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Asperger's and marriage / relationships ~ Part 1: my general point of view

Before I get too far into this, I’m going to say something very blunt and possibly shocking to some.  In fact, it might piss some people off.  1,354 more words

On Immaturity (from one Aspie's point of view) ~ Part 1

I have some confessions to make (don’t worry, it’s nothing traumatic)…

…..I still like to play Nintendo.

…..I would build cities and machines with Legos if I still had mine (they “disappeared” when I went off to college). 925 more words

American Pravda: The Legacy of Sydney Schanberg

I doubt if one Americans in twenty is aware that over forty years ago, his government deliberately abandoned hundreds of POWs in Vietnam, and then spent four decades desperately covering up that enormous crime, with the media being a willing co-conspirator.

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Cultural Norms

standing in line - a nerd's analysis and international relations

A buddy of mine is visiting the Happiest Place on Earth at the moment. On FB, he mentioned that there at Disneyworld there were some parents pushing their way forward in line, and how it was mostly people from other countries.  1,327 more words


Medical marijuana use linked to lower prescription drug use

…For pain, the annual number of daily doses prescribed per physician fell by more than 11 per cent. “The results show that marijuana might be beneficial with diverting people away from opioids,” Bradford said.

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Cultural Norms


On what I thought it meant to be Australian:

When we’re growing up, we’re fed these ideals that we should follow, believe and aspire to be. 1,666 more words


The illusion of culture

Cultures have illusory “grammars” that outline what can and cannot be said.

Culture wars, essentially, are battles over what can and cannot be said, done, signaled, thought, believed, valued, etc. 256 more words

Cultural Norms