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Prompt: The Roles We Play

Living up to roles, the things I’m “supposed” to be. Some are not welcome, some have been around so long, they are a part of us. 70 more words


Entomophagy: Bugs in the system

IT WOULD once have been scandalous to suggest the merits of eating insects; these days, it has become old hat. Western-educated entrepreneurs will sell you protein bars made from cricket flour.

138 more words

Thinking outside the man box

“I’d love to see a pretty bird behind the counter, now that would make me shop there”

Concealing a groan and a roll of the eyes is a skill all quallies will have mastered during their formative fieldwork experiences. 423 more words


Finding meaning in global commerce

If you can’t remember the last time you had an interesting conversation, go find Derek J. Sine. If he’s not in your neck of the woods right now, chances are, he will be soon. 770 more words

Cultural Excellence