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Jessica "don't bother" Jones

After watching the excellent Netflix show Daredevil, I was eager to watch the spin-off series, Jessica Jones, but…

It’s classless. It’s horribly written. The dialog is childish.  202 more words

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A Modern Sentimentalist

An essay with end-notes.

Life for a modern sentimentalist(1) can be austere. A continuous loneliness surrounding our perception that we represent the only figures who feel the torture of a world outside of our own existence. 936 more words

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Invasion of the Body Snatchers

Kevin McCarthy will forever be known as the competent, upstanding guy who realized that the population in his community was being taken over one by one. 398 more words

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A Few Words on Fame and Overindulgence

Tragedy has become a constant in the past several years.   I’m sure most have seen the news of another tragedy, which succeeded in causing worry, paranoia, and sadness for the common American person. 835 more words

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Vacation: The Netherlands vs. the U.S.

The Dutch refer to the first Saturday in August as “Zwarte Zaterdaag” or Black Saturday. It’s called “Black Saturday” because everyone hits the road (asphalt) to go on vacation. 690 more words

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If the shoe fits...

Women don’t belong in the military, courtesy of Mad Magazine (to the tune of Battle Hymn of the Republic):

Mine eyes have seen the glory of an army that’s co-ed… 196 more words

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