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Time Flies Back Like the Wind

Time flies like the wind, that’s what is written in the books. I think he who wrote these words is not alive anymore, otherwise he should take a look back at it. 606 more words



Recently, a discussion about Neo-Apologists has erupted in various online forums. This is a term that, although not new or uniquely Mormon, was coined by John Dehlin in a Mormon context. 2,749 more words

Mormon Belief

Supersense - Festival of the Ecstatic

Taking a break from startups, FinTech and digital disruption, I spent the past weekend at this year’s Supersense at the Melbourne Arts Centre. This underground festival (both literally and culturally) is back after… 669 more words

#Content In Context

The Nuns of None

(I would like to apologize for the long absence from writing, I had some things happen in my life that took away any time I had to write. 857 more words


POI: All the Way Up

Got EMOTIONS reigning in all caps, shading my vision, twisting the facts, all I see are possibilities lost in my own triviality,

“blasphemous treason,” my spirit tries to say, but I’m callous to reason on these kinda days, counting my vasanas in all kinda ways – the macro, the micro, the nurtured, the viral – burning up all logic to ensure illusions’ survival, 82 more words


The Path Towards Totality

Today’s solar eclipse is but the beginning of a series of upcoming celestial events that have some saying it’s the end of the world, the beginning of the tribulation, or an indication that the “rapture” is about to happen.

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“I never learned hate at home, or shame. I had to go to school for that”

Sleep in Peace Mr. Gregory, you will be missed, and your legacy will live on, we can promise that!