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Harassment has been deep secret in Hollywood for a long time. The victims of these unfortunate tragedies have been scared into silence out of fear and are forced to live with the pain everyday. 372 more words


Catfish Infrastructure

In Japan, there is a company employing hundreds of actors to be bit players, or even featured roles, in your life. Fathers, coworkers, you in an embarrassing yet anonymous situation, what ever role you need an actor to be in your life you can find by a call sheet. 179 more words

Culture Shift

Reblog~Don’t blame women for men like Harvey Weinstein — EW.com

Jessica Chastain didn’t “admit” anything. She contributed to a vital conversation.

On Oct. 5, the New York Times published an exposé on major Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein, detailing decades of alleged sexual harassment and claims of at least eight settlements which he paid out women who made accusations.

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From Sanka to Starbucks

Sitting in a Starbucks this weekend, I couldn’t help but think about how coffee and it’s role in our society has changed in my lifetime. I have vivid childhood memories of my grandparents sipping Sanka. 778 more words

Childhood Memories

Select the right building blocks for your new digital culture

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Evolving your company culture is a key success factor for Digital Transformation initiatives. Often starting with digital culture key words around attributes. 1,028 more words

Digital Mentor


Too many vehicles on the roads these days

Nobody seems to want to walk anymore

Gradually we’re losing grounds of who we really are

Too many persons having their ears plugged in… 111 more words


My first year of medical school has come to a close and it has left me a lot of things to think about. Besides doing a lot of necessary thinking about anatomy, physiology and disease processes, medical school has made me think critically about priorities- my own as well as those of healthcare and the medical education system. 443 more words

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