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Final Impressions

Well this is it. Our final blog from Jiaxing, Zhejiang, China. (Ed. Note: Not necessarily to be interpreted/confused as the final blog posting.)  I debated a long time about what to call this – The Final Chapter, #342 In The List, The Last Hurrah, The Last Good-bye/Blog/Picture Show,   2,136 more words

Jiaxing Living

The promised land of vending machines

If your image of Japan is a country with vending machines everywhere, you have got it spot on. It is practically impossible to walk more than 50m in a Japanese city and not walk past a vending machine. 755 more words

Expat Life

Is that a car or a toaster?

We don’t have a car in Japan. We live in the centre of Osaka, which means that the furthest we need to walk to reach essential places like the closest Korean BBQ, Western wine shop, or Pablo’s bakery is about 300 m. 721 more words

Cultural Observations

iPhone cameras for perverts

For about a year now I have been sumo wrestling with my Japanese iPhone, namely with its camera function. The problem is that I haven’t managed to mute the clicking (shutter) sound that the phone makes when I’m taking a photo. 636 more words

Expat Life

Japanese women’s anti-aging tips

Pretty much every Westerner that comes to Japan notices that Japanese women look amazingly young for their age. Most 50-something year old Japanese ladies look like they are in their 30s, and 30-year olds practically look like high school students. 1,391 more words

Cultural Observations


Fühle mich manchmal genauso wie in dem Artikel beschrieben. Ich war nur öfter schon verliebt, leider nur einmal glücklich und das auch nicht für lange. 16 more words

Cultural Observations

I An bhfuil Tar, Been buailte Chun Mo Glúine agus Tite i Grá - Ah Ireland*

(Ed. note: I started this post on Sunday while cruising on the River Shannon. After 31 hours of wakefulness from Monday morning to Tuesday night, 10 hours of sleep and a visit to the office, I will continue from our soon to be vacated home in Jiaxing.) 1,420 more words