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I Dreamed a Dream...

I was on campus this last weekend, seeing all my friends who I hadn’t seen since December. One of my friends, who studied abroad last year in London, skipped the “hey, how was London?” that most people asked and instead asked “Does it feel like a dream yet?”  The question struck me deep. 469 more words

My first day in Vienna

When I got a scholarship the idea of going to Austria seemed to be lodged somewhere in the far distance and something I thought would never come true. 643 more words


coming home?

When Alice fell down the rabbit hole, she landed in another world. All of us live that Wonderland moment as we come home to another culture. 338 more words


Toto, We're Not in California Anymore

I’ve always prided myself on being a good problem solver.  In both school and work, I’ve always been able to quickly sum up a situation, find the source of a problem, and come up with good, practical solutions.  416 more words

10 things you need to know before visiting hanoi vietnam

Living in Hanoi for some reasonable number of years, I’ve been one of the refuge of all the Whys and How comes of my friends who just came in either to work or travel here. 981 more words


Walk Your Talk

Below the community values of a people group are their beliefs. Here we take note of what they believe to be true:

  1. What is truth?
  2. 201 more words

Crumbs, interference, and sincerity

One of the things that comes to mind in reverse cultural shock, or in this life of faith, especially for me, is a struggle for sincerity. 738 more words