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BEYOND the Locker Room Banter

I took a while to reflect on some recent things that have taken flight on media as of recent. I’m not really the kind to post subjects relating to politics, as much as a lot of my work has to do with policies, but as I thought about what’s been written in social media and multiple news outlets/agencies, I wanted to take the time to talk about the recording of Donald Trump and Billy Bush in addition to the sorry excuse that what he said was “locker room talk.” 912 more words

Public Health

America's Best Days Are Ahead!

I recently spoke at an event in Missouri, and I took the liberty to talk about why I believe America’s best days are ahead. In this speech, I hit on what I believe are the most critical problems and end with solutions that start with the people. 34 more words

Shane Krauser

Stop Listening to Chickens!

I had an experience recently that provided some serious perspective for me. It involved a great conversation, an NFL football player, and chickens. Take a look!


Love and marriage

Marriage is a sunset industry, like coal mining and fur fashion.

Take no vows. Make no promises. These are fictions to be filed in the three-drawer cabinet under “Romance”. 77 more words

From The Counsellor

San Bernardino County Looks to End EDM Music Festivals!

Upcoming San Bernardino County Supervisory Board Vote to End City Contract With Live Nation!

On May 24th, the San Bernardino County Supervisory Board will be voting on whether or not the city will be ending their contract with Live Nation. 888 more words

Event Information/Reports

Audra K. reblogged this on Passionate About Music and commented:

Wow! very good points and hopefully Live Nation will get an opportunity to make the changes that you have mentioned! Everyone attending these events should be legal age and should be acting like adults ...if they want the festivals to continue!! thanks for sharing :-) San Bernardino County Looks to End EDM music Festivals!  

Of Course He isn't Safe, But He's Good

My friend, Rich Hansen, who pastors a church in Chicago, has just published a book called Paradox Lost.  In one of the chapters, he talks about C.S. 789 more words

How to live in the change

We are watching major culture shifts, political shifts, world shifts all around us. These are “dynamic” times. They need not be fearful times! As the people of God the constant exhortation is  401 more words