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The Boom of the Cinema

By: Caleb Fox and Michelle Guthrie

There’s the smell of popcorn, the dusty classy carpets, the audience reactions, the comfort of sitting on plush seats in a darkened auditorium. 334 more words

Cultural Sustainability

Geek Culture Thrives in Edmonton Pop Culture Fest

The Edmonton Pop Culture Fest is an Edmonton event, which gives geeks of all kinds to collect, communicate, and preserve pop culture from the past and present. 52 more words

Cultural Sustainability

Photo Story - Preserving The Landscape of Downtown Edmonton

Edmonton’s downtown is under what seems like constant construction, with modern buildings continually replacing older ones. While the refurbishments and new constructions are in the majority, Edmonton still has it’s share of older buildings and artwork that bring character to the downtown core. 278 more words

Cultural Sustainability

St. Patricks Day "Mac Jam" Event at MacEwan University

MacEwan University’s Office of Sustainability and Towers hosted an event on St. Patrick’s Day to promote green activities and help the MacEwan Food Bank. Freshlan… 33 more words

Environmental Sustainability

Pillars Pod: Episode 1 - Media Sustainability

Caleb Fox, Heather Gunn, and Michelle Guthrie sit down to discuss media sustainability, including the closing of HMV, music streaming, and the value of physical media is today’s world. 21 more words

Cultural Sustainability

HMV Goes Into Receivership, Canadians say Goodbye to a Cultural Icon

By Caleb Fox, Heather Gunn, and Michelle Guthrie

Photos: Heather Gunn

Media giant HMV Canada was recently placed into receivership, with all stores to close by April 30th, 2017. 876 more words

Cultural Sustainability

Growing Pains--Our Cultural Adolescence

On the eve of what could possibly be one of the most culturally significant elections in our country’s history, I sit watching the national news talk about how other countries are seeing a comic and unflattering nature to this campaign season. 577 more words