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A fascinating article surfaced. “Big Pharma Quietly Enlists Leading Professors to Justify $1,000-a-Day Drugs” by Consumer Reports 2-23-17. The article is Yuuuuge and has the potential of several Analysis essays. 707 more words

Critical Analysis

Dear Trevor Phillips, it isn't over-sensitivity that prevents people to talk openly about race but the judges who arrest the ones who do not comply with their political - lefty - part. 'No hiding from language police' Trevor Phillips 'branded racist' | UK | News | Express.co.uk

I don’t put it on political correctness, whatever it means, in reality it’s the judges who arrest or block people who don’t talk political correct because they are politically committed on the Left, the hate speech laws must be abolished, in particular Tony Blair’s laws that stated that a word is offensive if a person perceives it as offensive, moreover the judges do not apply hate speech laws also to the immigrants or the white leftists who are actually free to abuse, insult and even incite to hatred towards the right, the Black Lives Matter is  a hate group, the impression is that the judges do what they like, in Italy they have prohibited a rightwing party to call clandestine immigrants “clandestine” because it bears a negative connotation, this means that you cannot say you’re against illegal immigration because they want to prohibit to give a negative connotation to the phenomenon, actually you should  say you like it or shut up. 539 more words


For Generation Z, ‘Live Chilling’ Replaces Hanging Out in Person

It’s nice to have something non-polarizing to talk about for a change.

Ever since electronic communication began, we have had more and more changes in how we socialize with others. 170 more words


La mort de Fidel Castro : peut-il encore déclencher une révolution ? (suite)

By Jean Bailet.

Lire la première partie.

           Le premier pays à franchir le pas a été la Corée du Sud, dont la vie politique était instable depuis la destitution de Park Geun-Hye, accusée de corruption et de s’être laissé influencée par Choi Soon-sil, l’une de ses conseillères. 1,255 more words


Greetings Anne Cooper

I will never, ever tire of the wonderful connections made by this blog!

Connections brought about by the almost universal love for dogs! But not to the exclusion of cats. 1,324 more words


A West Coast girl's first East Coast bagel

The last time I was in Berlin, a friend from Connecticut took me to a proper New York style bagel place. My life was changed. 149 more words

City Life