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White noise

Sydney is changing. Like many other metropoles, shifting infrastructure attempts to keep up with the growing population. While I can talk all day about the state government’s neat job, that would be like me singing a lullaby. 784 more words

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'The D'Oh-lympics'

The title above is borrowed from a Simpsons special episode for the London Olympics. While I have seen this a while ago, I could well discern the similarities between the parody and the current Olympics concluding in Rio. 752 more words


None of the Above

In David Hare’s play The Absence of War, about a privately charismatic Labour leader unable to connect with voters through a web of political advice and spin, a senior political adviser bemoans the diversity of opinion that is a feature of Labour politics. 1,255 more words

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Poke Mess

By now, most of us would have heard of Pokemon Go. Unless you’re chilling on an island and living off the grid, chances are, the intense media coverage on the app should register. 829 more words

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And then I’ll explain to you, very slowly and in words of not more than five syllables, that those hard-nosed, buck-chasing “businessmen” are observably losing literal billions as they continue to tear away at the foundations of Western Civilization: Christianity, the family, the rule of law, and the white race in the name of…

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Philly Cheese Stake

This week has been pretty sunny in Philadelphia. I have watched many conventions, but have never been so moved over and over and over each night. 652 more words