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A thought-provoking series of photographs inspired by photographer, Jason Travis. His photographs struck a chord with me, uncovering the otherwise concealed ‘Persona’ of his subjects, through the unambiguous display of items in their bag, essential for everyday life. 50 more words

Culture Jamming

Critical Media Pedagogy and Culture Jamming: Resistance to Mass Media Hegemony

Notice my tagline includes a weapon: a double-edged sword. This weapon manufactures its power through digital rhetoric. Culture jamming is in fact a double-edged sword with doubling empowerment characteristics. 1,038 more words


Small Talk Is Out

I can’t have any more small talk,
any more how was your weekend? or
where did you go for lunch? and
are you having a nice afternoon? 237 more words


Culture Jamming for iDiots

for all the endless war
i blame the me generation

for all this the next great mass extinction event
i blame the myself generation

for all the patriot acted folgers drinkers
and i



The Face of the Faceless: Anonymous as Branded Activism

            “Suits and Spooks” is a series of cyber-security events one of which took place yesterday in NYC. The event includes former security officials, pundits, experts and famous hackers from the subcultural scene. 2,051 more words


P for Play in Protest: Spectacle to Fight Fear

Last Saturday, a day before the G7 Summit in Garmisch-Patenkirchen in Germany there was a clash between the police and the protestors who were demonstrating mainly against the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) as well as the surveillance programs, militarization and refugee policies. 1,880 more words