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Cultural Shock - expect the unexpected or WELCOME TO ENGLAND!

10 years ago…

A Russian girl slightly overweight, definitely over weight in Russian terms traveled  3,000 miles or 4,826km  to start her new exciting grown up life in mysterious England, foreign country she never visited before but already heard a lot of glamorous stories, definitely a country of choice for many Russian parents sending their kids abroad, and of course some childish and magical notion about it through stories by J K Rowling – HARRY POTTER, probably the first book she read in full when she was 11. 389 more words


British Theatre Habits

Follower of our blog may remember that we unsuccessfully planed to see a ballet on Valentine’s Day (see blog entry of 14 Feb). Just to let you, we finally enjoyed the ballet on 14 March. 189 more words


How Life in America Shaped My Ethnic Identity

This was the first time that America has truly opened a 9-year-old kid’s eyes. Every corner of the city looked spotless, and every part of the street had cars following each other in an organized fashion unlike the ever so crowded streets of China, where cars cut each other off senselessly and ruthlessly.

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Life Accounts

The day someone told me I was an Idiot

Alright, these are not the forewords I wanted to use to start a blog, but this isn’t necessarily a blog, more a recollection of thoughts and stories that really happened to me and that I can use as personal lessons. 766 more words

Chinese Culture

Where do we go now?

Hi guys, how are you? Hope everything is fine with you all! So, lemme ask you something: have you (met Ted?) ever felt an enormous desire of being in a certain place? 259 more words


Canada vs Brazil: round one.

Hi, guys! How are you? Hope everything is doing great wherever you are.

So, today I decided to write about one huge cultural shock I lived: drinking age and the way alcoholic beverages are sold. 299 more words


Yangon: The Asian metropolis starter kit

Yangon was the first place we visited in Myanmar and is for most people because of its well-connected airport. Although the convenience of getting there sure is a major advantage, I found that there are better reasons to start your journey through Myanmar in Yangon – or while we’re at it: why Yangon is great as a first place to visit in Asia altogether. 901 more words