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Music Hath Charms...

In the great American tradition of putting career advancement above personal integrity, I’d like to take this opportunity to submit myself for Roy Moore’s Campaign Manager. 123 more words


Fingal Graduate Award Winner 2017

Visual Artist Róisín McGannon has been awarded the Fingal County Council Arts with Block T Graduate Studio Award 2017.

Róisín McGannon is a visual artist based in Dublin who will be graduating with a First Class Honours Degree in Fine Art from NCAD this month. 527 more words


Livresquement vôtre: Novembre 2017

Par Cécile Peronnet et Théo Marie-Courtois

Novembre, c’est ce mois à la croisée des chemins, quand la fin de la rentrée littéraire se mêle au départ des sélections de Noël. 1,773 more words


Rage Against the Machine Day 18 by Amar Gressel

Stemming the Tide

by Amar Gressel

There is no machine except for the one I create with my mind. My rage exists only when I cannot accept that which has been gifted to me. 1,166 more words


5 things that are wrong with Sweden

When you’ve lived in a foreign country as long as I have, you become blind to the differences that were so obvious when you first moved here. 323 more words


The Blind Assassin: A Blind Review of Blind Critics

So, true confessions: I didn’t finish this book. In fact, I didn’t get halfway through it. I understand that this both makes me a bad person, as well as makes me an inadequate reviewer for the book. 507 more words


Is the "prayer hands" emoji really a "high-five"?

The debate is on over the proper interpretation of the “prayer hands” emoji after ABC 6 in Philadelphia suggested that the little picture of two hands pressed flat together — used obsessively by some Christians on social media — was actually a “high-five.” 376 more words