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Judge David Hoppe - Paranoid Schizophrenic.


In this story, a Jackson County Circuit Court Judge (David Hoppe) presents a textbook case of paranoid schizophrenia that is possessed by “government.”

When Keely Meagan exercised her first amendment right to record public officials performing a public function, from a public area, the “judge” (whiny bitch who has armed protection), said that this exercise was “dangerous”. 166 more words

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TSA Masturbation In AIRPORT?!?!

Absent claim of copyright, absent waiver of rights, absent assurance of value, absent offer of recourse.

So, this morning I see a video pop up in my tumblr feed, and it appears that a TSA agent, which may have recently touched your bags, perhaps, is videoed masturbating in what appears to be an airport bathroom.  179 more words

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Melania Trump Isn't The Only Prostitute...





a woman who engages in sexual intercourse for money; whore;harlot.

A critical reading of the above would demand that the arrangement of marriage, specifically any marriage where a woman pledges to be sexually exclusive to a man in exchange for “security” (read, money, a place to stay, a car, or other financial perks) is an arrangement where a prostitute wears a wedding band as a sign of the guarantee of money for sexual intercourse. 77 more words

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Deconstructing Shakespeare

As a long-suffering teacher of English, I watch with dismay at what is happening in all too many colleges. When, in the not too distant future, I retire and become a former English teacher, who will replace me? 1,006 more words