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Michael Quinn Kaiser: Tackling Innovative and Change in Business

In order for a company to succeed in today’s world, they must constantly thrive to be innovative by making things faster, better, and cheaper than their competition. 401 more words

Michael Quinn Kaiser

Leadership pack (July)

Welcome to the Leadership pack (July 2017).

One of the (many) highlights of my work is when I am invited to deliver leadership presentations and workshops for team managers. 422 more words


One more time about “culture of innovation”

My previous post, “The “culture of innovation:” misnomer, oxymoron, myth or chimera?”, has caused a lively discussion in a number of LinkedIn groups. Approximately half of the commenters were sympathetic to my claim that the very term “culture of innovation” is more a distraction than an enabler in attempts to promote corporate innovation. 903 more words


Nine Innovation Lessons from the Movie, 'Baby Driver'

Saw the movie “Baby Driver” last night.

Great action packed, fun, movie!

There’s one lesson the recurs in the movie:

If you want to avoid getting caught, be willing to drive on surfaces other than the main road. 244 more words


Top Drivers for Innovation and Success in the Philippines

The world has become increasingly competitive. Thirty years ago, competition existed mostly from a local/regional standpoint however today, companies produce a product or create a new invention, try to patent it and provide better service, but within a few months someone else in another part of the world has produced something very similar, if not better. 340 more words


The “culture of innovation”: misnomer, oxymoron, myth or chimera?

In the opening piece of the Summer 2017 issue of MIT Sloan Management Review, Paul Michelman writes about diminishing importance of corporate culture in the age of networked enterprises. 690 more words


What Happens When You Tie Purpose to Innovation

I work for a purpose-driven organization. This means that everything we do ties to one purpose. Decisions are made in accordance with this purpose and desired behaviors are incented based on our purpose. 224 more words