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Top 5 Tracks From Boy George and Culture Club

Written By: Mandi Lauren Nowitz

Twitter: @3icecubes

It was the early eighties and a very pretty “person” showed up on the music channels. No one was quite sure the gender but soon, the mystery was solved and… 678 more words

Iconic Artists And Albums

Song of the Day - 12/10/16

No idea why this song popped into my head. I can’t help but think of The Wedding Singer movie.

“Do You Really Want to Hurt Me” – Culture Club – Kissing to be Clever – 1982


Do you...

I was in an Oldham pub called the Honeywell… I think we had been playing squash at a club up the road, or maybe we were about to go and play squash up the road, or maybe it was after a teachers’ evening after school, or before said evening… anyway a load of colleagues and friends, a gang of us were in the Honeywell having a drink and  good time, when a band I now know as Culture Club came on with ‘Do You Really Want To Hurt Me’ and I was utterly captivated! 233 more words

Music... And My Favourite Gigs

80's Mania Mondays: Sink Me In A River Of Tears

It was my sister who discovered this song first. She was a big Culture Club fan, from “Do You Really Want To Hurt Me.” I heard the song, thought they sounded good, but wasn’t a big fan like she was. 236 more words


"Comey Chameleon" - Boy George and Culture Club Explain The Actions of James Comey

Remember Culture Club?

Of course you do!

Timeless. Ageless. Great costuming. And they have released a new song to the tune of “Kharma Chameleon” concerning the recent FBI debacle that James Comey introduced days before the election. 235 more words