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Quote of the week by Silas Farley

Classical ballet is this elevating form — you ahve to rise to meet it, whether you are the dancer or the audience. The Thing is, the audience possesses the same instrument. 40 more words


Even More Sex

Below is an excerpt from my book I Used to Be French: an Immature Autobiography. You can buy it on amazon here.

My mother routinely spoke irresponsibly in front of her children, as if we did not understand the language. 272 more words


Nigeria needs more religion, not less

Nigeria is a very religious nation. With an almost equal distribution between the two major religions of Islam and Christianity, it is one of the few countries where the major religions have an almost equal number of adherents. 1,143 more words


All Dressed Up With No Bear To Go

Analysis can’t help but reflect on the closing of the Lil Bear in Downtown Newark. Yikes! This kind of reflective Analysis is a sign of aging. 680 more words

Critical Analysis

With Eloquence: Booker T. Washington

Remember when we as a people wrote and spoke with informed eloquence?

Yeah, me neither…

But I was reminded such a fairy-tale time did, in fact, exist when watching former senator and Secretary of Defense William Cohen introduce retire Marine Corps General James “Mad Dog” Mattis to the Senate Armed Services Committee prior to its hearing regarding the general’s selection to be President-elect Trump’s Secretary of Defense. 992 more words


Modern Blues

Modernity is dark and serious and blue. And Fantasia was ahead of its time.

Source: Letterboxd.com

Bonus podcast: Future Screens are Mostly Blue, 99 Percent Invisible. 39 more words


Out of the Ashes

A hat tip to reader Ken from Ohio, who sent me this compilation concerning Anthony Esolen’s book, “Out of the Ashes: Rebuilding American Culture.” It is comprised first of a… 2,297 more words