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"The Philippines is driving me insane!"

By Joe America

“The Philippines is driving me insane!” 

That is the view of many people living in the Philippines who are schooled in the niceties of civility, human kindness, law, and order.

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The social significance of 'Kita Kita'

By Wilfredo G. Villanueva

The movie Kita Kita from Spring Films and Viva Films. A film by Sigrid Andrea P. Bernardo, writer and director. Alessandra de Rossi as Lea.

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Summer Ramblings

Today’s Question:

Do companies that tease you about future products ever consider the obnoxiousness of that strategy?

I’ve made no bones on this blog about how I have issues with companies that can’t deliver what they promise.  1,508 more words


Upside down

by Wilfredo G. Villanueva

“Mommy, thank you,” Pedro said.

Paz acknowledged the gratitude, glancing at Pedro while sipping from a ladle. He was wearing a tie on an immaculate white shirt, his sleeves rolled up to eat the breakfast that Paz had prepared.

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The Philippines: suffering from diseases way worse than dengue

By Joe America

I’m not a doctor or a health professional. I hate pills and feeling sick. I try to stay away from others who are sick.

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Knowledge and church doctrine, a kindly debate

By Joe America

I made a remark in a recent discussion thread taking the Philippine Catholic Church to task for failing to speak out against extra judicial killings (EJKs).

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Things are pointing to love as the Filipino philosophy, the only way out

by Wilfredo G. Villanueva

Such a saccharine term, love. But back against the wall, the Philippines seems at a standstill, or on the verge of civil war, generally nowhere to go, and we have to be our loving selves.

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