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I Outsourced my Decency

As an expat from Canada, this city is a cultural shock, the latest and the greatest of which is in the most unlikely of places. 254 more words

Trouble in Paradise

Inconvenience is a state of mind. I truly believe that. While I am quick to complain about how awful anything and/or everything is, it usually takes me a week flat, if not less, to get over myself. 495 more words

Being Illiterate and Getting Laughed At - Part I

If you read my other post on traveling solo as a kid, this post is about what happened afterwards.

My native language is English. When I was 10, I couldn’t speak another language fluently. 781 more words


When in Rome

There are a lot of administrative triviality when establishing life in a new place. Bank account, rental, mobile phone, internet, the list goes on and on. 210 more words

The phenomenon "MaƱana" in Latin America

In 2011, I lived in Mexico for several months. It was my first trip out of Europe, so I was preparing for a cultural shock. I had a university course “Culture in International Relations,” which focused on cultural specifics in various parts of the world. 617 more words

Latin America

Adult in Training

I will readily admit that I am very, VERY, sheltered. I moved but almost always with family, or friends who helped with transition. And I definitely never had to find my own way in a new place (West Coast doesn't count, it's the same language, same passport, same banks and even the same national newspaper!) 155 more words


After reading the tittle, you probably are picturing me hugging some furniture from my host family’s house, others trying to drag me down to the airport. 442 more words