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The beast in us . . . and presidential candidates

If you are like me, you think you are an independent, autonomous being working his way through life the best way possible. You pretty much control things, get up, get out, get on with the day. 1,884 more words


The INC forest fire: Politics corrupts, corrupt politics corrupts absolutely, even religion


By Popoy Del. R. Cartanio

The title begs with sincerest apologies to Lord Acton who said in almost the same tune the power syndrome, now almost a clichéd broken record: “Power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely”.  

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What's a President supposed to read around here, anyway?

It struck me that the President does not have much good reading material around here. I mean, sure, he has lots of paper in front of him or on screen, if we are talking about bills to sign or briefings from his Cabinet secretaries. 1,340 more words


Ferris' Wheel

Another aspect of a course on the White City is to show just how “their” world compares to “ours.”

If you’ve read Larson’s book, then you should recall how he regularly references that there were nuts and bolts falling off of Ferris’ Wheel. 10 more words

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The White City

But for fiscal concerns, this summer I would have been teaching my course of the Chicago’s World Fair of 1893.  Reintroduced to the masses in Erik Larson’s “ 109 more words

Culture And Arts

Why Torre de Manila should be built all the way to the sky

I’m sorry, I don’t grasp this emotional outrage about a condo high rise. I fail to see the sacrilege. Of course, I also defended President Aquino not attending the arriving of the coffins, so it is for sure me who is out of step with the rallying masses. 1,624 more words

Philippine Government

Imao's Works Commemorate Philippine History

An artwork which has two headless figures holding ballot boxes with Andres Bonifacio’s head inside has caught the attention of the people who passes by the Cultural Center of the Philippines’ (CCP) Little Theater Lobby or the Bulwagang Francisco. 235 more words

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