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Trolling The Thin Blue Whine...

Well, I just trolled the fuck out of Ohio Going Blue.


I made this meme, posted on The Thick Blue Swine, and this guy thought I was serious, wrote an article about it, and it’s being shared everywhere. 96 more words

Alternative Thought

The Police Are Paranoid Schizophrenics

The police are always in fear for their life. EVERY time you read or hear a report about them shooting an unarmed person, it was because they were in “fear for their life.” 29 more words

Alternative Thought

The Thin Blue Line is INHUMAN.

The Thin Blue Line… The band of loyalty among cops, is proven to be a threat to freedom.

The #ThinBlueLine is a place where officers can observe one of their own murdering an innocent victim ( #TerrenceCrutcher ), and then the officers COMFORT the MURDERER, while watching the VICTIM die without rendering medical assistance. 492 more words

Alternative Thought

I Pledge Allegiance to Liberty and Justice for All—burn the medium in the message

¡The ends destroy the medians!    ¡Rub out the rubbish!

¡For once the law of the excluded middle properly utilized!

¡At the end of the day, a 9 word pledge of allegiance that one can stand for that begins their day!


The Vaccine Injury Tipping Point.

I just saw a video by Penn and Teller about Vaccines on their “BULLSHIT” platform. They have two boxes that represent vaccinated people and unvaccinated people. 186 more words

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