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Welcome to Marlboro Country

Anyone familiar with Marlboro advertisements of the 80’s and 90’s can recognize that the above visual is a spoof of the classic Marlboro ads featuring rugged and masculine men smoking cigarettes. 545 more words

Culture Jamming - Where Art and Pranking Meets Activism. A Micro Essay

When it comes to citizen media and grassroots activism there it one practice that doesn’t need a large number of people actively participating to be effective but rather something as simple as a single person with a bucket of paint and a brush. 527 more words

Why I'm Through With Facebook and Fuckerberg.

This is the seventh (and final) time I’ve been in facebook jail, so I’m pretty much a goddamn expert.

I’m a button pusher. A social engineer. 393 more words

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Trolling The Thin Blue Whine...

Well, I just trolled the fuck out of Ohio Going Blue.


I made this meme, posted on The Thick Blue Swine, and this guy thought I was serious, wrote an article about it, and it’s being shared everywhere. 96 more words

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The Police Are Paranoid Schizophrenics

The police are always in fear for their life. EVERY time you read or hear a report about them shooting an unarmed person, it was because they were in “fear for their life.” 29 more words

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The Thin Blue Line is INHUMAN.

The Thin Blue Line… The band of loyalty among cops, is proven to be a threat to freedom.

The #ThinBlueLine is a place where officers can observe one of their own murdering an innocent victim ( #TerrenceCrutcher ), and then the officers COMFORT the MURDERER, while watching the VICTIM die without rendering medical assistance. 492 more words

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