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He Died for All

Isn’t this a great barometer to live by, knowing that Jesus died for EVERY man, woman and child?! And, what is our responsibility? To LIVE for HIM! 125 more words


Pleasing others - is it the best thing to do?

The political spirit, expressed specially in our community of faith in leadership positions, will lead us to be “diplomatic” and try to level down our communication of the truth to a way we please people. 217 more words


Ambushed by God

Such a beautiful reminder to thank and praise God for his goodness, blessings and favor, especially when we aren’t feeling in a praiseworthy mood. That is the time to praise Him most, for our praises becomes a sweet fragrance of sacrifice right to His ears! 45 more words


His Wall of Fire

Whether easy or challenging and regardless of what this day or the days ahead hold, God will be a wall of fire around you and He will be glorified through your circumstances.


Carried Away

Carry. This word gives me such hope! God was sending the Israelites into exile, yet He carried them there! As I read this verse I immediately pictured Jesus carrying each of His beloved children on his shoulders. 153 more words



May I ask you a few questions? Have you bound your will to the will and righteousness of God today? Are you willing to exercise your free will to do this? 186 more words