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Slow Down, Breathe, and Plant a Garden

A cultural observation has led to an interesting hypothesis. I mentioned that spring had sprung here in Germany and within the first week of better weather, people are in their gardens: cleaning, shaping, trimming, pruning, and preparing. 715 more words


Of monks and monasteries...

In the last post, I mentioned I would elaborate on the monastery and its inhabitants. The mission of the Namo Buddha monastery is to educate young monks grades 1 through 9 (another sister monastery handles the higher grades). 567 more words


A female ninja disguised as a man in a boiler suit

Last Sunday a Japanese friend invited us to a ‘Ninja parade’ organized by the local Council. Our 7-year old son goes to his school’s Aikido club and loves Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, so the invitation was accepted faster than you can say ‘Shredder’. 806 more words

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The Japanese art of seduction

Today is an important day for many single Japanese ladies – in particular, if a month ago, on Valentine’s Day, a Japanese lady gave specific chocolates to a male acquaintance. 841 more words

Cultural Observations

I Have Confidence in Sunshine...

I was reminded today of a conversation I had with our exchange student almost a year ago after he had seen The Sound of Music… 514 more words

Cultural Observations

Girls' day

The Japanese seem to love their celebrations, especially for children. A couple of months ago we, alongside the rest of Japan, celebrated Shichi-go-san, during which the Japanese wish for longevity for their children. 1,072 more words

Expat Life

Happy End[ing]

One of the main phrases I always had to correct my students on was the phrase “happy ending”. In German, they still use the English words…but made it their own by dropping the -ing ending. 22 more words

Cultural Observations