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Norway Is Closed

As July comes to an end you’ll notice some stores that have been closed for what may seem like ages, will throw open their doors, ready to welcome you back again. 144 more words


Life Overseas

Greetings Viewers!

Last time we saw Kristy she was entering the Adjustment phase in her Korea journey. This month she’s back with her Muses and the Mentor to sing about life overseas: the good and the bad. 42 more words

Vlog Companion

Prague Coffee Adventures...

are also best had with great friends! We are blessed to have some opportunities to experience the local coffee culture which, I might add, is some of the best coffee I have ever had! 275 more words

Culture Shock

Prague Adventures...

are best had with dear friends! These friends in particular we have known since Ryan and I studied for our Masters degrees. As of this trip we had not seen each other near 10 years, and our children had never met, but our friendship feels as though we have picked up where we left off! 331 more words

Culture Shock

Semester Abroad

Six months or 173 days ago, I jumped on a plane (well, three) and took off on the adventure of a life time with my overweight suitcase, layers of warm clothes and lack of experience, in the direction of the country that is notoriously noted as being the happiest in the world. 466 more words


California Dreamin'

What’s next?

I know it’s the question you’re all thinking but few have wanted to straight up ask. I’ll take it as a compliment that the assumption is I am getting ready to jet off to somewhere new. 501 more words

Homecoming Culture Shock: 12 Things that Surprised Me

People expect to be shocked when they go to a new country with foreign customs.  What isn’t expected is to come home, after months or years away, and totally forget your local customs in your own country.  820 more words