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Disempowered among us

Many of us were shocked by the results of the 2016 Presidential election this November, but no one in the ranks of the working poor even blinked an eye. 220 more words

Cultural Observations

¿Qué Pasó ayer en los Estados Unidos?

Les ofrezco a mis amigos latinos mi perspectiva acerca de lo que pasó en las elecciones de ayer. Entiendo a los que esta mañana lamentan que en las elecciones presidenciales de los Estados Unidos ganaron la ignorancia, el odio, el bullying, la xenofobia, la misoginia, la homofobia, etc. 1,062 more words

Cultural Observations

Ledger Art Expresses Native Culture

Every once in a while in life you get the opportunity to do something unexpected. For me that happened last evening when I attended a seminar led by Native American artist John Pepion teaching us his brand of traditional Native ledger art. 99 more words

Cultural Observations

Can the Religious Right Be Saved?

Word is quickly spreading that Russell Moore just “killed it” last week when he presented the 29th annual Erasmus Lecture, sponsored by First Things… 166 more words

Cultural Observations

Japanese cat deterrent

It seems to be pretty universal that people (in particular parents of young children) are not too happy about neighbourhood cats using their garden as the toilet (I’m sure most people wouldn’t be happy about the neighbourhood dogs using their garden as the toilet either). 298 more words

Expat Life

A fond adios to Colombia...

After our adventurous trek to the Lost City, we focused purely on resting our sore muscles, tending to bug bites, cleaning ourselves and our clothes (I chucked the awful “trail” shoes that were making my hiking life so miserable), and just drying out. 590 more words

Cultural Observations

Mental snack in stacks

Even in this computer age where I am always within a few steps of my laptop I am a sucker for books. Maybe it’s the feel of the rough pages between my fingers, or the smell of ink, but becoming hooked on reading before the electronic age runs deep in the river of my soul. 52 more words

Cultural Observations