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Things I Realized Over Winter Break Are Only Socially Acceptable at Kenyon

I’ve had a hunch for a while that I’ve slowly developed a mild version of Stockholm Syndrome with Kenyon College. It comes on slowly, starting with a positive sentiment towards living in a one-and-a-half restaurant town. 205 more words


Why 65 isn't "old" anymore

There are some pretty sweet benefits to turning 65 these days — you can go on Medicare and get free physicals, start collecting on your retirement, apply for Social Security, and enjoy discounts on everything from travel to gym memberships. 589 more words


Animal Kingdom

We’re just animals after all, thinking we are free, drawing lines and boxes to be taken seriously, thinking we are civil when some rule and some obey, we create a social order that is not to be betrayed, but we’re just animals after all, of all shapes and sizes, pretending some are ideal and should be desired, pretending the lines we’ve drawn are a natural progression of a cause and effect world where the strong are never threatened, but we are simply animals drawing mazes upon our consciousness, and there’s no way out when there was no way into a concept’s righteous abyss.


How to deal with, umm, A-Holes

The title isn’t (just) click-bait.  This posts focuses on ways of dealing with people that demean others.  At this moment I am very happy with the group of people I get to work with at my job. 1,928 more words


Got Kuleana?

I can’t wait to see the movie “Kuleana.” Written and directed by Brian Kohne, this movie has a message about its title, which means “responsibility”: Kuleana is a privilege, not a burden. 270 more words


Digital Recommendations | Hillcrest Chapel

Outstanding recommendations for using your pocket technology for good.

Check it out!

Source: Digital Recommendations | Hillcrest Chapel


Get Active In 2018

Women’s March in downtown Newark Ohio on the courthouse square Saturday January 20, 2-4 PM.