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Positioning the economy

The economy has a privileged place in contemporary life. Economic metrics are reported a little like the weather and any politician who wants to be elected has to bend the knee to the hegemony of economics. 381 more words


Why does integrity matter?

Integrity is a vital part of the culture and values of a company. Integrity is often mentioned as one of the most respectable aspects of human behavior. 583 more words

Culture And Values

Increasing initiative and innovation

Video 9: Initiative

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Video 9: Want to increase innovation? Celebrate the failures! People will only innovate if failure does not cost them their reputation. 708 more words


How to give feedback to a colleague

Video 8: Feedback

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The bitter medicine of feedback is not about being nice or positive but about showing commitment and support. 614 more words


Best business books for a startup CEO

What should a fast growing tech company CEO read? Here are my recommendations. Read the books with thought and implement the insights thoroughly. Each book will save you a year of trial and error. 411 more words

Managing People

Eight rules for building an effective team

We learn most from those we work with. They make us the leaders we are. But what makes an effective team? Here is a list inspired by  779 more words

Managing People

Successful leadership starts with knowing yourself

Video 4: Know yourself

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Do you shoot from the hip or gather insight until the last possible moment?  599 more words