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Connecting dots...

…de hecho no hay nada que canse mas a una persona que tener que luchar, no contra su propio espíritu, sino contra una abstracción

Todos los Nombres…

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Quick note and 2 euro 70 cents

This is just a quick update and an apology for being off the schedule. Things are pretty hectic at the moment, but I will try to be back to my normal schedule with new writing material soon. 367 more words


When you read feeling odd...

…and then, there she was, standing next to me with a face full of disappointment and a glimpse of embarrassment from not finding what she though she was looking for. 531 more words

Unlocking the Cultural Shock

8 ways to surviving the cultural shock in Montreal:

We all know that immigration is a true separation: we leave our parents, our brothers, our sisters, our relatives and friends; however, it’s an integration in a very new world that has nothing to do with our beloved or disliked nations of origin. 1,371 more words


Shenyang: who let the dogs eat?

“No dog, please!” – I asked my waiter in the restaurant. I showed her hieroglyph to make sure they will not cook a dog for me. 375 more words





其中一對母女,媽媽退休了,陪女兒來京工作,她儼如旅舍的廚娘,「女兒年紀少(其實一看三十歲都有啦),一個人在外工作多可憐,我又沒事幹,就過來陪她,給她煮飯,這樣健康又省錢。她月經來的時候會痛,我煮當歸給她吃,她就不痛啦。對啦,在香港有沒有好的男生?(後來大媽說她女兒是90後。」這個大媽對我沒有那麼有戒心。「你隔壁的是賣化妝品的,要當心點。」她看見我跟賣Mary Kay 女生那麼聊得來,提醒我一下。


I got an Aim today!!

Hi everyone!

As long as I can remember, my fondness for animation dates back to being a child. I have always loved the cartoons on TV and try to watch them whenever I get a chance. 333 more words