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Cultural Literacy: Meter

Here is a Cultural Literacy worksheet on poetic meter that might be useful if you’re teaching students poetry.

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Introducing Cross-Cultural Literacy

Before my sixteen-year-old was born we began building his library. Among the board books and chapter books we eagerly collected, anticipating the day we could read them together, were atlases and cultural studies for young people. 794 more words

A New Space Race?

We now have Trump’s latest disgrace:

He wants to put weapons in space;

Despite global accord

That he’s blithely ignored,

He’ll start a new arms race apace.

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Cultural Literacy: F. Scott Fitzgerald

Here is a Cultural Literacy worksheet on F. Scott Fitzgerald.

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Adult 640 #8: Project: Avoiding the Kudzu...

We have all heard the saying about not being able to see the forest for the trees.  After much thought and consideration, what I initially proposed for my project is a task that I will complete outside of this course. 819 more words

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Cultural Literacy: Sweatshop

Today is June 18, 2018. On this date in 1812, the United States declared war on Great Britain, thus initiating the War of 1812. Three years later, the British Generals Wellington and Blucher decisively defeated French forces under the command of Napoleon Bonaparte at  70 more words


Cultural Literacy: War Crimes

It seems to me that if you’re teaching any sort of global studies or world history course that includes the twentieth century in its chronology, this  53 more words