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Due to the current political climate, I'd like to draw your attention to...

…excerpts of two rather aged yet seemingly, and sadly so, germane posts of mine. They are quite lengthy so to read the full posts, click on the “more” links. 335 more words


Here Cometh the Censors

Commenting on the show trial conviction of Dutch anti-Islam political leader Geert Wilders, Vox Day remarks:

I suspect those eurofascists are going to be sincerely regretting their reprehensible and anti-democartic once the Dutch people put the PVV in power and Wilders becomes the Prime Minister.

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Pew: Only 27% of Americans Believe There is Consensus That Human Activity Causes Climate Change

Whether you believe in human caused climate change or not, this is interesting, because apparently most of the public are not convinced about climate change. Also it seems to saturate the media, the general public is unmoved. 29 more words


The Eureka Moment

Ever have that moment when “Eureka” is the most desirable thing to say? I did last night when I was trying to go to sleep. 197 more words


The Vortex Open Source 2016 Starter Pack

By Nina Bloch.

Once again, it’s time to enter the Vortex – South Africa’s longest-running and most anticipated outdoor trance festival. Some of you are already en route to the Circle of Dreams aka the home of… 243 more words

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