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Recently, I had some things stolen, and while everything has been (reasonably) resolved, I’m still left with this awkward  feeling in my gut.

I may an oddity of sorts, but I… 845 more words


The Fishermen

It’s Sunday . . . and it’s cool!

After a week of temps in the high 80s and 90s – with humidity to match – it is finally a nice and comfortable mid-70s day, and I’m in love.  818 more words

Culture And Arts

My Father and Duterte

By Wilfredo G. Villanueva

Disturbing, Duterte as father of the nation.

I speak only for myself and do not carry express authority, but like the boy in the movie who says, “I see dead people,” I also I have a special sense.

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Philippine Government

Welcome to my blogsite!

What is writing for me and why I (love to) write?

I have always loved writing.  I guess, I can say, even way back when I was a kid in elementary.  214 more words

Human Interests

A wry, unscientific, but very meaningful poll

By Joe America

I posted a poll on Twitter and got the results shown below. Let’s talk about it.

The first thing those who don’t like the results will say is that “It is not scientific.

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Philippine Government

The Short, Short Lives of a Dilawan and a Dutertard

By Wilfredo G. Villanueva

It’s bound to happen sooner than later.

Greg, the Dutertard, and Mario, the Dilawan meet at last after avoiding each other since the new President assumed office.

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Sunday Thoughts

Awoke this morning to the roar of thunder and the splashing of raindrops.  All in all, a pretty impressive audio event, considering that I was wearing… 509 more words