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A U.S. Cultural Revolution?

I am completely out of things for a while, cycling more than 1,000 km across Germany on the Mittelland Route (d4). But I did notice this intriguing Chinese take on what is happening in the United States, with statues being torn down, violent skirmishes, etc. 32 more words

Total Depravity

Big Mothers

No, not the eclipse. I will write about that tomorrow.

Today is a tale of two books, each with a character named Big Mother, each written by a Canadian woman. 565 more words



“All these statues of Robert E. Lee
Must come down, we insist, finally.
Cultural revolution
Is the only solution!
You’re a racist if you disagree.”

—Tom Riley

When Self-Criticism Was an Order, These Portraits Were Revolutionary

“Cultural Revolution Selfies,” a new book by Wang Qiuhang, includes subversive images, taken during China’s Cultural Revolution, of the photographer himself.

Published: August 19, 2017 at 05:30AM… 69 more words


"The Four Generations of Change: The Baby Boomers" - Musings from an Australian perspective

 There’s a lot of babies in this chapter. I myself am not overly fond of newborns (I’m told my opinion will change when my friends or I start having children. 561 more words