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Home Sweet Home

Returning home after being abroad for months is tougher than I expected. I knew that of course I’d be disappointed that my life-long dream had come to an end, but the living at home portion threw me for a loop. 974 more words

A Rude Awakening: My first day in Dominican Republic

Visiting Nuevo Reneser
I could say it’s juxtaposition. The way the beach looked when our bus pulled up to Agua Negro, also known as Black Water. 536 more words

Live Different

The Many Faces of Culture Shock

After being in India for almost three weeks now, I’ve realized a couple of things: a.) I have so much to learn about the many nuances of Indian culture and b.) The experiences my fellow ex-pats have had in India ranges so much! 317 more words

Taking the plunge

So here’s a normal conversation in Japan:

“What did you do over the weekend?”

“I got naked with strangers.”

“Wow, sounds relaxing.”

(Well, not quite that blunt but it might as well be.) 405 more words



Yep it seems that my humor definitely does not translate into Turkish because as of last night JaneyinMersin.com has been blocked in Turkey.  I am up there with Twitter, Blogloving and FunnyorDie.  225 more words


Re-entry, Round Two: Run, Run, American Runners

Look at that poor orangutan that can’t get along well with its orangutan friends anymore! This post is going to be about reverse culture shock and what has been stressing me out lately, “lately” being since July 9th, when I arrived in the US from Indoland. 3,105 more words


Six Months!

Six months ago today, my family landed in Mexico. Since that day, our lives have completely changed.

The other day, I wrote about the things that have been hard for me… 1,661 more words

Mexico Chapter