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Culture Jamming

Culture jamming, in the simplest description, is a means of exposing any underlying or concealed ideologies of commercial culture by manipulating pre-existing logos, slogans, and images of corporate businesses, commercially recognized brands, and/or public figures. 428 more words

Media Studies

POLARIZED! Säälistäjät 21. marraskuuta Rovaniemellä

POLARIZED! Vision on provokatiivisille pohjoisesta tuleville av-teoksille suunnattu festivaali Rovaniemellä. Tämän vuoden teemana on “Culture jamming”. Säälistäjät on valittu mukaan 13 teosta esittelevään kilpailuun. Hienoa olla mukana! 236 more words


Opposing advertising - ANZ ads

Culture jamming is a tactic of resistance against consumerism by groups and activists (Harold, 2009). It seeks to challenge the hegemony of corporations by disrupting and subverting mainstream media and corporate advertising. 585 more words


Shop Dropping (Reverse Shoplifting)

What is shopdropping? It’s a form of culture jamming and is essentially the reverse of shoplifting. Instead of stealing something from a store you bring something in and leave it for others to find. 378 more words

Culture Jamming

What Would Jesus Buy?

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What Would Jesus Buy?

By Robert van Alkemade (2007)

Film Review

What Would Jesus Buy? is a documentary highlighting the crass commercialization of Christmas in western society. 218 more words

Inspiring Moments In Resistance

Attack of the grammar jammer!

I know that, technically, defacing billboards is illegal, but I have to admire culture jammers: those brave souls who climb up high ladders to get at ads for major companies and turn them into a critique of what’s wrong with society. 205 more words

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