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Ethnicity, spying, China and everywhere else

Moral universalism which currently governs a great deal of American social and political thinking is wrong.

Moral universalism is the meta-ethical position that some system of ethics, or a universal ethic, applies universally, that is, for “all similarly situated individuals,” regardless of culture, race, sex, religion, nationality, sexual orientation, or any other distinguishing feature.

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Cultural Norms


Globalism is depicted quite well in this cartoon.

Globalism appeals to a universalist ideology that sounds good but isn’t because it leads inevitably to the destruction of nations and the cultures that are manifested through them. 48 more words

Cultural Norms

Life without labels.

Many people will know of LGBTQ+, and may or may not support it. As an active supporter (and member) I am often drawn towards articles, videos and spoken word centred around this subject. 448 more words



this week’s first phrase

I held the glass before my eyes……

my second phrase attempt

possibly the only remnant of her controversial and last sculpture. 6 more words

My Prose

Culture and psychology, a way out

That each human is unique is common knowledge.

That the uniqueness of each human scales down to even their smallest reactions to words, pictures, signs, symbols is also well-known. 598 more words

Cultural Norms

The Alt Right Is Right

…Because of the dominance of the Left and its obsession with “White racism,” Cuckservatism in all its forms tries to fly under the radar of Political Correctness by aggressively signaling its moral abhorrence of “racism.” This makes Cuckservatives respectable upholders of the status quo—and “

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Cultural Norms

The Perfect Misfit

One of those night when I hit a cord, light bulb . . . brain tingling, that sort of thing. I hope you enjoy this piece. 893 more words