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Smile, you're in America!

So picture this.

I, a born-and-bred Parisian, am walking along the brisk streets of Paris with a fellow Frog, a Northern one.

A man in a white van pulls up, shouts: “Eh, Mesdemoiselles. 568 more words

Cultural Shock

The perfect self "iBeautify v 3.14159226...."

After the labor day weekend, it means summer is right about the corner.  Besides getting anticipated about shredding all the weight he/she has gained over the winter, most people are pumped up to work out, and in desperate attempt to get into the “perfect” figure. 339 more words

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Das A Und O Im Leben

#5. CLEAN---Where do I throw rubbish in Tokyo?

One thing, which stands out from your very first step in Japan is how incredibly clean it is. While the fact is there’s no trash on Tokyo street, but there aren’t trash cans, neither. 301 more words

The Symbol Of Japan

Inescapable motherland

Having left this country at a very young age, there’s a cultural barrier I encounter when it comes to people’s mentality, no matter how hard I try, I just can’t get accustomed to people’s level of superficiality and gossip. 508 more words

It's not cheating, it's dating

So, picture this.

I’m at Dodgers stadium taking in a baseball game with a couple of friends. People have put down their beer to sing the US National anthem, hand to heart. 940 more words

Cultural Shock

Strange Brazilian custom: going under the table

Hey guys,

I have talked about how my husband finds it a little annoying that I offer him everything I am eating, and sometimes “force feed” him stuff he doesn’t even wanted to eat. 234 more words