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China’s New Nobel Laureate: New Attention to an Old Science Problem - China Real Time Report - WSJ

Chinese pharmacologist Tu Youyou, who won a share of the Nobel Prize for medicine on Monday for her discovery of a game-changing malaria treatment, did her seminal work when China was in the midst of the radical movement known as the… 243 more words

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Materials: Citing Mao's quotes in a correct fashion.

In 1973, the newspaper Dazhong Ribao drew up editorial guidelines on how to in-text quotes from Mao in a correct fashion. These were then copied into other editing manuals, … 46 more words

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戰事連連、流離失所其實不是歷史。我在Instagram有關注到一個叫Humans of New York的帳戶。寫的是紐約的大城市小故事,但偶爾也會有一些特寫。最近對於敘利亞到歐洲的難民潮有訪問到一位逃離到伊斯坦堡的年輕人 — 弟弟被激進分子砍頭,妹妹一年前收到寄到家裏的頭顱嚇到至今還未到能夠說話。






Wildness - Culture Creators: Catalysts of The Cultural Revolution

Wildness, a new brand partnership agency based out of the US, has just made available a launch-publication of findings on youth and youth culture, which can be yours for a satisfyingly round figure of $1000 USD, or £659.08 UK pounds. 129 more words

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Flash Movie Review: Coming Home

There goes by a young couple walking hand in hand. As they stroll through the park they carry on a conversation that causes them to chuckle, sigh, exclaim and smile from time to time. 462 more words


Wolf Totem - 8

This movie was visually spectacular. I didn’t know much about the Mongolians or wolves for that matter. But this movie was definitely an enlightenment from the way of life to hunting to the constant moving so that they could provide food and water for their children. 135 more words

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