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Day 1178: Do Not Say We Have Nothing

When Balzac and the Little Chinese Seamstress was so popular, I was not a fan. I disliked how the two male college students patronized and abused the girl, even though she won through in the end. 312 more words


Video: Tough

An immigrant mother and her daughter finally explore the things they had left unsaid.

Born in the UK to a Chinese mother whose parents were targeted by the state during Mao’s Cultural Revolution, Jennifer Zheng grew up uncertain about her own cultural identity. 142 more words

Social Justice

A Not-So-Stealthy Revolution

Barack Hussein Obama’s promise to fundamentally transform America was, it seems, only a promise to do more damage to the economy in the usual way of Democrats. 2,192 more words


Review: Do Not Say We Have Nothing, By Madeline Thien

Synopsis: In Canada in 1991, ten-year-old Marie and her mother invite a guest into their home: a young woman who has fled China in the aftermath of the Tiananmen Square protests. 890 more words

Book Reviews

“Underground Fire” by Yu Jian

TRANSLATOR’S NOTE: During the 1970s, during the Cultural Revolution, Yu Jian set his mind on becoming a poet. At a time when both classical Chinese poetry and foreign literature circulated underground, and when it was virtually a crime to sit on a picture of the Great Leader, the task was a daunting one. 6,921 more words

"But this freedom is freedom with leadership and this democracy is democracy under centralized guidance, not anarchy. Anarchy does not accord with the interests or wishes of the people. "- Mao Tse-Tung

“Our state is a people’s democratic dictatorship led by the working class and based on the worker-peasant alliance. What is this dictatorship for? Its first function is internal, namely, to surppress the reactionary classes and elements and those exploiters who resist the socialist revolution, to suppress those who try to wreck our socialist construction, or in other words, to resolve the contradictions between ourselves and the internal enemy. 917 more words


"The advantage of democracy lies in the following: it can help us promptly learn the opinions of people of various classes in every field of work, so that we can study them carefully and handle them correctly."- Deng Xiaoping

“If we say China is a semi-feudal country and a country that lacks democracy, it is reflected in our Party by the fact that, in general, Party members are not used to the practice of democracy and lack knowledge of and tempering in the struggle for democracy. 1,098 more words