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Blogger's GPS - Animal Supplement - 2015/09/02

Image by Tammy Preston Boyd – one of her cats -“Siri Tachi”

My college, bbnewsab, received these letters for submission on Blogger’s GPS


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Life Is Even More Inexplicable - New Findings - 2015/09/01


On August 5, 2015, I published a blog post, “Life Is Inexplicable”, reviewing contrasting views on the origin of life (Addy Proos and Richard Dawson).   930 more words

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Blogger's GPS August 31, 2015 - What Drives a Writer?


“He who would learn to fly one day must first learn to stand and walk and run and climb and dance; one cannot fly into flying.” Friedrich Nietzsche… 316 more words

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Blogger's GPS August 30, 2015 - Animal Video Supplement

My partner, bbnewsab has provided  us the following “Christmas-in-August.”

Here’s the link:

Which of our participants or readers will contribute our next content?

Please put something in the comments section. ccr

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Blogger's GPS August 30, 2015 Supplement - Oliver Sacks, M.D. Memorial


How often is the obituary of a physician published in The Arts Section of The NY TIMES? Oliver Sacks, M.D. was a giant in medicine and literature. 235 more words

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"Who Done It?"


Incredible Journey of the Human Mind – Forensics

Book Reviews:

Sadakat Kadri, The Trial (1)


Val McDermid: Forensics, (2)

Justice,(3) rightfulness or lawfulness is necessary for “ 736 more words

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Blogger's GPS - Global Positioning Symposium - August 29, 2015


Here is the August 29 invitation to potential participants: The new thread: Animals we love; observations, anecdotes, pictures or videos.
Submitted on 2015/08/29 at 11:27 am… 114 more words

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