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A Letter to My Daughter

I’m sorry, daughter. This world you have just joined recently is upside-down.

But then, it has always been upside-down.

We are still a lost people.  People who claim to be one thing but are entirely another. 395 more words

Cultural Observations

No excuses

I’ve lived in Japan for nearly three years now and I’m still in awe about their fantastic train service. For someone who lived in England for 14 years, the Japanese trains are bloody amazing! 1,113 more words

Cultural Observations

Hillbilly Elegy (Book Review)

It’s eluding my memory at this point.  Perhaps it was while reading an online essay at The American Conservative when I first heard of J.D. Vance… 1,848 more words

Book Review

A few tips to help you make friends in Japan

Japanese people are a little bit like the Finns, i.e. relatively introverted and shy, and even though they might want to have a chat with you they are as eager to open a conversation with a foreigner as a squirrel is to cuddle a boa constrictor. 1,340 more words

Expat Life

Coupon Surprise

I was at our small town Christmas Parade this past Friday when one of the young men in costume came by handing out what appeared to be $50 dollar bills (pictured). 102 more words

Cultural Observations

Pet Peeve Number 3

Co-workers who bring crummy snacks: nothing turns a stomach like arriving to work only to find some amorphous blob pushing the definition of food sitting on the counter. 50 more words

Cultural Observations

Disempowered among us

Many of us were shocked by the results of the 2016 Presidential election this November, but no one in the ranks of the working poor even blinked an eye. 220 more words

Cultural Observations