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To All Who Have The Courage To Doubt And Ask

For great is our reward. 255 more words


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You much see Feynman's video at the top and then Victoria's text. ccr

Blogger's GPS: Pets With Whom We Live


Oliver has three guests for dinner – see story below. [1]

My Swedish correspondent, bbnewsab,  has encouraged me to relate some anecdotes about some of our furry family members. 1,065 more words

Cultural Literacy

Learning Curation Submission 2: Multi-Modal Forms of Text

My essential question is: How can the school Library Learning Commons foster literacies to empower life-long learners? This question is one of the standards of practice from… 2,363 more words

Why you're not leaving London

So you’ve decided to leave London. You’re leaving because the millionaires are being priced out by billionaires. You’re leaving because every high street is boxy, bland, and identical. 1,247 more words

Vague Attempts At Satire

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I lived in London for two years, half my life ago; four decades ago! Almost daily, I devoured elements of Western Civilization -London remains part of me every day – The Tower – The Thames – Parliament – The Old City – The British Museum (my personal temple- I touched The Rosetta Stone!) – Picadilly Circus –Hyde Park-  Speaker’s Corner –The West End- The Haymarket-Bow-bell Cockneys-Staying LEFT on the-round-abouts, fish and chips with vinegar, wrapped in newsprint, from a sidewalk vendor, etc – etc. After 45 years - I have never left London!

GPS: Journey of the Human Mind - Introduction

One of the benefits of being a senior citizen is to have an appreciation, a sense of astonishment.  A recognition of our enormous privilege of instant, retrievable, information, communication, reading and writing that we now enjoy.   826 more words

Cultural Literacy

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Revised essay for October 2, 2015

Simple and Sexy: How Four Wired Mag Categories Could Shape Learning

The other day I was struck by an article on Cultural Literacy  in one of my favourite magazines, Wired, which claimed:

“When it comes to living in the here and now, your education is incomplete” 432 more words

GPS: "The Amazing Inner Lives of Animals"


 Earlier, we introduced a discussion about animals in our lives. The entries were mostly about pets.

Here is a magnum opus on the mind of animals, I have copied it from NYT. 3,250 more words

Cultural Literacy