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Mental snack in stacks

Even in this computer age where I am always within a few steps of my laptop I am a sucker for books. Maybe it’s the feel of the rough pages between my fingers, or the smell of ink, but becoming hooked on reading before the electronic age runs deep in the river of my soul. 52 more words

Cultural Observations

Criminals, Suspected or Convicted, Are Humans Made in the Image of God Too.

As a newspaper reporter, I get to see all sorts of things cross my desk, all sorts of news stories and photos and police reports. 1,154 more words

The Bible

The most pedantic nation

I feel I need to write a few words about Japanese people’s obsession with doing things perfectly and constantly aiming to achieve the most functional and aesthetically pleasing end result. 1,277 more words

Cultural Observations

(Yo)Lo and Behold, nothing happened!

“I don’t wanna plan this, I’ll just be spontaneous.”

“I love it when things are impromptu”


One of my effortless pastimes these days is to mull over the idiosyncrasies of the… 540 more words

Cultural Observations

The Stories We Tell (Book Review)

People love stories.  Radio shows and podcasts that feature original storytelling remain popular year after year.  The industries of television and movies have tremendously evolved over decades.  1,043 more words

Book Review

This United Airlines pilot will convince you: The truth is out there

Not everything that Dr. Steven Greer and friends upload to their Sirius Disclosure YouTube channel is convincing. Like some of the CE-5 (close encounters of the 5th kind) footage in his… 418 more words


Tim Allen Dreams

Apparently, one man’s yardwork is another man’s dream. Since someone backed through my back fence a couple of days ago I had to make a trip to Lowe’s this morning in order to purchase new fence posts and a couple 60 pound bags of cement. 111 more words

Cultural Observations