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Prisoners and Mental Illness in Prisons, 1850–2000

Catherine Cox and Hilary Marland

Since the inception of the ‘modern’ prison system in the mid-nineteenth century to the current day, the relationship between mental illness and the prison has been hotly debated, in terms of why so many prisons came to contain large numbers of mentally ill people, as well as their tendency as institutions to produce or exacerbate mental disease. 216 more words


One More Time: MMR Vaccine and Autism

“The wall which divides the knowledgeable  from the uninformed has been constructed by those on the outside and the building blocks of this wall are opinions! 890 more words

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First Woman President, Edith Wilson 1919


Edith Wison, First Lady and ~High Blood Pressure and Stroke Incapacitates President Woodrow Wilson

This post is the third of a series building to my… 1,904 more words

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Walls Built of Opinions


Historically, walls have been constructed by those inside to prevent outsiders from getting inside the walls.

In the case of knowledge and the pursuit of truth, it is the reverse. 316 more words

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Mary Doria Russell recommends DESTINY OF THE REPUBLIC

VIEWING ALERT: SEE PBS: “Murder of a President” on American Experience PBS: “Murder of a President” on American Experience. January 31, 2016

Mary Doria Russell: “ 393 more words

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American Medical Care 1881 ~Death of the President


Primum non nocere

In The USA, the  medical and surgical  care provided to a sitting president is the very best available. [2] My overall purpose in a series of posts is to illustrate and report on changes in American Medical care in the past 150 years (the last three percent of recorded history) I am anchoring the several posts  required, with the carefully documented status of the care delivered to President Garfield. 1,852 more words

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Another Poem by Guest Host: Jennifer



Guest Host: Jennifer Calvert

A Poem in Four Parts

Drip, Part 1
Wild honey,
Drip, down her candid heart,
Fainting, the sight of blood, 495 more words

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