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¡Mexico! - Part 1

Way down here, you need a reason to move. Feel a fool running your stateside games.
Lose your load, leave your mind behind, Baby James.

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“I shouldn’t care what he thinks,” I tell myself …. But I do care. 966 more words

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Big-Endians vs. Little-Endians¹

In an article today, syndicated commentator, talk show host, speaker and author Dennis Prager² noted a trending cultural phenomenon across university campuses in the United States of America. 1,027 more words

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Up to the Bradshaws

Friday last, we left the Tonto National Forest of cacti – Saguaro, barrel, hedgehog and cholla varieties, mesquite, wildflowers and all those creatures that inhabit their cover – coyotes, owls, White-crowned Sparrows, Curve-billed Thrashers, Cactus Wrens, Gila Monsters, finches, lizards and a variety of rattlesnakes – and turned north on I-17 to join the urban escapees headed for the mountains. 731 more words

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Just a thought

If you want to do what you like –– learn to like what you do.

Jos haluat tehdä sitä mistä pidät –– opettele pitämään siitä mitä teet.

Cultural Phenomena

Because We Care

I lost my teeth, I lost my hair, I lost my mind, but you don’t care. ~ James Taylor, Valentine’s Day

Or do we?  I keep looking for those progressives who claim to place faith in science, yet who almost never show up when scientific facts slap them in the face.

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