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Communal work in the Andes of Peru

Last may I was invited to organize a trip to visit local communities in the highlands of Peru, bringing tourists to learn the ancestral culture of the Highlanders of the Andes, and in retribution pay a fair price for the services offered by the people of the towns we visited: food, homestay, and souvenirs, It was a win-win. 551 more words

Festivities & Traditions Of Peru

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Regular readers of our Blog are well aware of our struggles with banking and call centre ending up just too often without the right answer or any help at all. 459 more words


5 Surreal Khmer Street Scenes

Being surrounded by humans who live so differently from me or anyone I’ve met on my 39 rides around the Sun creates a feeling of detachment. 2,320 more words


When you become a foreigner in your own country

I’ve recently received a message asking if I have ever felt like a “foreigner in my own country.” Yes I do, often…

Honestly, I don’t think I will ever lose my roots. 602 more words

Living Abroad

Don’t Compare! New place, new everything

It is normal to experience a ‘reverse’ cultural shock, where you miss the old culture, the old habits, the old food… The sense of nostalgia of being in what became your comfort zone, where you have friends, a routine and a daily life. 410 more words

Living Abroad

Neologism :Meet down

Read today on the internet :

What is the best way to make new friends ?

Most frequent answer : Meet up . Someone even said it was a godsend. 554 more words

A Superstar on the Rise: William Turkington (1)

William Turkington was a student of my JOUR330 (Newspaper and Magazine Feature Writing) class for spring 2017 semester. In this class, every student must report and write one query letter and more than 10 feature stories in different genres. 1,464 more words

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