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Musical Monday ~ Songs That Ask A Question

Welcome to Musical Monday! Music has been known to affect our emotions. Listening to music can make us happy or sad, relaxed or motivated, put us to sleep or make us want to dance. 288 more words


If Music Be The Food Of Love...

… then at least so far as Karma Chameleon goes, I’m a Monkey’s Dutchman or whatever the expression is.

The year is 1983. The Textiliste and I have moved into a flat in Tooting, a early century, purpose built maisonette, our first purchase. 497 more words


"Victims" - 容易受傷的男人

上回談到Duran Duran在1982年8月繼熱門作品“Hungry Like The Wolf”後推出一張跟前作風格完全不同的細碟“Save a Prayer”,結果非常成功。他們英國袓家的戰友Culture Club在不久之後也大膽地採取了類似的策略,而出來的成績也是相當理想。

Culture Club在1983年的第二張專輯“Colour By Numbers” 裏首兩張在英國推出的single是“Church of the Poison Mind”和“Karma Chameleon”,都是upbeat、輕快、適合跳舞的作品,而且非常受歡迎,在流行榜的成績非常好。尤其是後者,全球大熱,在世界各地都是no. 1歌曲。但他們卻沒有‘食住上’乘勝追擊,緊接推出的下一張single“Victims”來一個反高潮,是一首帶有沉鬱感覺的慢歌,跟大眾對Culture Club一貫的印象大不同,風格與前兩首hit歌作了180度的轉變。此張single亦因為怕美國樂迷接受不了而沒有在當地發行,以專輯中另一首輕快作品“Miss Me Blind”來代替。

主音Boy George是一個唱得之人,獨特的歌聲充滿了感情,獲得樂評人的一致讚賞,“Victims”就是一個示範作。Culture Club的歌大部份都是出自Boy George的手筆,而他很喜歡把自己的故事放在歌中來抒發一下感受,可能就是這原因令他唱起這些歌來特別投入。 155 more words


Kombucha Brewing - updated 2/12/18

This is a unique post. I am making my first kombucha -right now-, and I want to share this adventure. Instead of one post per step, I’ll just update this single post. 2,444 more words

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Kissing to Be Cunning

Must find someone. Must. Find. Someone. The mantra went through the heads of everyone in the room like a hive of bees sent by the queen to attack. 1,192 more words

Short Story

Chart Music #16: December 22nd 1983 – Hold On, Here Comes Jism

The latest edition of the podcast which asks: if the Thompson Twins made you a sandwich, would you want to eat it?

It’s Christmas Time, Pop-Crazed Youngsters, but there’s no need to be afraid – because we’re a full year away from any Band Aid rubbishness. 279 more words

Concert (11 Dec 2017) - Culture Club

When anyone asks me for my top 10 desert island albums, I usually rattle out the first 5 easily. You don’t need to think about them at all. 552 more words