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Devils Tower (1962), by Kennie Fuller

I recently moved this picture to a place where I see it each morning, upon awakening, and each night before going to sleep.

My Dad gave it to me when I was 8 years old, and except for a few years in my young adulthood, I’ve had it with me ever since. 378 more words

Cultural Policy

An examination of interactivity and participation in Street Arts in relation to current strategies of public Arts funding

James Macpherson (Edgehill University)

This paper aims to give a critically and professionally informed view of the place of participatory practices in street arts within public funding ecologies in the UK. 218 more words


A Book That Shaped My Life

In 1978, I met David Ramage of the New World Foundation, who became my mentor for the next five years, as I stepped into my role as a consultant and national organizer for cultural democracy. 991 more words

Cultural Participation

Tbilisi, first impression

I am visiting Tbilisi, Georgia this week at the invitation of Creative Initiatives, a new organization “dedicated to leading the process of commercialization in Georgia’s creative industries by merging the rich cultural traditions of the region with viable international business practices.” I will be leading a… 74 more words

(Cultural) politics

The French linguist, dialectologist and lexicologist Jules Gilliéron is reputed to have said, “chaque mot a son histoire,” each word has its own history.  Books are like words, as they too, follow the vicissitudes of history, politics, publishers’ guidelines, editorial recommendations, translator’s preferences, their owners’ quirks and habits. 540 more words

An Act of Collective Imagination

The U.S. Department of Arts and Culture‘s recent report An Act of Collective Imagination provides a good overview of creative community work happening around the country. 589 more words