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A Civilization Has the Morals It Can Afford: Static Rules and Social Shifts

The holidays are such a special time.  As usual, it offered me the opportunity to enhance my understanding of the blatant lack of understanding held by those closest to me, genetically speaking.  1,689 more words


Charter Schools

 I’ve had lunch with Rochelle twice since we stopped having our weekly interviews. Her children have started school for the fall season, and now all three are enrolled in charter schools. 687 more words

Black Family

When Subtle Encroachments Blossom: Violence, Ethnic Tension, and Civil Rights in the Context of the Modern American Police State

I believe there are more instances of the abridgement of freedom of the people by gradual and silent encroachments by those in power than by violent and sudden usurpations.

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The Last Interview; Has Anything Changed?

I interviewed Rochelle for the last time yesterday. She has been coming into my living room on a weekly basis for almost two years for an hour-long interview, and we have become good friends. 809 more words

Black Family

Preventing Teenage Pregnancy: Breaking the Poverty Cycle

I have been interviewing Rochelle for well over a year, and I wondered how her thinking about teenage pregnancy had changed over that time. I wondered if there had been any change at all. 635 more words

Black Family

College Ahead

“Danyell’s going to college,” Rochelle told me several months ago. Danyell is her eldest sister’s first child, who was born when her mother was 14. Rochelle’s sister dropped out of high school, had another child with the father of the first, then married a man and had three more children. 268 more words

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Putting Pupils At the Centre

This is the first of 4 posts as I go through my ‘Particpant Preparation Work’ for Teach First, introduced here.

Module 1: Pupils at the Centre… 1,759 more words

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