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Vacation: The Netherlands vs. the U.S.

The Dutch refer to the first Saturday in August as “Zwarte Zaterdaag” or Black Saturday. It’s called “Black Saturday” because everyone hits the road (asphalt) to go on vacation. 690 more words

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If the shoe fits...

Women don’t belong in the military, courtesy of Mad Magazine (to the tune of Battle Hymn of the Republic):

Mine eyes have seen the glory of an army that’s co-ed… 196 more words

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Effects of The Spaghetti Bowl on South Asia-East Asia Trade Relations

As part of the organizing team for the South Asian Economics Student’s Meet (SAESM’13) in Lahore, Pakistan, I already had an overview of what it was like to be part of the… 706 more words

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Everyone is addicted to distractions

The constant need to be entertained, associated with over stimulation of the senses, leads to deadening of cognition & apathetic mannerisms.

Like an oversaturated neuron, the mind in perpetual stimulation becomes dull, languid, & incapable of perceiving the divine in the mundane.

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Four Kinds of Persons in the World

Is poetry what we do to become stars and celebrities?


$ Persons who DO and never report… 976 more words

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My Latest for Elle: French Hair Products For Women of Color

Here’s my latest for Elle.com:

Aside from eating foie gras and cheese with wild abandon, I had one particular mission on a recent trip to Paris, and that was to find hair products. 369 more words

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