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The Stories We Tell (Book Review)

People love stories.  Radio shows and podcasts that feature original storytelling remain popular year after year.  The industries of television and movies have tremendously evolved over decades.  1,043 more words

Book Review

This United Airlines pilot will convince you: The truth is out there

Not everything that Dr. Steven Greer and friends upload to their Sirius Disclosure YouTube channel is convincing. Like some of the CE-5 (close encounters of the 5th kind) footage in his… 396 more words

Cultural Observations

Tim Allen Dreams

Apparently, one man’s yardwork is another man’s dream. Since someone backed through my back fence a couple of days ago I had to make a trip to Lowe’s this morning in order to purchase new fence posts and a couple 60 pound bags of cement. 111 more words

Cultural Observations

Lyin' about bias

During today’s writing session, as the norm, Fox news was blaring in the background on a big screen as local conservatives stared open-mouthed sipping their black coffees. 112 more words

Cultural Observations

So, when are you planning to settle down?

A few weeks ago, social media went ballistic when Rajdeep Sardesai, while interviewing Sania Mirza on the eve of the release of her autobiography, asked her about her plans to “have babies and settle down”. 492 more words

Cultural Observations

Wedding homey invades City Brew

As I’ve mentioned on many occasions I love to write at my local coffee shop. Sometimes I’ll  work on realistic dialogue by listening in on whatever group is sitting next to me, then type everything I hear into my laptop.  120 more words

Cultural Observations

Pokeman No

So I’m in our local park last Tuesday when I notice every single person I encounter in every corner of the park is holding up their phone wide-mouthed and zombie-like staring at their screen. 174 more words

Cultural Observations