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How (Not) To Be Secular (Book Review)

My wife and I used to frequent the local Barnes and Noble bookstore on our dates out on the town.  Instead of dinner and a movie, for a while it was dinner and a book.  2,151 more words

Book Review

Doubtful as to nuclear preparedness

So I get a call from an LA friend last night who wants to talk about the inevitability of nuclear war based on news stories this week concerning troubles with Syria, Russia, and North Korea. 199 more words

Cultural Observations

How to almost guarantee I won’t read the article you just posted

In a recent Facebook post, Eerdmans Publishing, re-posted this headline:

“This woman preacher is schooling the Christian boys club on the crucifixion”

It was in reference to an article highlighting one of their author’s recent work.

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April Fool’s on Easter? Providential

Easter on April Fool’s Day – not an unfortunate occurrence:

It reminds me that we are, fools (1 Cor. 4:10) for:

  • believing a previously-dead man, is our risen Savior, and that through his blood we are reconciled to God, through faith (received by grace), and…
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Be more cat, more like.

Opposite me on the tram yesterday were two German boys, my guess would be around 9 or 10 years old, maybe younger. I was struck by their ease and settledness with each other. 135 more words

There's a difference, after all: one analyst embraces her identity and opportunity opens up

Interesting: this female NBA broadcaster kept trying to make it as an analyst but kept getting relegated to lower tier positions. Once she embraced her female identity, things opened up for her. 131 more words

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“...from protest to...good work.”

A poignant question from Wendell Berry, in his The Art of Loading Brush:

“The great question now…is how to get from protest, or fear or anger or guilt, to the actual accomplishment of good work.

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