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Cyber-defamation: Cyberbullying's Cowardly Cousin

When we think of cyberbullying, we tend to think of teenagers tapping away at their phones or computers, too young and immature to fully comprehend the impact of their words or the consequences of their actions. 1,025 more words

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He was a former classmate at The College. Let’s call him Vicente. We sat in the same language period. He wasn’t tall, had a near-shaven head and always wore this red cap. 411 more words

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Boycott Hell

Yeah.  I just borrowed the title of the song for the post heading.   While it offers good encouragement to actively strive to be more than an apathetic, lukewarm, vaguely religious person,  I felt like adding a few personal observations. 263 more words


The underground economy

We live in a world where fringe societies thrive. Beyond the walls of our unfolding lives, there exists another layer, struggling to survive yet another day. 704 more words

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Rogue One

I won’t expound on Rogue One. It’s already been hashed to death on the internet, but I will say I enjoyed it. However, I’m glad that episode 4 was already established. 30 more words

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A hacking story

The news of the last few weeks has focused on supposed Russian hacking that allegedly compromised the recent US presidential elections. While the repercussions have been severe, with outgoing President Obama expelling numerous Russian diplomats, the issue of hacking is representative of our time. 693 more words

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Sign of the Times

Today I noticed this sign on my morning walk. I had never noticed it before, and I walk the same route daily.

Rarely do we look for signs (other than street names telling us where we are). 188 more words