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The ambiguous commons and human culture

In a post some months ago, I introduced the idea of an “ambiguous commons,” a region of shared public meaning that is both central to any and all cultures and… 558 more words

Cultural Norms


“Antiracism” is part of a PC phalanx of ideas that permit no dissent and thus are effectively totalitarian. Besides being stupid and wrong totalitarianism and political correctness are… 145 more words

Cultural Norms

Pamela Geller on Garland shooting and free speech

Holy warriors and Jewish Jihad: Diaspora Jews in the IDF

The video and the article linked below it provide two angles on religious war. Buddhists have fought wars, but generally the wars have not been fought… 82 more words

Cultural Norms

Get out of your comfort zone, Bitch

Dear Reader,

they say that your last few years of school are the worst of your life. They also say that about adulthood. And retirement. “They” seem to have a lot to say but it’s hard to try and find out the real truth until you experience it for yourself. 893 more words


The sarcasm is on point in this video and, sadly, so is the reality of it.

Cognitive and Behavioral Challenges in Responding to Climate Change

by Sam Peterson

A serious increase in the rate of climate change began almost two centuries ago with the inception of fossil fuel combustion, and global warming became a focal point in media coverage more than twenty years ago, yet no industrialized or developing nation has sufficiently reduced greenhouse gas emissions (GHG), or adequately educated its populace to the dangers of rapidly fluctuating global temperatures. 849 more words

Climate Change