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Brief Review: The Princeton Dictionary of Buddhism

Captivated by an intriguing Buddhism Now review published last week http://buddhismnow.com/2015/05/21/the-princeton-dictionary-of-buddhism/#more-10775 detailing the new Dictionary of Buddhism, by Robert E. Buswell, Jr., and Donald S. Lopez, Jr. 529 more words


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I like to explore horizons. Here is a nice introduction.

Making Space for Stillness


Let the waters settle and you will see the moon and the stars mirrored in your own being.–Rumi

Parents naturally recognize that a long bath settles a restless toddler, that snuggle time is a necessary oasis in a child’s day. 636 more words


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Here is a really good piece from Laura

Progressivism: A Very Short Definition

There are two key mantras of progressive dogma: naturalism and formalism.

Naturalism is the idea that education happens naturally, like the growth of a plant, and teachers need to stand back and let it unfurl. 196 more words


To sleep, perchance to dream...

This little post is not a product of science or the proceedings of a medical symposium.. Please do not embarrass me  by taking it, along with your other internet jewels, to assist your physician with his CME. 541 more words

Cultural Literacy

The Joy of Aging

I’m not sure when it happened, but I have come to realize:

a) I’m not going to live forever

b) Getting older is okay, despite the obvious changes and challenges… 744 more words

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Good morning, here is a serving of wisdom to supplement your morning coffee. I lifted it bodily from Sonnische. car

On Curricular Clarity

Just as my morning train arrives in London, another one is usually departing. As I stride towards the ticket barrier, I am treated to the sight of people rushing to get on before the doors are locked. 511 more words

Education Policy

Book Review: Memoirs of a Geisha

Truth, distilled in the image of a flower. This art is the product of Urscia Mahring and generously provided by the artist.

The challenge of a Geisha, like all artIsts, is to… 1,123 more words

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