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Knowledge rising in the Philippines

By Joe America

I think the Duterte Administration has a new enemy much stronger than the “Yellows”.  It is knowledge, an awakening of Philippine universities and students to the offensiveness of the Marcos burial.

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Ye Book of Face

You know, I never thought I’d be in this position, but I’m really starting to dislike Facebook.

Oh, I’ve complained about little things on FB before, but in the last year or so, some of my “friends” have become intolerable. 520 more words


The Philippines leads the world into post-truth modernism. It's ugly.

By Joe America

In the post-truth world we live in, we define our values according to utility, and so we paint the factual world around us as we need to in order to get what we want to get.

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Are you a social media bigot?

By Joe America

Often, we are the problem, not someone else.

Have you ever been driving the car down the expressway taking your mother-in-law to the doctor’s office when some twit in a big black SUV zooms past and cuts you off?

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Toxic debates like the hinkley nuclear one need social science input

by opening up this kind of wider discussion, social science can undertake its trickiest – but arguably most useful – task in any controversy. The stakes in this particular case transcend nuclear debates alone – and raise questions about the overall health of British democracy. 710 more words


President Duterte: a matter of faith

By Joe America

Faith is not truth. It is confidence and commitment.

If ever there were a case study to prove the point, it would be the 75% satisfaction level for President Duterte.

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“Dear God, please spare my land these indignities . . .”

By Joe America

This article is a gift to Sir Tomas “Buddy” Gomez III, a man not of modest age, but still of great energy, wisdom and enterprise, just like other Filipinos who have served the Philippines with earnest work and hopes for a modern, well-respected nation.

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