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From the mob to Chapter 11

If Dave Eggers and his writer minions don’t exemplify the politics of the apolitical then I don’t know who does. Anyway, culture and politics have collided in some unsurprising ways with the Artists for a Trump-Free America. 94 more words


Looking back ...

“The genius thing…”

Melbourne September 2016 – Sydney August 2014 (4 photos) 188 more words


Chasing Daffy


On this day twenty years ago, a then unknown Alex Garland released his debut novel, The Beach. Inspired by such classics as Heart of Darkness and Lord of the Flies, the book set the bar for first time novelists. 488 more words

Culture And Politics

Base Ick

I have a confession. I have not watched a single debate this election cycle. I have always sought to be a good citizen, engaging in issues and participating civically. 543 more words

Literary vs commercial fiction 

Yesterday I had a pretty informative exchange with a colleague. Over morning tea, I told Kush what I was up to these days. I told him the boring bits, before adding, my weekends is when I update my blog. 534 more words

Culture And Politics

Life is a vector quantity

Most of us live our life as if it is a scalar quantity. But the moment we realize our life is a vector quantity we tend to concentrate on direction of our life rather than magnitude of our life. 515 more words


Euro 2016, Portugal of Good Will, and the African Soul

It fails as breaking news that Cristiano Ronaldo of Portugal acquired further soccer greatness in the Euro 2016 final, irrespective of his having been sent packing from the match by injuries early into the match. 1,028 more words