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Thankful 2015

As with most of my posts I meant to do this a couple days ago, and it seems a little ill-timed that I would write a Thankgiving-esque posted 4 days after Thanksgiving. 731 more words


4 Ways to Become a Better Writer (Pt. 1)

So you want to be a better writer? Maybe its for a blog, maybe its for your creative fiction, or maybe its just for essays assigned to you at school. 172 more words



Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, repeat until boredom decreases, or until some kind of food becomes available. That’s my ritual.

Celebrities get on my nerves, not all of them, but many of them, especially the ones who just seem to be famous for doing nothing. 326 more words


Vietnamese cuisine. Rating of traditional dishes

As with all kitchen East, Vietnamese gastronomy – balanced and nutritious. Many of its traditions are borrowed from China and India, but not deprived of their identity. 211 more words


Polka dots and pumpkins.

Last Wednesday, Sarah, Carina, Louisa (from Munich) and I decided to take a train to go up north to the Louisiana Museum for Modern Arts. It is located approximately 35km north of Copenhagen, right on the shore of the Øresund. 477 more words


Walking With Intention Day 29 by Rudran Degnan

The Key

by Rudran Degnan

One Thursday evening at work, one of my good friends handed me a DVD and said, “Rudy, you gotta watch this. 1,393 more words