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Oxford, Again

On the coach to Oxford.  The longest part of the journey, as in most places, is getting out of the city.  There’s no way to magically part the traffic, so you may as well sit back and enjoy the scenery. 664 more words


Why didn’t I choose to live in civilization like a regular person?

I have no idea why I (the person who finds walking 30 seconds from the car to the store a great inconvenience) thought I would be fine to live in the middle of nowhere surrounded by nothing but some mountains. 222 more words


Beware the Travel Syndromes: Just How Many Symptoms Can Come About from Going Places?

Have you every heard of “travel syndrome”? Me neither, until I saw a video circulated recently by Newsfare showing a distraught traveler in Qingdao, China. The man rushed off his train, which was stopped at a station, and tried to throw himself over a guardrail to the underpass below. 1,538 more words


Power and The Pig

I was on my way to Oxford.  This involved taking the train into London, then boomeranging out to Oxford by coach.  I had taken both routes many times so I felt no anxiety about getting there.  675 more words


Shaking hands and getting naked: Culture shock at its finest

So you’re at a social event and there are a few friend’s of friends who you’ve not yet met. As usual, you introduce yourself and oh.. 430 more words

New City

What Cross-Cultural Missions Taught Me About Emotions

Happy.  Sad.  Anger.  Fear.  Disgust.  These are the simple emotions.  Then we get to the harder ones.  Anxious.  Confused.  Overwhelmed.  Nervous.  Exhausted.  Jealous.  Stressed.   The list goes on and on.  713 more words


A Long Walk Home - Random Stories #4

After a four-month hiatus (sorry about that…hehe), I’m back with a fresh load of random stories. Quite a few have piled up by now, so I will just present a handful here for now. 1,057 more words

Random Stories