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Schemata: I'm a Lunch Grand Master

This morning I was given information in a rapid fire format, and I have to say, in all modesty, that I remembered it rather well. My wife told me what to put in our packed lunch for the day’s outing: tuna sandwiches, flapjack and some fruit. 366 more words


Empty Heads and Originality

Two hundred years ago, Lord Byron asserted that Shakespeare’s fame could not last. Why? Because the Bard apparently lacked creative genius, as his plots were all taken from elsewhere and adapted: 514 more words


Cultural Literacy: Hamlet Versus Withnail

I’m rather fond of the 1986 cult film Withnail and I. I particularly like the scene at the end when Withnail (played by Richard E Grant) stands under an umbrella in the rain, and recites these lines from Hamlet, Act 2, Scene 2: 496 more words


How The English Language Came In First

  English for the World and the Twenty-first Century

As reported in The Economist1, in order to find links between languages, the researchers created a “global language network” (GLN) three different ways (see graphic). 1,181 more words

Cultural Literacy

Questing Beast III: How did Everyone Do?

I hope everyone had a delightful holiday weekend.

And I hope everyone breezed through the performing arts leg of our cultural literacy excursion.

Below are the answers, along with a few extra bits of information and visual aids, of course. 397 more words

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Questing Beast III: The Performing Arts - Pounding the Cultural Boards

Music, theatre, movies, dance – the performing arts intersect out lives daily. We turn on the radio, catch a matinee at the local Cineplex or on TV. 170 more words

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Questing Beast II: Literary Answers....

Into April and still frosty here in the northeast. I think the weather gods are taking Mark Twain’s words too much to heart and passing the buck to their subordinates. 354 more words

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