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Language Blunder

There is a pupper I live with named Rappo.

This pupper is a an awesomely cute pup.

Here is a picture of cute puppers:

Unfortunately no Norwegian person will call a dog, pupper. 11 more words


and Moccasin Trail

It is a long book.  I have about five more chapters to go.  It is about a Third Culture Kid named Jim.  He is a white boy who was adopted by a Crow (Native American) tribe.  523 more words

Third Culture Kids

Travels and Workshops

One of the biggest perks of being a “Fulbrighter” (self-termed) is travel opportunities.

The grant term comes with at least one travel opportunity. For ETAs, it’s the workshop that combines the ETAs from different countries in the same region for debriefing, additional training, and whatever else the host embassy sees fit. 1,091 more words

Japan - day trip to Kobe (from Osaka)

After weeks of repeating the mantra ‘keep left’, freaking Osaka keeps mostly to the right. I say mostly because in some places it is just not clear. 672 more words


Poetry in Motion

Two days after the party, Michael and Gwen left for Rye on the train and Lynn flew down to Oxford for a day.

I made a last push to get my two proposals submitted, hit a road block, then turned my attention to the attic project.  656 more words


Cultural Vegetarianism

My sister introduced to me to a VERY interesting concept yesterday: ‘cultural vegetarianism.’

Basically, just as vegetarianism is the practice of not eating meat or fish, especially for moral, religious, or health reasons,  277 more words


Japan - COPS - Japanese version

Do you remember the show COPS? A sort of reality show where a camera crew followed police officers in the middle of the night? Well, tonight I had the pleasure of seeing the Japanese version. 315 more words