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Cultural Literacy: Adam and Eve

The Fall of Man by Peter Paul Reubens

My definition – according to the Hebrew scriptures, the first two humans.  They lived in the Garden of Eden, until they were forced to leave because they ate the forbidden fruit. 128 more words

Cultural Literacy

Cultural Literacy: adagio

My definition – this is a music term; I think it means slowly or quietly

Real definition – from Merriam-Webster, “at a slow tempo —used chiefly as a direction in music”

Cultural Literacy

Cultural Literacy: ad absurdum

My definition – my guess is that this Latin phrase mean something like “to absurd lengths”

Real definition – From dictionary.com, “An argument whereby one seeks to prove one’s position by pointing out the absurdity or foolishness of an opponent’s position. 19 more words

Cultural Literacy

Cultural Literacy: A.D.

My definition – short for anno domini, which is Latin for “in the year of our Lord.”  It marks the year when Jesus Christ was born as year 0, and all years are calculated with their distance from there.   123 more words

Cultural Literacy

Cultural Literacy: Acupuncture

My definition – an ancient Chinese therapy that involves tapping long, thin pins into specific points in the body that align with Chi.  There is a variation called acupressure, that does not use needles,  but rather pressure on those points.   55 more words

Cultural Literacy

Cultural Literacy: Act of God

My definition – an event with no human cause; a natural disaster like a flood or tornado

Real definition – from dictionary.com, “An event beyond human control — e.g., hurricane, earthquake, volcanic eruption (see volcano), etc. 18 more words

Cultural Literacy

Cultural Literacy: Actions speak louder than words

My definition – what one does is more important that what one says.  It is easy to hide behind words, but actions show one’s true character… 36 more words

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