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Technology and Social Change

To be unaware that a technology comes equipped with a program for social change, to maintain that technology is neutral, to make the assumption that technology is always a friend to culture is, at this late hour, stupidity plain and simple.

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戴着像章的人在法庭内大喊大叫 (Maoist blustering in the court)


Chinese Debates

Flash Fiction: Cock up

“Well, where is it?” said Comrade Whipp. The frustration and impatience he was trying and failing to mask seeped into his voice. “We were told this was a hall for venerating your ancestors, or some such feudal garbage. 520 more words

Flash Fiction

Do Not Say We Have Nothing

“Sparrow, she slowly pieced together, had been one of Shanghai’s most renowned composers. But after the Conservatory was shut down in 1966 and all five hundred of its pianos destroyed, Sparrow worked in a factory making wooden crates, then wire, and then radios, for two decades. 651 more words


Translation of Yang Jiang’s Cadre School Diaries – Notes on Leave Taking - P6




With Deyi hefting and shouldering other people’s luggage, Ayuan and I helped Mocun carry his small number of bags and squeezed into line to get on to the platform and from there onto the train. 358 more words



An advertisement for slow holidays on a national radio station recently reminded me of the Slow Movement I came across in the late 90s. In essence, it is a cultural revolution against the idea that faster is always better. 660 more words