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Canada vs Brazil: round one.

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So, today I decided to write about one huge cultural shock I lived: drinking age and the way alcoholic beverages are sold. 299 more words


Yangon: The Asian metropolis starter kit

Yangon was the first place we visited in Myanmar and is for most people because of its well-connected airport. Although the convenience of getting there sure is a major advantage, I found that there are better reasons to start your journey through Myanmar in Yangon – or while we’re at it: why Yangon is great as a first place to visit in Asia altogether. 901 more words


The exploration begins: first steps alone in Freetown

English below :)

Продължавам с още мъничко детайли за Неделята си, която само бегло описах в предишния пост. Сиералеонците, вече съм установила, въобще не признават времето, когато ти кажат, че ще се срещнете “след малко”, това може да бъде от 5 минути до няколко часа. 1,150 more words

Maggie Nazer

Speech and Hierarchy

In this blog post I will be sharing how I am experiencing cultural shock, and compare the culture of the UK with the one I am coming from in terms of how people may be perceived in regards to their class and speech patterns. 917 more words


First cultural shock

To start with: I have been so naive, when I have thought there wouldn’t be much differences between the UK and Germany. Although the differences might be smaller than to other countries in the world, they are still significant. 769 more words


Cultural Shock - A Serious One

It’s been two weeks since I came back to Mumbai. I just can’t help it; my mind is always comparing things between the two places, Mumbai and Copenhagen. 360 more words

Leaving, Staying, Returning, Exploring

I wrote this several months ago, thought of keeping it to myself only, but the feelings and the situation constantly repeats as time goes on. This may be a shared feeling for many international students living far away from home, and I hope that you know you are not alone in this vicious cycle of struggling to diminish the cultural shocks between your roots and your grown up experience that is unique to your family. 1,818 more words