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Nuclear power plants in ‘culture of denial’ over hacking risk

Financial Times

Nuclear power plants around the world are harbouring a “culture of denial” about the risks of cyber hacking, with many failing to protect themselves against digital attacks, a review of the industry has warned. 114 more words


Sexual grooming and the culture of denial

Letter published in the Times (UK) 5th March 2015

Sir, For many years political correctness has led to the identity of the community involved in the sexual grooming of children and young women in the UK being described as Asian rather than Muslim. 203 more words


Somerville: Democracy hurt by abortion stats secrecy

Two abortion-in-the-public-square situations show abortion is much more than a pro-life versus pro-choice conflict, it’s a pro-democracy versus anti-democracy one.

The furor over Stephen Woodward’s private member’s motion in Parliament to discuss whether the un-born child is a human being has been front and centre in the media. 850 more words


Shhhh....Ontario Censors Abortion Data...Secretly

The cowards over at the Ontario Legislature must have slapped each other’s backs in glee.

They pulled a fast one on the people of Ontario.  No one noticed…or maybe they did and didn’t care. 241 more words


There are no cats in America...and in Canada, heck there's no abortions!!

The battle over abortion stats continues to get interesting.  A group of Ontario researchers takes a pro-life researcher to task for her interpretation of partial statistics on abortion….partial because no one seems to know how many abortions are actually done in Ontario. 144 more words


No more wasting time: Abortion Hospitals pick up their toys and go home....

Well, it’s happened.  After months and months of “the process”,  the “Public Bodies” aka Vancouver General Hospital and Kelowna General Hospital, have decided that enough is enough. 360 more words


The public's right to know: Battered and eviscerated

(NOTE: This recent article by the MSM overlooks one important point: that when government was allowed to make a topic off-limits, without outcry, without dissent, it was only a matter of time before that betrayal of access to information was extended to all.) 2,923 more words