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Courtesy of the New York Times, a reminder of the day that’s in it and some thoughts of gratitude for the life of a good man – whether or not you think his works should be seen as among the treasures of the twentieth century. 244 more words

Culture Matters

085: Protocol, Etiquette, and Cultural Diversity by Jean Paul Wyers

Jean Paul Wyers is the founder and director of Protocolbureau, an organization based in The Hague, the Netherlands.

Most people associate protocol with etiquette and Royalty, but the official definition of protocol is “how meetings with officials should be organized”. 62 more words

Culture Matters

Mission impossible?

Some encouraging words for Christians who might be feeling beleagured just now by the forces which they might feel are ranged up against them in the world at large – either in hi-jacked democratic institutions or in a full-scale onslaught on life and limb. 201 more words

Culture Matters

7 Things: September 2017

1. Looking

2. Watching

Re-watching some favorite GOT episodes before I cancel my HBO subscription until 2019 (the last season of GOT).

3. Listening

4. Reading… 50 more words

7 Things

084: The Link Between Language and Culture with Peter Alexander Kerkhof

Peter Alexander Kerkhof’s academic position is research fellow at the Linguistics Department of Ghent University, Belgium. Peter Alexander is a historical linguist and philologist of the Old Germanic, Old Romance and Old Celtic languages. 23 more words

Culture Matters

Is It Reasonable to Believe in God?

Christianity is often criticized for putting faith and “allegiance to God” above reason. Our arguments are dismissed for being circular, and we are ridiculed for refusing to consider the possibility that we could be wrong about the existence of God. 1,339 more words

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