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The Legacy of the 1960s Cultural Revolution

In the 1960s, pop culture acted as an avenue in which messages and calls for change were often referenced. This helped fuel the fire of the cultural revolution which gave the decade a defining characteristic. 1,256 more words

American And National Identity

The 1960's Cultural Revolution in Popular Culture

America in the 1960’s was a unique place, completely different from any age before. This was a time when people began to reconsider how they viewed the world and the country they lived in. 1,328 more words

American And National Identity

My First View of Mainland China

I am one of the fortunate people who has visited China on numerous occasions. And, ever trip taught me more about the unfathomable differences and similarities between Americans and Chinese. 346 more words

Spiritual Stories

270. Yige he bage / One and Eight

一个和八个 Yige he bage

(English title: One and Eight)

Director: Zhang Junzhao

Starring: Tao Zeru, Chen Daoming, Lu Xiaoyan

1983, 90min

The film tells the story of eight criminals and a deserting Chinese officer in the communist Eighth Route Army caught in the midst of the Second Sino-Japanese War.



Chinese Cultural Revolution

The Chinese Cultural Revolution is the event that I chose for this week’s blog post. I feel that the events that took place during this time of 1966-1976 were key to understanding why China is what it is today. 478 more words


Review: Hong Kong on the Brink

Hong Kong on the Brink is a memoir by an American diplomat who writes about Hong Kong in the 1960s during the tumultuous days of the Cultural Revolution. 705 more words