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Hope Returns

A few years ago, it seemed like the Catholic Church was a mess. They were facing so much anger and criticism around a sexual scandal with priests and parishioners and even children. 981 more words

Descendants of Permission

I’ve got this little habit of watching the world around me. Yes, the people too. These days, some could say that I’m a professional people watcher. 652 more words

Blog Spot

Progress - our approach to litigation

There is a re-think going on with respect to the approach to be taken in litigation in Canada.

This re-think is occurring at many levels, and is being directed to some extent top down by the court. 922 more words

Liking to Be Liked

Consider this—‘we like to be liked, we hate to be hated, and at least, we like to be appreciated.’ These are the words of Pastor Paul Martin, one of his phrases that has stuck with me over years. 471 more words


Navigating Climatic Culture Shifts

Rain in dry northern Nevada is unusual, averaging about seven inches of precipitation a year. Lately we’ve had these crazy monsoonal rains. They come hard and fast, with hail, wind and pounding rain, and last about an hour. 872 more words

Spiritual Formation

4 Ways Youth Ministries Can Respond to the Current Culture Shift with Teens

I recently wrote a post where I describe some of the things that are standing out to me in relation to youth culture’s recent shift as evidenced by the apps and websites that they choose to use. 508 more words