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ANQE & the personalities of our times.

Accept Nothing, Question Everything, personalities acroos the spectrum. We should question what we are told, who tells it and why we look up to some of them.

BA In Visual Arts: Visual Communication Design 2009-2012

Accept Nothing; Question Everything...


Within a short while of having my world drop out from under me -when my parents announced there imminent divorce in July 2012- I received a VCD4 project in which I can design anything I want. 39 more words

BA In Visual Arts: Visual Communication Design 2009-2012

If you were wondering when it's moral and ethical to shoot the police...

I offer you this as the most poignant subject matter consideration from the Vallejo Police piggies…

When punks can do this police brutality without immediate and swift retribution, it will continue until the morale improves. 72 more words

Culture Jamming

Art Appropriation

It’s my experience that no matter how beautiful and energizing something is, if you dig long enough, you’ll figure out that flower is growing out of dead bodies. 643 more words