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I wrote a book

It is remiss of me not to mention it here, but last month I published a book. Available now from various Australian bookstores, my first monograph is entitled… 585 more words

Cultural Policy

Whatever happened to media literacy?

Media literacy policy seems to have become one of the living dead. It is still contained in statute, but no longer displays any discernible signs of life. 1,238 more words

Media Literacy

Politically Pants

It’s been a tumultuous year, a tumultuous 18 months really, following a disastrous General Election in 2015, and subsequently a government that has barely been worthy of the name. 1,329 more words

Art & Creative Industries

A grad student on the eve of printing her thesis

Hello everyone.

Long time, no anything. I know! But good news…

This morning I saved “Thesis Final.pdf”- Something I’ve been waiting to do for months! 603 more words


Art and influence: On The Edge at the ENCATC policy debate

On The Edge’s Jon Price has been invited by the European network ENCATC to give a keynote address to its upcoming 6th Annual Policy Debate… 250 more words


Culture 2025 - I wouldn't start from here at all!

What should an effective Cultural Policy look like?

It would accept and work with the UNESCO definition of Culture (as the new Dublin City Cultural Policy does for example) 1,124 more words

Art and Politics - Aesthetics, Activism and the City Symposium revisited.

I’ve been talking to people in Utrecht about some of the issues that came up during the Symposium last Friday. I did more or less guess that some of what was talked about had particular relevance in Holland that I as a foreigner wouldn’t know about. 578 more words

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