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093: Mastering American Business Culture with Andy Molinsky

Andy Molinsky is the author of two books – Global Dexterity and Reach – and is a professor of international management and organizational behavior at Brandeis University in the US. 37 more words

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A sane voice in a zany bubble

Beta plus to the Washington Post for giving us this alternative judgement on the President of the United States one year into his term. I suppose calling it his first depends on whether or not there will be a second. 301 more words

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Making history and unmaking humanity

A war for the heart and soul of Ireland is currently waging and the battle for the right to life of the unborn is revealing a divide in its people of the most fundamental kind. 190 more words

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Stop this trivial pursuit

Well said. Brendan O’Neill hits the nail on the head again. We are being badly served by the politics of rage. This is what makes our world a really dangerous place. 156 more words

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Coping with digital guilt

A little bit of irony (or is it?) from The Spectator’s agony aunt, Mary Killen.

Q. Further to your advice to F.B. (9 December) regarding the annoyance of people getting out their smartphones during lunch, may I pass on a tip? 134 more words

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092: Cultural Differences in Astronomy with Dylan Bollen

Dylan Bollen, a Ph.D. student in astronomy and astrophysics at KU Leuven University in Belgium, and Macquarie University, in Sydney Australia

See the original article here: … 7 more words

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CWU and Culture Matters: Hear the spoken word

Chris Guiton from Culture Matters reports

The Communication Workers Union (CWU) and Culture Matters are pleased to announce a new Songwriting and Spoken Word Award. 405 more words