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January in Mauritanian-American Relations

So in January, we got our first visitor ever from Mauritania.

No, not Mauritania. This is Ecola State Park, on the Oregon coast. Where the Ewoks were filmed, where the forest planet of Endor is . 921 more words

Boring Everyday Life

Culture Shock

I’m Sara Sorzano, a first year international student in Humber College, travel fanatic and now blogger.

Coming from a small Caribbean island, there was no stopping the inevitable culture shock I was about to endure when I came to a busy city like Toronto. 748 more words


A Look Back at My Month in Cuenca

Sitting in the Quito airport. 9 hours until the next flight to Lima. And then another flight from there to Santiago, and finally from Santiago to Mendoza. 838 more words

Study Abroad

Fasnacht - Part 1

We all know about Mardi Gras, even though I’ve never actually been to one (in NOLA or otherwise).

What I didn’t know about Europe before moving over here was that… 687 more words


Going Underwater

I have been in Wollongong for over a week now and I’m starting to get used to things! Although, I think it’s important to stay humble in a new place because I have no idea what’s coming my way. 704 more words


Reaching out to understand...

Hmm, that’s rather a pretentious title, I may come back and edit that some time.  It’s just that I’ve had quite an enlightening morning, and it’s all down to saying ‘yes’. 1,226 more words


Settling In

So I have officially been in Cannes for a little over 72 hours now. I surprisingly haven’t felt any jet lag yet. Though the first day I was incredibly tired but I think that was more do to the fact that I hadn’t slept in close to 3 days thanks to nerves and a super uncomfortable plane seat.   543 more words