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The Price of Knowledge

One of the greatest beauties of knowledge is that it can be shared without division. I can know something and I can pass that knowledge on to someone else, without any reduction in what I possess. 287 more words


What is American Culture? Whose America?

A few interesting things I noticed today while discussing American culture in both ENG 131 and ALP:

Humor is a good ice breaker. It’s easy to laugh at stores that put holiday merchandise out months before the actual holiday takes place, and that points to consumerism and the Christian religion (as these holidays are often Christian) as two values of American culture.  790 more words

Learning to Love Literature

In Seven Myths, Daisy Christodoulou rightly identifies the philosophy underlying progressivism as postmodernism, because of its rejection of truth, which then leads to a refusal to pass on definite knowledge, seeing in this merely the imposition of one person’s beliefs upon another. 1,132 more words


Academic Knowledge

Academic knowledge is a mysterious and an ominous thing. We are told that young children are not ready for it, that some children will never cope with it, that ordinary folk have no use for it, that only elitists care about it. 301 more words


Substandard Poetry in Exam Anthologies

I’ve been working on finalising my resources for teaching GCSE over the summer, and it has caused me to reflect on some of the material I am required to teach. 532 more words


“Harris the hero” by Lynne Rickards and Gabby Grant

Do you love Puffins? We do! Puffins can be found all over the Northwest and Finja is always excited to discover this wonderful birds during our visits at the Washington and Oregon coast. 250 more words

Books For Preschool Kids

„Lessons for the wolf“ by Rachel and Sean Qitsualik-Tinsley

What do you admire, which characteristics don’t you like at all, who do you want to be when you are grown up? Growing up means not only finding yourself, but also creating yourself to a certain degree. 435 more words

Books For Preschool Kids