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Missional Questions for Every Congregation to Ask

In Scott Sunquist’s book Understanding Christian Mission, he lists six missional questions every congregation needs to be asking to help them live into God’s missional plan. 1,064 more words

The Most Depressing Job Fair. EVER.

I definitely went to one today, and I’m not exaggerating–it deserves the biggest trophy for making people sick and miserable. It was held in a small, plain room with only a couple of recruiters from the most corporate businesses you will ever encounter: Allstate Insurance, New York Life, some small company that markets vacation spots, and the Northeastern School in Seattle that was recruiting for potential students for their MBA, Project Management, or MPA programs. 413 more words


Culture shifts live or die with clarity and information flow

I’ve witnessed more attempted culture shifts during which the leader charges off in a new direction only to discover that his culture is still locked on the old heading. 845 more words

Monday Morning Wake-Up

Changing the Culture - How to Begin Being Good to the Environment

Imagine, for a moment, that you are staying with a friend in Ethiopia and decided to borrow your host’s car for a day. Let’s say you come across this intersection from the video below; what exactly is your game plan? 827 more words


Living a Lie

Growing up, my parents encouraged me to never tell anyone about my personal life. Most of their sentences would begin with, “Don’t tell anyone about . 775 more words

Asian Culture

The God Who Surprises Us

Some people don’t like surprises. Some people like to know everything that is going to happen before it happens. Some people like to be in control. 981 more words

Understanding the Relationship of Christian Morality to Public Law

As the years pass by our world is becoming increasingly secular. People profess loud and proud “you can’t legislate morality.” The secularist are attempting to silence the Christian and more importantly wanting to silence a Biblical worldview. 488 more words