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Quislings to All Humanity

Review of ‘The Three-Body Problem‘, by Liu Cixin

Warning: this post contains details of premise which are not revealed until midway through the first novel. 735 more words


Hey, hey, it's LBJ

I was briefly in Beijing last week, joining in a surreal but wonderful graduation celebration that the University of Bristol now holds regularly there: 370 Chinese students, 600 of their guests, 27 university staff, and 2.6 million hits on the event’s livestream channel. 654 more words


My Extraordinary Aunt: In the shadow of Lion Rock

There’s a mountain in Kowloon called the Lion Rock which has come to embody the spirit of Hong Kong. It’s a spirit that had yet to rise in February 1967, when my family disembarked from the SS Chusan at Ocean Terminal and settled into a small room at the YMCA in Tsim Sha Tsui. 1,172 more words

Hong Kong Deadline

America's ex-playboy president may meet his match in the seasoned, disciplined leadership of Xi Jinping

The meeting between US president Donald Trump, 70, and China’s Xi Jinping, 63, in Florida this week, brings together two men with wildly different backgrounds and governing styles. 1,367 more words

A Book About Books

Could you picture a world devoid of books, a world where books are forbidden and where free expression in the arts and literature is restricted? We take the freedom of the written word for granted. 1,138 more words