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The 4 Stages of Cross Cultural Adjustment, Part 4: Integration

This is the last part of my four part series on the cycle of cross cultural adjustment. Make sure to catch up on part ONE… 403 more words


Du học sinh dở khóc dở cười vì “sốc văn hóa”

Du học sinh sốc trước nhiều thứ: ngôn ngữ, môi trường, cách ứng xử của người dân bản địa…

Đến sống và học tập tại một đất nước xa lạ, du học sinh khó tránh khỏi bị sốc do khác biệt về ngôn ngữ, môi trường, con người và cách ứng xử trong cuộc sống. 2,031 more words

Cuộc Sống Du Học Sinh

30˚C to 30˚F: Copenhagen!

Hello Readers!

There were many things I could have named this post… For example, “From Kuala Lumpur to København” or “From the land of laksa to the land of laks,” but I decided on this one because the temperature difference was seriously the biggest change on this leg of our trip. 588 more words


Crafting a Community | Tyler Crandall

“Are you sure you know where this place is?” my friend Alex asks as he pulls a U-turn. “Of course,” I reply, half lying. I scan the area looking for signs of a brewery. 745 more words

Culture Shock

Settling into domesticity in Phnom Penh

Day off, so in some ways, my first day of independent living in Phnom Penh.  It’s already been a hoot in unexpected, exhausting and glorious ways, and the day isn’t done yet.  2,744 more words


Tis the Season

One of my favorite times of year is the holiday season that runs from the end of October to the very beginning of January. It’s the one time of year that people seem to be in generally better moods and are just nicer and more accepting of those around them. 430 more words


Sunrise to sunset, continuing the adventures of exploration in Phnom Penh ...

Apart from having a near miss with a bag snatcher en route to the Russian Market, and being horribly groped by the leary eyed, drunken, bloated owner of a bar on Riverside later on, today was a good day!  4,880 more words