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Free Speech and the Left

As you know, John Carpay and the Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedom (JCCF) are in the forefront of fighting back against Progressivist attacks on basic human rights, including attacks on free speech. 322 more words

Pelagianism: Has KIM JONG UN of North Korea Had a Change of Heart?

COULD IT BE THAT KIM JONG UN of North Korea is playing the West? He has been all smiles and grins lately, promising the West that he will be a good boy and not test nukes. 395 more words


The Cult of Identity Politics in YA Literature

I can’t believe I have to write about this again, and I know I don’t HAVE to, strictly speaking, but I feel compelled. I apologize in advance for the insane amount of Sherlock GIFs littering this post. 2,305 more words

21st Century Young Adult Literature

Cultural Clamor - Graduating...

Sorry, this is not a devotional post… just some thoughts about our current culture…

May 14

There are three things I usually try to avoid (in no particular order)… weddings, funerals, and… graduations. 791 more words

Christian, It's Okay to Dance.

Of all performing arts, I think dance is one of the most misunderstood by Christians, considered to be totally sinful by some (perhaps more historically, but still a little bit in the present day as well). 598 more words

Cultural Issues

Podcasts: Top 10

I never thought I’d say this, but I love podcasts. In recent months and years, there seems to have been an accelerating boom of podcasts, including numerous that align with my interests — and the purposes of this blog — … 239 more words


Should Christians Read Fiction?

For the past little while, we’ve been exploring what it means to use the arts well as a Christian. I’ve argued that the arts are important for Christians to pay attention to… 699 more words

Practical Christian Living