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Disco Backlash: A Brief of Politics, Oppression and Sydney's Lockout Laws

 In 1969, America witnessed a string of spontaneous demonstrations and protests by the LGBT community in Manhattan after a police raid at the Stonewall Inn. At the time, Stonewall was the only gay club that permitted dancing. 776 more words


The Alt-Right vs. Libertarianism


In recent years and months the Alt-Right has emerged a relevant political philosophy and has thus presented the challenge of how to respond to such a philosophy particularly for Libertarians of all stripes who feel the allure of the Alt-Right due to its anti establishment “let them burn” attitude. 910 more words

Culture And Politics

Jeremy Corbyn visits Shipley - Yorkshire during October

Jeremy aspires artists by crafting his own piece here. Isn’t this just lovely. So many artists across all topics and of all ages are becoming more confident to express their passions. 28 more words

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Peligrosong pamumuhay

Here at Mot Juste, I care about the sustained relevance of creatures big and small. We need to better manage other flora and fauna for the sake of posterity. 735 more words

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Musings on Thanksgiving

This year Amin and I spiced things up by not having a traditional turkey. Instead, our main dish was turkey “tacheen,” a Persian dish that mixes rice, yogurt, egg yolk, and saffron with layers of turkey slices in between, which is then cooked to golden perfection. 320 more words

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Westernism vs. Multiculturalism


Today people are more than willing to bow down at the alter of multiculturalism and “social acceptance” at the expense of liberty and equality. This is a huge mistake and an compromise of the values of Western Civilization. 1,134 more words

Culture And Politics

The Best way to Organize a society


In my article on Anarcho-Capitalism I made it clear that while I find Anarcho-Capitalism to be ideal I don’t find it feasible. In my article on the Constitution I made my support for the constitution clear. 787 more words

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