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Beware of cat

‘There either is or is not’, that’s the way it is. There are no grey areas: you are either a cat or dog person, or you can be neither. 407 more words

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A Short History of Recent British Voting


Following the 1707 Act of Union, Scotland and England & Wales united to become the Kingdom of Great Britain. The 1800 Act of Union united the Kingdom of Great Britain and the Kingdom of Ireland to form the Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland. 566 more words


Some winter chronicles

It’s the middle of the year and for us that means winter has arrived. You know: shorter days, colder temps, and of course torrential rain. The past week has been a classic winter one, with the drenching, 14-degree weather, and chilly air. 564 more words

Culture And Politics

Rancière, The Emancipated Spectator Chapter 3 ‘Aesthetic Separation, Aesthetic Community’

In this chapter Rancière reflects on the ways in which contemporary art tries to intervene in everyday life. He is writing against a number of established schools of thought including those which suggest that literature provides messages which raise awareness/ consciousness in the reader (72) and arguments such as those produced about ‘critical art’ which suggested that seeing an image can make the viewer see things differently and so change their behaviour (74). 603 more words

Heartbreaking Heartlessness At Burnfoot Hall Care Home

Mead Medica Head Office
Lydiafield Care Home, Standalane, Annan
Dumfries & Galloway,  DG12 5JR
Tel: 01461 206218 Fax: 01461 204145
Email: headoffice@meadmedica.co.uk

I wouldn’t normally post contact details in a blog, but in the case of Mead Medica, I’ll make an exception.   584 more words

One game

Last week I posted about a former high school friend. Keeping in line with this theme, today I recall the game of my life. Honestly, I can’t remember the last time I picked up a basketball. 628 more words

Culture And Politics

Walk in Love upon our Crystal Planet together

Jacquard layers of perplexed anomalies riddled with conundrums and method seeking when only required is of our inner value yearning to find solace and abundance in true purpose to the entirety of our reason for serving the divine that chooses to remain within myths amidst the chameleons for which renegade love and sanctuary on our planet of greatness and light. 116 more words

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