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Bringing Up The Bodies, Part Two: Perception of Perfection

I find when I’m reading an article online, I start reading something vaguely intellectual or, at the very least, ‘thought-provoking’, but often find myself sadly seduced by the vacuous ‘around the web’ links frequenting t’internet these days. 2,307 more words


On Taxis, Trains, Buses and Planes

(Ed. note cum Side note: Since I have now officially taken over the writing of this blog, it is no longer appropriate for the asides to be known as Ed. 2,247 more words

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Odd Russian habits

The Russians have some odd habits. No doubt the Brits have got some strange habits too but that’s not something I would notice! Anyway, I’m living here in Russia and I’m writing about Russia, so here are four different Russian habits which I came across pretty much every day… 796 more words


Old Soul

I was driving home yesterday when I noticed the license plate in front of me said “Old Soul”. I recognized the term from cultural conversations I have from time-to-time with friends, so I was curious to see about finding an actually definition on-line later that evening. 127 more words

Cultural Observations

What the Russians think of us: stereotypes about the British

Hopefully my posts have given you some impression of what Russian people are like. Now for what the Russians think of us, the British. Well, at least the stereotypes they have about us. 608 more words



In light of the horrific weekend in Paris and Beirut, here are some interesting statistics and some articles on terrorism.

Children dying from hunger/poor nutrition/water-related issues: on average 1 child dies every 10 seconds, all day, everyday or 3,000,000 per year… 228 more words

Cultural Observations

Moving to Kotzebue

No, I’m not moving back to Kotzebue, but there are tons of people who find my blog through Google searches on Kotzebue.  So…I thought I would do a summary post of what you need to know about moving to the Arctic. 686 more words