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The Questing Beast: Cultural Literacy

Yesterday, in heart-wrenchingly depressing fashion, it was brought to my attention that Americans are rapidly descending into a morass of cultural illiteracy. The systematic elimination of arts from public school curricula, the emphasis on preparing young people for a job rather than a life in college, all seem to be leading us to generations of uncurious individuals. 393 more words

Dragon Keeper's Handbook


As I complete my eighty-first year, I review the many gifts and rewards that I have and have had.

Among the many, I am grateful to have lived with Eileen for nearly forty years, to… 151 more words

Cultural Literacy

Today's Great Thing: Cultural Literacy and Awesomeness

I like to keep smart, inspiring company. One of the best things I have ever seen while teaching is something my friend Adam calls “Today’s Great Thing.” He begins his honors English class with a short mini-lesson that fosters greater cultural literacy. 321 more words

Never Buy Fear

I just finished another remarkable book by Mary Doria Russell: DREAMERS OF THE DAY.  It is a fictionalized history of The Cairo Conference of 1921  including the governing structures of the Middle East which were fabricated subsequent to the First World War.  504 more words

Cultural Literacy

Faking It

On her CBC radio show The Current, Anna Maria Tremonte discusses  the growing phenomena of faking our way to cultural literacy. A 2013 study based in the U.K. 186 more words


(pardon the repetitive language)
He (they) can say the word “Christian” now, if it’s associated with extremism.    But he (they)  still can’t say the other word when it comes to a movement that is expanding with beheadings,  slashings,  explosives, and vicious military, legal, and monetary warfare.    564 more words

Current Events

What does literacy buy us?


I think we need to slow down and scale back our reading for this week and next, so I am proposing that we eliminate the Selber reading and focus on Camille, Plato, Kress, and Prior on Wednesday (I have a way to tie those four readings together as well as a way to tie it all to your Changing Literacies paper. 731 more words

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