos

Work Cited:

Vanderhaeghe, Guy. The Englishman’s boy. N.p.: Emblem McClelland & Stewart, n.d. Print. July 20, 2017.

Romantic Comedy "The Big Sick" Delights and Devastates

In The Big Sick, ideas about cultural identity and family are united with a comedic style reliant on awkwardness and sarcasm, all in service of a brilliant romantic comedy plot.  1,210 more words

Film Reviews

The Re-Kazakhification of Kazakhstan, On Horseback

In the summer issue of VQR, Will Boast has a fascinating piece on kokpar, a traditional Kazakh sport in which in two teams of men on horseback “compete over a headless, freshly slaughtered goat, wrestling control back and forth in an attempt to score by flinging it into the opponent’s goal.” At the end of the game, the goat is dinner. 306 more words



Photograph: Mohamad Torokman

When your enemy

seeks to contain you,

a wall is often

the method of choice 16 more words


The Grass Is Always Greener On The Other Side...?

Yesterday, I was browsing YouTube for videos to watch whilst eating lunch and ended up watching a Japanese variety TV show hosted by famous comedians Downtown. 1,145 more words

Cultural Identity

How Lila Downs is changing the perception of indigenous women

Growing up in Mexico without an indigenous woman role model meant I didn’t see women of indigenous descent who were open about their cultural identity and be proud of it. 1,988 more words


Acquainted With The City

I have been acquainted with the city

I have walked its many streets

I have seen its pleasures and pities 71 more words