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Why I use the term 'Majority world' instead of 'developing countries' or 'Third world'

As you may have noticed in my blog posts, I avoid using the terms ‘developing world’ or ‘Third world’. Instead, I use the term ‘Majority world’. 340 more words

Culture And Context

Spanish Colonial Period Architecture in the Philippine Context

Arch 16 taught me that, generally speaking, there are two main concepts affecting architecture – context and culture. The pre-colonial architecture clearly showed the manifestation of these factors in the layout, structure, design, settlements, and fortifications of the early barangay. 573 more words

Task 1. Theory Submission.



To obtain a wide range of starting points for this project we each individually researched local and global real world problem that could be addressed using design thinking. 977 more words

Culture And Context

Design for the Real World. Entry 4.

Post- Modernism and Appropriation

Key Points from Lecture

  • Appropriation looks at copying the past and generating a new way for this to develop. For example it can develop to have a new meaning or become a new thing.
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Culture And Context

Task 1. Entry 5.


  • Health, wellbeing, peace etc… wrong vibe. Avoid these words due to preconceptions surrounding the language.
  • Colour? That symbolises balance, positivity, wholeness, relaxation?
  • Green- Harmony, balance, refreshment, universal love, rest, restoration, reassurance, environmental awareness, equilibrium, peace.
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Culture And Context

Task 1. Entry 4.

Reflection from Critique

  • Design to help people maintain good, healthy mental state.
  • Theres many ways to keep your physical self healthy- such as exercise. However, there are limited ways and methods presented to the public to help them keep their mental state healthy.
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Culture And Context

Task 1. Entry 3.

At this stage we are required to present our response so far to the brief/task1. This presentation will enable other colleagues to give constructive feedback and potential raise ideas we have not yet considered.  214 more words

Culture And Context