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Alien 40th Anniversary Short Films

In honor of the 40th anniversary of ALIEN (1979), six visionary filmmakers expand the terrifying imaginations of Ridley Scott, H.R Giger, and Dan O’Bannon. From atmospheric hallways, to hair-raising escapes and deadly creatures lurking in the dark, these captivating stories brings forth a new narrative for fans, while paying homage to the original film. 372 more words


Ben's Top 5 Least Favorite Botfly Videos That You Absolutely Must Not Watch In Order To Sleep At Night (in no particular order)

This is going to totally be a Viewer Discretion advised kinda thing. Seriously, viewer discretion advised.

It all started one late night when I couldn’t sleep so I was surfing around on YouTube, just letting the winds of the Related Videos Algorithm take me anywhere it wanted to go, and before I knew it I was in a deep black pit of Botfly removal videos. 330 more words


Six From The Cotton Floozy Collective

The Cotton Floozy Collective are awesome, and they embody all the things that SLC Nerd aspires to be: they have deep Utah roots, they are geeks and nerds, and they are hilarious. 60 more words


Happy Thanksgiving - SLCMeme

May your Thanksgiving week be full of family, friends, joy and barbarian warrior princesses.


Stan The Man and the Almost Famous Robbie Brooks

By The Almost Famous Robbie Brooks

If I were to walk up to a random stranger and tell them that Stanley Martin Lieber was a great man, they might think me a crazy person and wonder what I’m selling. 760 more words


Ben's Top Things He Wants to Remake (in no particular order)

I wanna remake Blood Sport as a dance movie in which dancers of different styles compete. To the death. Jean Claude would cameo, natch.

I wanna remake Alien, except on a big luxury tour bus going through Death Valley rigged with a bomb so it can’t go slower than 60 mph. 431 more words


Four Funny Musical Females That Swear

In an attempt to shake up the Utah status quo, I thought a list of hilarious women that sing and also swear would be perfect. Additionally, this fits in well with my new decision to make my writing efforts as work free and thoughtless as possible. 348 more words