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A History of Virginity: Purity Culture’s Ideals, Feminist Critiques, and a Philosophy of History; Or, How in the Hell Did We Go From Virginity to Hymens to Purity Balls?

It’s a Saturday night somewhere. A warm summer breeze caresses a chiseled male jaw. The middle-aged man with grey streaks splattered in rusty patches on his head walks hand-in-hand with a younger lady. 6,365 more words


Ted Cruz

A lot of people might not like this piece. I really hope that you can perceive my intentions in that I do not mean for this to be a personal attack of any sort. 2,415 more words


The One Limitation of Baptism


ACTS 8:26-39

AD 34

     26 And the angel of the Lord spake unto Philip, saying, Arise, and go toward the south unto the way that goeth down from Jerusalem unto Gaza, which is desert. 2,315 more words

Culture & Society


A collection of my tweets using the #cultsoc16

Follow the Yellow Silk Road

Everyone has been involved in Online Deviancy whether they realise it or not. Pirating a movie, downloading an album, this is theft. Yet we have been desensitised to crime online because it is as easy to download the new Marvel film as it is to check our emails. 378 more words

5 Reasons Not To Date A Male Feminist

The alpha male is slowly becoming extinct. Along with the rise of slaggy ladette feminazis, the cultural decline has also created a new breed: the male feminist. 356 more words


Moral Panic at the Disco

Subcultures are a place to identify and belong. But what happens when your subculture finds itself painted with a taboo brush. Moral Panic is how the media educates those outside of a subculture about the subculture. 402 more words