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My furry friend's breath!

Dogs see cleanliness from a different angle to most of us.

Can’t resist starting today’s post with that silly joke: “My friend’s breath is so bad, we don’t know if he needs gum or toilet paper.” 1,290 more words


Only the Pop Remains

“Alienation breeds a distrust that corrodes any collective effort. To be “woke” in the alienated culture is to embrace the most cynical interpretation of every situation, to assume bad intent in every actor, to imagine the conspiratorial malevolence of your foes.” (David Brooks​, … 94 more words

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Sydney Film Festival 2017 - My List

I’m going to the Sydney Film Festival again, despite the fact that Event Cinemas in George Street offer the most disgusting seats you can find. So here is my list of selections for 2017. 259 more words


Liberal celebrities are all talk

By Tom Quiner

Singer, Katy Perry, is a member of the regressive Left.

She has used her celebrity to promote Leftist pressure groups. She spoke out about the latest terrorist attack in London perpetrated by the ‘religion of peace’: 129 more words