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"The Bible Doesn't Say That"

Contrary to what one might assume from the title, I am not going to talk today about whether or not the Bible condemns homosexuality. I have made my thoughts on that clear from a scriptural perspective on my ‘Think’ page, and from a legal perspective in the article “2015 Talk Round-Up: Biblical Law.” Today, I offer some quick thoughts on the argument that the Bible does not tell believers to judge or condemn. 624 more words


A Coffee Cup, And A Nation Falling Apart?

The war for equality rages on, the right-wingers get louder and more angry, and by now you have all heard about the latest controversy in America. 855 more words


Isn't It Time For Some Of You To Grow Up?

This article is addressed to the many many people who insist on continuing their crusade against the LGBTQ+ community for religious reasons. The time for kind appeals to reason, I fear, is fast coming to an end; so today I’m just going to say it. 502 more words


2015 Talk Round-Up: Biblical Law

** This post is on the longer side, but I hope you find it interesting. I sure enjoyed writing it. :) **

On October 24th, I spoke at the 2015 Pride In Education GSA ‘True Colours’ Conference. 2,046 more words


My Testimony

It recently dawned on me that although I’ve been very open about my life, I’ve never written an actual “testimony,” so to speak. I gave a fair amount of background when I came out on August 2nd, and little bits and pieces here and there, but I feel that with so much bad news on the daily, a good news story can brighten our spirits. 824 more words


3 Quick Points To Improve Our Approach

To my LGBTQ+ and Allied readers: Please accept this as constructive advice. To my evangelical Christian readers: Please feel free to read my outline of the approach I wish to see LGBTQ+ rights advocates take. 1,207 more words


Religious Freedom And Education

I feel like I’ve written about religious freedom ad nauseam, and with all of the information out there – the articles, the discussions, the actual laws available for the public to read – the lack of understanding of this topic is truly astonishing. 787 more words