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Open Discussion #2: The Philippines, an occupied State

What are the characteristics of occupancy? A ruling nation invades, takes charge, and assigns its dogmatic leaders to control the occupied state. Filipinos are born and raised to understand this, because the time of true democratic freedoms has amounted to perhaps 25 years over a span of six centuries. 539 more words

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Last week was a regular Fernando Poe shoot 'em up!

By Joe America

Last week, the Philippines was full of action, a jam packed, knock-down drag-out drama as exciting as a Fernando Poe shoot ’em up.

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Passion and compassion were sitting on a fence . . .

By Joe America

Passion and compassion were sitting on a fence . . .

Compassion fell off, and who was left?

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I’ll let you in on a secret that very few people know about me:  When I was a teen, I’d wanted to become a magician. 1,315 more words


The Philippines: expendable in the new world order

By Joe America

Those who follow the blog regularly get to know the principal contributors. Each contributor displays his or her character through the writings they offer.

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Thailand Discovering the Power of Woman Travellers

By Kalinga Seneviratne

BANGKOK (IDN) – Thailand has long been a magnet for male travellers from the West, but now the kingdom’s tourism authorities are recognizing the power of woman travellers especially from Asia – among others from India, China and Japan. 1,155 more words

Rise Of Asia

Fake knowledge. Do you contribute to it?

By Joe America

A tweet ended up teaching me something important. After the US missile strike on Syria, I commented that it was not really a Trump decision, but a military decision.

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