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How Different?

How different are we from our main societies;
Cultural expectations,
Accepted norms?

How different is light from darkness?

“Thus your light will shine before the children of men that they may see your good works, and may glorify your Father who is in Heaven.” 6 more words


Rude or Not Rude?

Let’s talk about cultural norms.

By definition, cultural norms are behavior patterns that are “typical” of certain groups. These behaviors are learned from parents, peers, teachers, community members, and other influential people whose values, attitudes, beliefs, and behaviors take place in the context of a shared organizational environment. 296 more words


Pregnancy: Your Body Becomes Public Domain

To say my pregnancy was rough is an understatement. I was so sick I lost 10 pounds in the first trimester and didn’t really begin to gain weight until well into the second trimester. 600 more words

Beauty Ideals

On "Pretty"

For as long as I can recall, I’ve known the phrase “secure in his masculinity.” (i.e. “A man has to be pretty secure in his masculinity to wear a dress… be a stay-at-home dad… let his wife bring home the bacon… kiss another man… etc.) But I can’t say I’ve ever heard the phrase “secure in her femininity,” which prompted me to wonder wherefrom we surmise masculinity and femininity are derived. 896 more words


The great Korean bat flip mystery

MLB’s code is clear: Flip your bat and you’ll pay. But in South Korea, flips are an art. How does this alternate world exist? And what does it say about us?

157 more words

Getting Japanese Citizenship

“To become a Japanese citizen, a foreigner must display ‘good conduct’, among other things. The rules do not specify what that means, and make no mention of living… 144 more words