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More Music

I mentioned a while back of my love of movie soundtracks.  Well, I picked up the soundtrack to the fourth season of the Netflix… 209 more words


Clean Up in Aisle Six, Please

Within the span of six days, I’ve been falsely accused, called a tyrant, and labelled a liar.  With this in mind, I decided to take a well-deserved break from my… 763 more words


There is Love Everywhere


by Andy Ibay

There was this writer maybe he was a poet too who wrote long paragraphs that he wrote pages of just to narrate a chapter of a novel.

904 more words


You know what’s weird?

Remember me saying last week about how I’d passed up on something that, at some other time, I’d have easily grabbed off the shelf?  625 more words

Culture And Arts

Going to the Mall, pt. 2

Yesterday, I went to the mall in search of a couple of books that I’m considering using in a future class.  I rolled snake eyes on that project, so I decided that since I was there, I’d cruise the rest of the place to see if there was anything of interest. 580 more words


Seeking My Creativity Groove

Since I had nothing better to do, I figured that I’d check my bookshelf for that vintage cooking series that I mentioned earlier.  At the very least, I could go through it and see if there was anything worth preparing. 371 more words


The Better Angels of Our Nature

I haven’t heard anything about my Jane Austen plan, but then again, with the end of the school term in sight, it’s not as if I’m going to get a lot of support now, anyway.  502 more words

Culture And Arts