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Cultural Shock - A Serious One

It’s been two weeks since I came back to Mumbai. I just can’t help it; my mind is always comparing things between the two places, Mumbai and Copenhagen. 360 more words

Leaving, Staying, Returning, Exploring

I wrote this several months ago, thought of keeping it to myself only, but the feelings and the situation constantly repeats as time goes on. This may be a shared feeling for many international students living far away from home, and I hope that you know you are not alone in this vicious cycle of struggling to diminish the cultural shocks between your roots and your grown up experience that is unique to your family. 1,818 more words


time difference

Click here to hear a reading of the poem:https://anelephantcant.files.wordpress.com/2016/10/20161008_084238.mp3

at first I think perhaps you’re the right one
but I’m aware I have no point of reference… 111 more words


Blow off!

There were 2 incidents of bulbs blew off for 2 consecutive days.  Yes!  You read it right!  Blew off, not just went off / burnt out.   149 more words

Random Thoughts

California Shock:

It might sound fancy for the first time re locators to move to States from India, but even if we survive the complexity of Passport, Visa and packing process, we would still be overwhelmed with the differences of our expectations in our our day to day life. 767 more words

Connecting dots...

…de hecho no hay nada que canse mas a una persona que tener que luchar, no contra su propio espíritu, sino contra una abstracción

Todos los Nombres…

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Quick note and 2 euro 70 cents

This is just a quick update and an apology for being off the schedule. Things are pretty hectic at the moment, but I will try to be back to my normal schedule with new writing material soon. 367 more words