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In Vino Veritas

Most of my friends know that I have an ongoing love affair with twitter and local brands. This week, I saw a tweet that promoted something called the South African Wine tasting chapionships. 460 more words


Today’s public negotiation over the “meaning” of the Confederate flag is a good example of how the ambiguous commons works in public life.

Obama weighing in with his single definition of the flag (it’s “racist”) illustrates how power influences how definitions are made on the ambiguous commons. 369 more words

Cultural Norms

Idolized Cultural Norms and It's Traps

As a woman who is a natural workaholic, I can safely say that I have a tendency to overwork myself. I grew up subconsciously thinking being a workaholic was healthy. 1,100 more words


248 Days Later

Here I sit, eight months after my original post.  248 days.  40 days past 208.  Here I sit.  Fatter than ever.  Yes, 40 days ago, I was supposed to weigh 175 lbs.   959 more words

Dating And Everything Else

So, (ever notice how many posts I start with “so”? I start a lot of poems like that too. Odd. Anyway.) I kinda want to do a post specifically about dating. 847 more words


5 things we could do without

You know, we all have ‘ways of doing stuff’. When practiced by society as a whole, these little quirks and habits become cultural norms which define who we are. 924 more words

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