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Adventures AND Academics

Let’s be real: everyone who studies abroad is so excited about the place they will be visiting and the people they will meet, not necessarily focusing on the courses being taught. 1,394 more words

Study Abroad

UK vs. USA

N.B. It’s important to note that this is not a ‘bashing’ post, a complaining post or a whinging post. It is simply to discuss the differences I’ve observed and am experiencing and how this effects my settling in on ‘the other side of the pond’. 2,835 more words



In continuation of my theme discussed in my last post (It’s The Little Things), I want to discuss some more “little things” that are different from my life in the US, but that I actually prefer. 1,023 more words

Culture (Not) Schocked

Devon Jacquay
Sales and Business Marketing Major
Business and Culture in the Dominican Republic
Summer I faculty-led program in the Dominican Republic

Typically, when a person visits a new country whose culture is completely foreign to their own you would expect him/her to feel a slight sense of personal disorientation. 114 more words


Wading Through Culture Shock

Culture shock is almost as difficult to talk about as it is to navigate. If it hadn’t been for numerous classes on cultural literacy and a semester of learning about culture as it relates to life and faith, I would feel lost and without the words to describe this complicated phase of my transition to life in France. 640 more words

French Culture

Cooper versus Cruiser

This is the latest in a series of posts about a road trip to New Orleans that starts here.

Finally, I will shut up about my car, I promise.  699 more words


Stories to tell: part 2.

Wazizi (wah-zee-zee): parents

Hadithi (hah-deeth-ee): story

There are less than twenty-four hours until my parents get here and I’m soooo excited! After they arrive, we meet with our tour guide and then the next day we start our safari! 1,100 more words