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The 'Nirman' Initiative: The Happy Pursuit of Meaningfulness

This was published in The Wire on Sept 2, 2017. Here is the link, and below is an extract.

“Our conventional education system… is mainly geared towards filling job vacancies, not sociopolitical vacuums. 131 more words

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We need to teach kids to feel responsible, not proud, to be Indian

This piece was published in The Wire on Independence Day 2017. Here is the link, and below is an extract:

“While some may argue that it is possible to be ‘proud and responsible at the same time’, pride is too personal and egoistical to allow for the nuance that responsible citizenship entails. 138 more words


A Black Woman Looking For Her Man

The last 10 years flew by with me still single.  Now I’m ready to find a mate but not so easy for this black woman.   I live in NH.   193 more words

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Dear Readers,

     Flowers are wonderful. You know what’s not wonderful, dead flowers. We’re all guilty of killing the occasional flower, accidentally. However, some of us are more prone than others to let flowers die. 568 more words

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How confirmation bias dictates our social media responses, and what to do about it

This was published in HuffPost India on May 22, 2017. Here is the link, and below is an extract:

“As responsible digital citizens, we need to cautiously tread the maddeningly insane social media. 120 more words


WIth patients in India getting increasingly impatient with doctors, Paul Kalanithi’s memoir invites us to pause and think

This was published on May 15, 2017 in theWire.in. Here is the link, and below is an extract.

The much-loved and much-reviewed When Breath Becomes Air is a unique autobiographical work by US neurosurgeon Paul Kalanithi, a terminally ill doctor-turned-patient who died at age 36… It is useful reading for both the general public and doctors, especially in current times when the patient-doctor relationship in India has deteriorated to perhaps a historic nadir… 81 more words

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Brasileiros e sírios levam arte às crianças refugiadas colorindo cenários de guerra

Por Saulo Valley, abril 24, 2017

Uma iniciativa que merece muitos aplausos levou um grupo de jovens artistas de rua brasileiros, a se encontrar com artistas e ativistas de diversos países em conflito armado. 494 more words

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