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Who mentioned something about „two years“...

Okay, we have to admit it now: The title of this blog is probably not accurate anymore since we decided to leave London a year earlier than planned. 180 more words

Cultural Shock

4 Big Cultural Shocks of my New Life

Living in Canada for almost 4 months has given me a lot of interesting experiences during this time. Since the first day I arrived in the country – and actually, I think that even before I came;- I knew that I will found a lot of cultural shocks between Mexico and Canada. 659 more words

Yaha Cuevas

Reverse Culture Shock

It’s almost a week that I landed in Milan, Italy, to resume my “Italian life”. After 22 months living in the States, moving back home wasn’t easy. 938 more words


Cross and Across Cultures

Leaving home is never going to be easy but I still find myself in this excited position where I get a chance to start all over and make something different of myself. 742 more words


Different, but good different!

Last week, my friend asked me if I wanna go to a mokyeok-tahng 목욕탕 (bath house) with her. At that time, my first reaction was: “What is that?” 563 more words


Culture Shock Germany : 7 tips for First-timers from Nepal

1. Deciphering the `Nepali Nod´
There is a secret nod between Nepalis that is neither the German up- down head movement denoting `Yes´ nor is it the sideways ‘No’. 688 more words

Culture & Art

British Theatre Habits -Part 2

Although living for 8 months in this country and having gained quite some insights into the British culture, there are still some new aspects we discover and which give us reason for having second parts of certain blog posts. 591 more words