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An Uneasiness

Photographer Isabel Magowan’s work inhabits that same realm as the evocative uneasiness found in Sally Mann’s work. Here series documented here is entitled Cygnets and manages to create an ambiguous state of girlhood verging on becoming a woman. 127 more words

Art And Design


I like my shorts.

They are good for the weather—

Especially in the middle of the Summer in the South.

You cannot comfortably wear what you’d wear in 70-degree weather, in 100-degree weather. 241 more words


If I Were A Boy

Girls are finally being celebrated. We can vote and be CEOs. In some areas I’m sure we could improve more. In many other countries girls are treated… 449 more words


Mad Berg

Renowned Danish Illustrator Mads Berg works in the classic style, a nostalgic take on posters from the 1920’s and 1930’s. His clients include Carlsberg beer, Legoland, Monocle, and Wired magazine.

Art And Design

'Dukes of Hazzard' pulled by TV Land in 'Twilight Zone' fashion

There were those who thought the political correctness police would be satiated after getting Amazon to stop selling Confederate flag merchandise and Apple to pull Civil War video games… 572 more words


The Funday Times – Two weeks inside the News Machine (pt.1)

Disclaimer: The following hyperbole and speculation may or may not accurately represent my experience as a hapless intern at the Sunday Times.

At around 10am… 2,235 more words


The Culture of the Gaokao

Great piece explaining not only why the gaokao (China’s university entrance exam) is so tough, but also how its inherently competitive nature creates a zero-sum mentality that goes beyond the exam itself. 28 more words