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AND DEATH SHALL HAVE NO DOMINION: Dylan Thomas, Friedrich Nietzsche and Tragic Joy

It is typical of the physically weak to emphasise the strength of life (Nietzsche); of the apprehensive and complex-ridden to emphasise its naiveté and dark wholesomeness (D.H. 1,069 more words



A Levite of the Family of Kohath

At the end of the first semester the hotel was quiet since the foreign teachers and students had gone to travel and visit friends during the Spring Festival, so I stayed home and went on a week Daniel fast, eating only vegetables, then two days of a normal fast, praying for guidance and refreshment.  514 more words


Hunger and Thirst for Jesus

Be Not Afraid

My undergraduate students are opening up and coming privately to ask for Bibles.  There are four churches here, two Catholic and two Protestant.  977 more words


They did "what was right in their own eyes"

Sadly, turkeys have again voted for Christmas. The decision of 7,823,200 individuals in Australia to reject the traditional definition of marriage, open Pandora’s box and recklessly embark on a social experiment writ large is heart-breaking. 840 more words

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Rotten to the Core: 100 Years of Communism

100 years ago this November (based on the Russian calendar), Vladimir Lenin and Leon Trotsky led a group known as the Bolsheviks in overthrowing the Russian Tsar and created the world’s first Communist nation. 1,446 more words



By Justin Reynolds

Fifty years ago Mao Zedong’s Red Guards rampaged through the ancient streets of Qufu, home city of the sage Confucius, pulling down statues, burning temples and desecrating graves. 1,511 more words


Revolutionary leaders are not gods, but human beings: On Mao’s deviation

An article of faith among some ‘Western’ Marxists is that the ‘Great Cultural Revolution’ (1966-76) expressed the core communist position of Mao Zedong, indeed when communism itself began to be realised. 1,134 more words