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A new generation of black leadership is long overdue

My grandfather was a devoted father, a brilliant and underrated black visionary and an adamant racist. I’m not quite sure “racist” is the most politically correct term here — considering racism has more to do with power than personal bias — but, nevertheless, Grandpa Bobby openly and proudly loathed white folk. 619 more words


This should have been a long time ago. My apologies.

I’ve been so busy raising hell on the internets and working on articles and most recently, at the very dope… 2,126 more words


Stop Calling Bigots Bogans

Whenever Australians are reminded of our government’s ongoing abuse of asylum seekers or other vulnerable groups, the country’s self-declared progressives look for an alibi. In every curio-bedecked sitting room and artisanal food store there are mutterings about the easily-fooled masses who don’t deserve the vote: the tinnie guzzling, singlet-wearing, immigrant-hating philistines who brandish their southern cross tattoos with idiot pride. 69 more words

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I Am Christian & Not Charlie

Those who have seen my Facebook page will know that I have been using the Arabic letter Nun as my profile picture. I, and others have done this to express solidarity with the suffering of Christians in Northern Iraq and Syria who have been driven from their homes and towns by Islamic State. 961 more words

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Nanny State Sledding

According to the AP via Zero Hedge, Dubuque, Iowa is banning sledding:

One of the latest is in Dubuque, Iowa, where the City Council is moving ahead with a plan to ban sledding in all but two of its 50 parks.

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Too Young for The Princess Bride

From a WSJ article about Aaron Rodgers’ wit:

Then there is Rodgers’s habit of quoting “The Princess Bride.” While the 1987 romantic comedy is widely considered a classic, the allusions are lost on Rodgers’s 20-something teammates.

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Corporate Hippies Own the Future

At the start-up company I once worked for, they believed in health, happiness, and alternative spirituality. The founder, Aaron, was a nice guy. He talked a lot about creativity and making the workplace fun. 181 more words

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