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„Beauregard in a box“ by Jessica Lee Hutchings

Beauregard is a curious kid. His biggest dream: Travelling the world! Reading, drawing, writing and thinking about his big aspiration even keeps him up at night. 471 more words

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Cultural Literacy: Lady Godiva

It’s Wednesday morning, and we here in New York City are on the downhill slope to the spring break. As the weather slowly warms, this seems like a good day to post  92 more words


„Every girl is a princess“ by Mylo Freeman

Every girl dreams of being a princess at least once. But how does a princess look like? Which color does her hair have, is she small or big? 352 more words

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Cultural Literacy: Sally Heming

If we are going to face the truth about our national past, then perhaps perhaps this Cultural Literacy worksheet on Sally Hemings will be of some use in your classroom. 40 more words


There is No Need to Hide

Eagle Rock, a small town squished between the two prospering cities of Glendale and Pasadena, is a tight knit community of neighbors. Growing up here meant the possibility of meeting your high school sweethearts in preschool or lifelong companionship since elementary school. 614 more words

Cultural Literacy: Josephine Baker

Here is a Cultural Literacy worksheet on Josephine Baker who was, by any standard to which I can comfortably stipulate, a great American who lived most of her life,  52 more words