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The journey back home has been really challenging for the past one year. Here’s something that is different compared to Malaysia. In Mauritius, transportation is very limited. 217 more words

Traveling an hemisphere and 12 timezones // Atravesar un hemisferio y 12 husos horarios

(versión en español más abajo)

So, I came to China. Not through a hole, like we used to fantasize as kids, but by very very very long flights. 3,294 more words

First impression of Athens

First impression of Athens (After staying in Turkey for three months):

• Looking at the feta cheese, Greek coffee, Greek delight, baklava, helva, tahini, koulouri/simit, salep, ayran, dried fruits, etc. 104 more words


African Girl- The Awakening by Kezia Dzifa Awadzi

I don’t know much about other African countries but if you went through the Ghanaian education system up until University, especially the University of Ghana, you can relate entirely to this book. 382 more words


Yemen Through the Eyes of a Pakistani Expat

This article originally appeared in The Friday Times in 2015.

by Mahwash Ajaz.

They say love makes you do stupid things. It makes you spout sonnets and spend your entire life’s savings on chocolates and it makes you want to hug pink teddy bears and watch Karan Johar/Nora Ephron movies on repeat. 1,885 more words

Mahwash Ajaz

Qat, Cars and Women

This article was first published in Yemen Today in 2009.

by: Mahwash Ajaz.

There is an old Arab tradition about having a great ride. Vehicle wise. 724 more words

Mahwash Ajaz

Stupeur et tremblements - Sững sờ và run rẩy

Trích dịch “Stupeur et tremblements” (Sững sờ và run rẩy) của Amélie Nothomb.

Stupeur et tremblements

Amélie Nothomb

Monsieur Haneda était le supérieur de monsieur Omochi, qui était le supérieur de monsieur Saito, qui était le supérieur de mademoiselle Mori qui était ma supérieure. 8,375 more words