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Where Is Home?

It’s a question I’ve been thinking a lot about lately. Just over a week ago, I returned to Khon Kaen, Thailand to begin my two months of summer travel around southeast Asia. 852 more words

Southeast Asia

Business or Pleasure?

Last week at work was very exciting for me as I was able to focus on the communications side of my education. At the beginning of the week, I focused on writing job ads to be posted for new roles we were looking to fill for our clients. 562 more words

Why Are Germans So Depressing? Because You're Hanging Out with the Wrong Ones.

Germans have a reputation for being depressing. For being downers, complainers, bitchers and moaners. “Worst-case-scenario” thinkers and “the-sky-is-always-falling” killjoys. And this overall “depressing” stereotype is often further described using adjectives like pessimistic, negative, sad, gloomy, cold, unfriendly and even downright rude. 853 more words


Memorable Diner Scenes

The American diner has long been the setting of some of the most-cherished moments in film history. Ahead of tonight’s Culture Shock presentation of Michael Mann’s crime saga… 599 more words

Culture Shock

Culture Shock: Learning Road Block

I can remember my first experience with it trying to escape the heat on a humid day in Dhaka, Bangladesh. My roommate and I rode a rickshaw over to a “convenience store” to grab a Coke. 581 more words

Behavioral Norms