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Girls' day

The Japanese seem to love their celebrations, especially for children. A couple of months ago we, alongside the rest of Japan, celebrated Shichi-go-san, during which the Japanese wish for longevity for their children. 1,072 more words

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Happy End[ing]

One of the main phrases I always had to correct my students on was the phrase “happy ending”. In German, they still use the English words…but made it their own by dropping the -ing ending. 22 more words

Cultural Observations

The Next Story (Book Review)

“Luddite.  Broadly, one who is opposed to especially technological change.”  According to Merriam-Webster, this is not me.  But my kids, their friends, and even some of their parents think I am.  1,141 more words

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11 examples of 'English' you might find in Japan

The standard of English-language in Japan is generally extremely poor (like most people from the North of England that I know). Most people do not speak English at all and those who do speak English and are brave enough to try to use it in communicative contexts often make many errors. 509 more words

Cultural Observations

Wedding cupcakes

I just realized that I never shared this part of our wedding on the blog. Looking back on these photos got me thinking a little bit about how this wedding cake (and cupcakes) represented an interesting cultural difference between Americans and Germans. 523 more words

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The big kite flying event


I frequently have unexpected ‘Hold on! What? We live in Osaka?!’-moments, i.e. sudden realizations that we live in a new place. And I’m sure most expats new to their country occasionally feel like that. 1,148 more words

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I was a demon

Day before yesterday, 3rd Feb, Japan celebrated Setsubun – the ‘start of the spring’-festival. That is, yesterday was supposedly the first day of spring. It’s +3 degrees outside (8am), so it doesn’t exactly feel like spring. 1,743 more words

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