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Deconstructing Shakespeare

As a long-suffering teacher of English, I watch with dismay at what is happening in all too many colleges. When, in the not too distant future, I retire and become a former English teacher, who will replace me? 1,006 more words


Welcome to Marlboro Country

Anyone familiar with Marlboro advertisements of the 80’s and 90’s can recognize that the above visual is a spoof of the classic Marlboro ads featuring rugged and masculine men smoking cigarettes. 545 more words

Culture Jamming - Where Art and Pranking Meets Activism. A Micro Essay

When it comes to citizen media and grassroots activism there it one practice that doesn’t need a large number of people actively participating to be effective but rather something as simple as a single person with a bucket of paint and a brush. 527 more words

Why I'm Through With Facebook and Fuckerberg.

This is the seventh (and final) time I’ve been in facebook jail, so I’m pretty much a goddamn expert.

I’m a button pusher. A social engineer. 393 more words

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