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What are you doing with your hands?

For the second time this year – and in my life – I had the luck to be invited to Helsinki, Finland. This time the host was Nordic Culture Point (Kulturkontakt Nord), and the occasion was the seminar: 633 more words

Cultural Sustainability

Hej Främling! (Hello Stranger!) Bids Refugees Welcome in the Swedish Nature

This Swedish non-profit organisation tries to give the refugees settled in Jämtland Country a warm welcome and good experiences by taking them out in the Swedish nature. 528 more words

What Does Sustainability Really Mean?

In my opinion, it’s a word that is used so often and sometimes in misleading ways that it starts to lose its meaning. It’s also one of those terms which you should think is fairly straightforward to explain but is it really so? 712 more words

President of Totemization

Today: Workshop with 18 young people from DIS – Danish Institute for Studies Abroad.

On the menu:

  1. Building the collective through: gesture imitation, gesture merging, jibberish, jibberish emotionalized, emotionalizing the space by attributing an emotional state to each corner.
  2. 105 more words
Cultural Sustainability

The Role of Culture in a Sustainable Society, seminar in Helsinki, September 2015

“Culture and art provide our society with creativity, critical thinking, empathy, confidence, risk tolerance and mutual respect. We believe that working with culture and art and through the cultural meeting, we create an essential part of the foundation for the Nordic region and societies to become sustainable” 170 more words

Cultural Sustainability

New book on the role of culture in regional development

This book, edited by Joost Dessein, Elena Battaglini and Lummina Horlings, launches the concept of ‘territorialisation’ and explores how the natural environment and culture are constitutive of each other. 142 more words