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Ki o Tsukete

My Diary of Firsts seized a whole new direction at the beginning of this year when I took a Winter trip to Sapporo, pursuing a skiing adventure with some great friends of mine. 1,477 more words

Culture Shock

Synagogue of the Virgin Mary

This is a series of posts about Italy, Malta, and Spain that starts here.

Have you ever been in the London Eye? If not, it’s a super sized ferris wheel on the south bank of the Thames with a bird’s eye view of Westminster Bridge and the Houses of Parliament and much more. 644 more words


Culture shock

I’ve always been fascinated by the distinct quirks that define a culture. How better do you define culture, anyway, besides a combination of “quirks” that define a group or society? 1,272 more words

the things that give me feeeeeeeelings

Super feelings-y post ahead as an FYI.

Here are the main situations and circumstances that make me sad.

I feel sad and hopeless because I do not feel equipped to help in any way. 616 more words

2 Of Swords

"She'll Be Right, Mate."

Australian Comedian Heath Franklin, assuming his famous ‘Chopper’ stage persona, summed up the Kiwi personality in one joke. He said, “Kiwi’s are so laid back, I once saw one fall asleep during his own car accident.” Thank you, Chopper. 1,698 more words

New Zealand

40 Quid for a Squid

This is a series of posts about Italy, Malta, and Spain that starts here.

Lynn and I had a wander around Toledo. That’s the only way to approach it—as a wander— because there isn’t one straight street that runs for more than a city block.  654 more words


Overcoming cultural barriers as an expat (in South Korea)

Being an expat is fun. Being an outsider is tough.

It’s been ages since my last post. I lived in Europe for a few years, and returned several years ago to the same town in Korea, where I’m now raising a mixed-culture family. 1,456 more words

South Korea