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I'm a girl in a world in which my only job it to...

I’ve spent the last month or so in an on-and- off-again conversation with my therapist about cultural norms and expectations for how women look and how that’s affected me in my daily functioning. 1,933 more words


anecdotes of gender bias amongst athletes

  1. Mid-late 2014 – I am the captain of an amateur floorball team. There are two captains – Sam* coaches the guys, and I coach the girls.
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anecdotes of gendered power dynamics in male/female social situations

1. 2006-2008 – a popular gay guy tries very hard to win my friendship, because he’s read my blog and he knows that I have pro-LGBT views. 877 more words

anecdotes of female sexual fluidity

Sexual fluidity is when an individual experiences one, or more, involuntary shifts in sexual orientation. Professor Lisa M. Diamond popularised the concept of female sexual fluidity in 2008 when she discovered, through her study of one hundred women over ten years, that many women experienced fluid attractions to both men and women as they moved through life stages, social groups, and romantic relationships. 254 more words

Why Eating Chinese Food on Christmas Is a Sacred Tradition for American Jews

“ will not go to Mile End on Christmas because happened to feel like fried rice; they will go to proudly proclaim their Jewish-American identity. They may or may not enjoy General Tso’s Chicken, but if they are eating it on Christmas, their prime motivation is not the general’s sweet, spicy deliciousness, but rather the knowledge that they are doing something that in some adapted way reinforces their Jewishness.” 16 more words


Who pays on a date?

16th Dec, Friday
– me and my cousins gather at Brewerkz for a round of drinks after the wedding is over. The gossip eventually lands on me, and for a few moments my cousins are enthusiastically telling me how they didn’t like my ex-boyfriend. 178 more words

New Data from State Prescription Monitoring Program

North Carolina’s Health and Human Services published a most interesting data set recently: http://www.ncdhhs.gov/divisions/mhddsas/ncdcu/Prescription-Rates-by-County

This interactive map shows information, by county, of the prescribing rates for opioids, benzodiazepines, and stimulants for the years 2012 through 2015. 908 more words

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