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Why You Should Read The Benedict Option

Rod Dreher is not an academic.  He has no Ph.D. and does not teach at a university.  Yet, he is able to take complex concepts of philosophy, sociology, history, etc. 1,050 more words


Dealing with the new Dark Age: The Benedict Option.

If you are not familiar with Rod Dreher or his writing, you may not know what the Benedict Option (a.k.a the Ben Op) is.  Rod’s book will be out on March 14th so you do not have long to find out if you want to read it.   575 more words


What Season is the American church in today?

We often hear about a post-Christian America and what that means for the church today.  I think we can get bogged down in definitions, and at times even struggle for a way to explain it.   327 more words

Culture And Christianity

The Benedict Option comes to Southern Seminary

I have been looking forward to reading Rod Dreher’s The Benedict Option for almost a year now.  Though the book is set to come out in March, Rod laid out a large part of the book in several talks given at the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary this week.   134 more words

Culture And Christianity

Pokemon Go[d].

Pokemon Go has taken over. It’s all over the news and within a span of weeks has been the source of so much discussion (both good and bad). 744 more words

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Failing Grades of the Modern University

Though known for his works on military history and political commentary, Victor Davis Hanson spent much of his career as a scholar teaching classical literature and history.   333 more words

Culture And Christianity

Culture and Christianity (Christianity on homosexuality)

I am always so upset when I hear the media or people in society, or even some christians talk about christianity, because they often seem to miss what it really means to be a Christian. 805 more words

Culture And Christianity