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No good thing?

One way that we evangelical Christians insult people on a regular basis when we’re trying to win them Christ has to do with our ideas about total depravity. 1,067 more words


Pinker on honor

Just found this short clip, with Pinker adverting to the Nisbett-Cohen line on “cultures of honor,” and lumping for benefits of the leviathan.

The point-person on this topic is… 432 more words

History Of Honor

On Finding Gold

At the end of our Oregon road trip we popped across to Bethel Church in Redding – an 8hr drive, we’ve got this road trip thing down. 594 more words

The Collins Connection

Mastering Relationships

One way to set up the best practices for all relationships is to embrace and grow a culture of honor. We should understand how to relate with others with honor. 1,105 more words


What I Meant to Say: Spiritual Gifts

Yesterday’s sermon on spiritual gifts was wide ranging and fast paced. Today, I wanted to expound on some points and clarify others. I’ll also try to recap the sermon as best I can for those of you who didn’t make it. 1,204 more words

What I Meant To Say

The Coming Home Let Down.

I have returned from life overseas on at least 20 different occasions. Each reentry has it’s challenges. In the beginning, there was the struggle with stuff. 1,027 more words

Renewed commitment to boundaries

Humans were created as dependent beings who can only flourish within established limits or boundaries. Life within these boundaries is freedom. Life outside of them is bondage. 576 more words

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