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What the Heck?!

So, in honor of coming back to the states this week, I’m thought it would be fun to write about culture shock. Culture shock is when you are in a new culture and something hits you as not being quite right. 463 more words


hill auditorium 

Last night I attended “It’s A Grand Night for Singing” at Hill Auditorium in Ann Arbor. For my topics in dance and music class I am require to attend two concerts and write reports on them. 329 more words

My Life


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Witnessed this morning, Shanghai, China –

A little girl entered the restaurant, looked around, said “Momma!” and immediately began to cry and call out “Momma! 382 more words


Thanks, Mr. Cole

Mr. Cole, elementary school teacher, had three rules for his classroom.

  1. Be Nice
  2. Try Hard
  3. Have Fun

At age seven of course, I didn’t know that those are not rules for the classroom, those are rules for life. 404 more words


The Return of the American

To many, I suppose the year I spent in Germany would be considered a “Gap Year,” which is a popular term meant to say that you’re taking a brief sabbatical from real life and going abroad or doing a strange job that has nothing to do with what you’ve just finished studying. 972 more words


Two worlds

Two worlds

(c) Folakemi Emem-Akpan

The air felt deliciously warm, and my skin began to burn, a sensation I’d not felt in six years. In my country, it was always hot, seldom cold, and never freezing. 1,841 more words


Yu·bi·ki·ri (n.)

Kanji: 指切り

Hiragana: ゆびきり

Direct translation: finger (指) + cut, cut off (切)

English Equivalent: Pinky swear

I’ll start this off by saying that all of my kids are equally adorable. 2,200 more words

Culture Shock