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Cultural Policies, Metrologies and the Dispositif of Art Management

Cultural policies are analyzed as producing what Latour calls metrologies; that is, measuring devices and, by extension, concepts and instruments that contribute to the progressive socialization and naturalization of art effects such as social sustainability, community cohesion, social capital, and innovation. 69 more words


Internet Streaming and Canadian Content

Cultural Policy Series, Part 3 of 5

Scholars have proposed that Canada must explore new cultural policies and approaches to media production in order to keep pace with globalization. 674 more words


Canadian Culture: New Policies and Approaches

Cultural Policy Series, Part 2 of 5

Canada’s cultural policy agenda is rooted in fears of cultural imperialism as it was originally defined—a hegemonic U.S. market flooding and eroding indigenous culture through its global expansion—but current theory regarding globalization and its impact suggests that Canada needs to look beyond its southern neighbour and consider new policies and approaches to support and expand the Canadian cultural landscape. 820 more words


Cultural Protectionism in Canada

Cultural Policy Series, Part 1 of 5

The history of cultural policy in Canada is marked by systematic efforts to control the influence of the United States on Canada’s culture. 790 more words


We're Starting a Podcast!

In January 2017, the MAAA program is launching a podcast related to all things Arts Administration! The podcast will feature the best arts administration and cultural policy practitioners, students, alumni, and faculty that we can find to bring you wisdom, advice, and stories from the field. 299 more words

Student Perspectives

Arts jobs, events, and publication announcements

Like most scholars of memory & Irish history on this island, I’m wiped – 2016 has been a crazy busy year due to centenary-related events (nine conference papers/presentations since Sept, plus an exhibition opening!) Apologies for the relative blog silence as consequence. 336 more words

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