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Stupeur et tremblements - Sững sờ và run rẩy

Trích dịch “Stupeur et tremblements” (Sững sờ và run rẩy) của Amélie Nothomb.

Stupeur et tremblements

Amélie Nothomb

Monsieur Haneda était le supérieur de monsieur Omochi, qui était le supérieur de monsieur Saito, qui était le supérieur de mademoiselle Mori qui était ma supérieure. 8,380 more words


International students’ grand shock: The Cultural Shock

International students find it difficult to fit in during the first couple of months of moving into a new community.   I remember the first thing my dad did with me when I first arrived to Canada (yes, he actually “dropped” me to Canada hehehe) was strolling the streets. 1,100 more words

TIPS Before Coming Over In The UK

Dear Kabayans,

Coming in a foreign land to work and live can be a daunting experience, but through right information and guidance, your transition can be easier than what everyone thought. 552 more words

Manpower On The Hook

Is India Safe Enough for Female Travelers?

Female solo travelers around the world are often curious to know about India, and wonder whether it is safe enough to visit on their own. Like almost every developing nation, India also has its share of good and bad places, which may or may not be suitable for women. 567 more words


Cultural Shock

Cultural shock, a term I heard a lot from the Dutch during my many visits to the Netherlands. People were always excited while they asked me that cliché question; Did you get a cultural shock? 911 more words


Who mentioned something about „two years“...

Okay, we have to admit it now: The title of this blog is probably not accurate anymore since we decided to leave London a year earlier than planned. 180 more words

Cultural Shock

4 Big Cultural Shocks of my New Life

Living in Canada for almost 4 months has given me a lot of interesting experiences during this time. Since the first day I arrived in the country – and actually, I think that even before I came;- I knew that I will found a lot of cultural shocks between Mexico and Canada. 659 more words

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