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Printing errors in two Cultural Revolution books from the 1970s

Despite the complications that ensue when the time comes to cram everything into my travel suitcase, I have a real passion for book collecting. This summer, secondhand book markets in Beijing, Xi’an and Shanghai have yielded all kinds of tomes that have interesting and unexpected features. 366 more words

Cultural Revolution

dancing grannies

One aspect of modern life in mainland China is that almost every public space is taken over by the brigades of dancing grannies — that is by older women (40s-70s) who are participating in what’s called “square dancing”. 161 more words

Skills Transmission in Karate-do

Derived from the Latin word ”tradere”, tradition literally means ”to transmit”. In the context of karate-do, this refers to the transmission of skills, which historically took place directly from master to student. 1,205 more words

Chinese Medicine

A trip to Anren 安仁

One rainy day last week, we hopped a surprisingly quick bus to go to a nearby Western town called Anren 安仁. The town — a sleepy Tang-era village filled with Qing-era mansions has become famous for its… 248 more words

Stalin's cultural revolution: creating a Soviet intelligentsia

Earlier I wrote a post on Stalin’s definition of cultural revolution, in which education played the central role. On that occasion I called the pentecost of languages and people. 125 more words