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The land of the free(bie)

I need to clear the air about the post title. America is the ‘Land of the free’, but Topher subsists in the ‘Land of the freebie’. 636 more words

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“…they cling to guns or religion…”

“…basket of deplorables…”


It’s easy to identify the speakers of the volcanic verbiage that erupted after terrible frustration, expressing antipathy and disdain. 540 more words

New Harlem

“Niggas got PTSD,” my best friend says to me through my earbuds in a tone that is somewhat facetious but still pretty blunt. She has just finished recounting a fight she’d witnessed at the gym earlier in the day between two personal trainers that ended with one whipping out a machete. 1,352 more words

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Being Donald Trump

Note: The cult favourite, Being John Malkovich, starring John Cusack and Cameron Diaz, has inspired the title of this post. More on that later.

I was at my chiropractor the other day when we discussed the Emmy’s. 578 more words

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Border Security: inside the series

While you were sleeping, ‘Thousands of men and women dedicate their lives to protecting Australia’s border.’ The immigration series airs at most once a week on the Seven network. 897 more words

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60 Minutes Australia

‘Tonight on 60 Minutes…’

Thus begins the weekly broadcast of one of the most revered shows on Australian telly. The newsmagazine is almost forty years old, but has continued to supply viewers with intriguing stories and gripping reports. 489 more words

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Matka Boska / Our Lady

Za plecami Matki Boskiej

English version

Behind the back of Our Lady