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The Cultural Experience of Shopping for Food in Uganda

Tomorrow benchmarks my first two weeks living in Uganda, and I am finally starting to feel settled at home, at work and in the community. Though I still have much to learn and explore, I am pleased to have established a basic routine which helps give me the capacity to focus on myself (both intellectually and physically) and the work I am here to do. 554 more words


Reverse Culture Shock and/or JET Withdrawal

It’s hard to describe what I’ve been going through these days. It’s soon coming up to  1 year since returning from the JET Program. It feels like the ‘honeymoon’ phase of my return to the U.S. 225 more words


Going to the Cinema

Things have changed in movie theaters. I learned this two weeks ago, and up to that point I hadn’t been to a film in America in over 3 years. 712 more words

City Life

On German Culture Shock

I did not know that one could actually experience such a thing as culture shock upon coming to Germany. That was until I got in touch with the international students of my university, listening to their impressions of this place, over a plate of a tofu pâté at the cafeteria.   973 more words

The Berlinish Journal

Review: Culture Shock on WWE Network (ft. Corey Graves)

The first three episodes of Culture Shock are available now on WWE Network, and at a combined running time of around 25 minutes it won’t take you long to catch up! 404 more words


Seeing a Yoff Perspective

By: Monica Naida

On Thursday, the group and I went to Yoff in Dakar, Senegal which is a self-contained religious community where the Layene Brotherhood resides. 415 more words

Western Michigan University

Heat exchange and culture shock

Delhi at 7am is pleasant in April, however when combined with the traffic, humidity, a million times more people than I have ever seen in my life and sacred cows, I realised India was going to be a cultural awakening!  424 more words