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The current state of my mind

These are interesting times… Without a sense of history (and Steven Pinker’s books) I would probably already have become a jaded pessimist like many others. It does help to remember that things were even worse in the olden days – in order of annoyance factor: 398 more words


Labor Day was a counter-revolutionary exercise in its very foundation during the administration of Grover Cleveland. See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Labor_Day. Revolutionary socialism was the last thing that the AFL or the less well-known and long defunct Knights of Labor desired. 1,183 more words


Amerika fatigue - a small dose of Cultural Pessimism

Today was one of these days that made me feel out of place here in the US, hearing my colleagues (all physicians undergoing subspecialty training at a major NYC hospital) go on and on for a half hour about various TV shows. 753 more words

Great War, Great Pessimism.

Welcome to another post on philosophical audio collections and lectures. Today we hit on a lecture that talks about one of the biggest changes in European thought, culture and civilisation. 594 more words


Plus c'a change, plus c'e la meme chose

Liberty junkies everywhere ought to be celebrating the fact that the Roman Catholic Church here in the US is sticking it to the GodKing and his fawning sycophant, Kathleen Sebelius, in suing over the HHS mandate.   137 more words

Cultural Pessimism

Honestly, I could just beat my head against a wall till the brains start flying out.

Facebook is such a. . .place.  Some wonderful stuff happens, and some dreadful stuff.  But what is at once delightful and utterly maddening are the peeks one gets into the minds of others, and the stunning lack of thought and insight that often may be found there. 500 more words

Cultural Pessimism