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From Confucius to Communist Revolution: Transformation of Chinese Society

From Confucius to Communist Revolution: Transformation of Chinese Society from a Social Psychological and Human Rights Perspective

To figure out the effects of national events on a society and to understand how a society’s behaviour patterns are shaped throughout the history, one should understand that society’s or nation’s psychology. 4,526 more words


Stephanie Gou on how Bronze and Sunflower opened a door to her memories

Stephanie Gou (Gou Yao 勾尧) is a freelance writer based in the UK. As the mother of a daughter of pre-school age, she is looking out for good books, and has recently started reviewing children’s books from China. 1,080 more words


Poem (II)

If we had lived in some earlier times

We would have been party members

Or those

Who are not anymore.

We would have been delegated to Siberia… 63 more words

The Cultural Revolution and how it interacted with the people

“A strict distinction must be made between the two different types of contradictions: those among the people and those between ourselves and the enemy. Contradictions among the people must not be made into contradictions between ourselves and the enemy; nor must contradictions between ourselves and the enemy be regarded as contradictions among the people. 191 more words


Take sex education out of the classroom and restore it where it belongs

Being just 21 years old, I well remember my secondary school education. I often walk past the school I went to, bilateral (operating grammar and comprehensive systems simultaneously) and located in the north of Kent. 572 more words


Down with the United States!

Before I was 15 years old, there was no college so there was no point studying, you know what I mean? So I did my homework, whatever school required. 58 more words

Celebrating the start of the Cultural Revolution in Xi'an in 1966

May 20, 1966

Xi’an, Shaanxi

 西安市钟楼广场 邮电大楼前 举行欢呼“文化大革命《十六条》”发表 文革从此正式爆发

王凌 摄