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A Goode Sir

So, since I’m on this seventeenth-century kick, I decided to round up a few items to see just what types of “common” items I had.  One item leads to three, which leads to ten, which leads to a ton more.  133 more words

Culture And Arts

Eureka! I have found it! Why the Philippines is this way!

It is right there in plain sight, for all of us to see. For the smartest minds of the Philippines to read and gloss over without even thinking about what it means. 1,238 more words

Philippine Government

Needing to See Clearly Now

Having mentioned my interests in Jacobean reenacting a few weeks ago, I’m debating if I should pursue it more than I have already.  Under normal… 270 more words

Culture And Arts

At naglakbay ang Birhen ng Antipolo

NILILOK ANG IMAHEN ng Birhen ng Antipolo sa Acapulco, Mexico at naglakbay na dala ni Gobernador-Heneral Juan Niño de Tabora sa Filipinas noong 1626. Itinalaga itong patrona ng kanilang mga misyon. 1,090 more words

History Of Taytay

Going Back Into the Breach

Most people who know me know that for a short period, I was involved in historical reenactment.  I’ve never really left “The Hobby… 629 more words


Open Discussion: "Our Philippines"

Let me drop this blog off as the starting point to an open discussion forum for those wishing to partake of their usual dose of… 586 more words

Philippine Government