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BREAKING: Will Ferrell pulls out of Reagan project

By Tom Quiner

The backlash got to Will Ferrell.

He is pulling out of the Ronald Reagan hit piece that mocks his Alzheimer’s Disease.

Liberals are really good at putting heat on causes they don’t like. 11 more words


Heartless Hollywood

By Tom Quiner

As I wrote in my previous post, “Shame on Will Ferrell,” Alzheimer’s disease is a living hell for everyone it touches. 408 more words


Bleached C-Prints

Curtis Mann is an alchemist, using common household bleach carefully applied to C-Prints. Curtis finds thousands of photographs based on keywords of Middle Eastern wars, poverty and snapshots and then transforms them using this self-invented alchemical process.

Art And Design

We Spied Whited Dragons Two

Yesterday morning walking with Brother Dog we stopped, morning mist now lifted,  stareing up at the sky under an ocean so deep, the darkest blue, we spied Whitied Dragons Two, high in flight, passing by. 178 more words


Shame on Will Ferrell

By Tom Quiner

Will Ferrell is a funny guy.

I loved his portrayals of various presidents and politicians on Saturday Night Live.

His “more cowbell” SNL skit with Christopher Walken is one of the all-time classics. 440 more words


Why Don't You?

I often find myself explaining to my bemused friends here in the Deep South that I grew up with only four television channels. In fact, for the first decade of my life it was a choice of  just… 375 more words


Wisdom and Knowledge From The Shire

Wisdom and Knowledge from books is grand, lost in this I adore, the adventures, worlds left to explore.

However, there remains so much more!

For it is Nature herself that provides The Magic Door for Man to walk thru to The Greatest Treasure, The Magnificent Splendor of it all, matters not how grand, how small for in Her… 32 more words