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Redeeming the Colosseum

When I first entered the Colosseum, I was awed not only by its enormity but also by the architectural and engineering genius that had created it and kept it standing for thousands of years. 1,149 more words


Stars and Bars

I’m tardy to the party but can we talk about this? I don’t have any FB friends who have changed their profile pics to the Confederate flag but one degree of separation away — just one. 1,238 more words

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LESSONS IN LOGIC: The Suicidal Foundation Of The LGBT Agenda

I have drawn a great deal of criticism for asserting my conviction that the LGBT community suffers more from a psychological disorder than an accident of genetics.  750 more words

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7-Minute Miracle: The Swift & Efficient Japanese Train Cleaning Method

Happy Monday, folks!  Today I’m featuring a fascinating piece about shinkansen in Japan.  How do they clean those trains when they have to be punctual all the time?   186 more words

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Or, in more direct terms:

Don’t pee on my head and try to tell me it’s raining! 870 more words

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LESSONS IN LOGIC: Slavery Was A 'Civil' Right

I keep hearing people proudly proclaiming that gay marriage is now a civil right.  It reminds me of a line in the movie, “Princes Bride:” 307 more words

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We Were Civilians Once

The one thing that people have to realize about reenacting or doing living history as a soldat of the 2 Chevauleger is that for most of us, we were civilians before the war and, hopefully, would be so once the war had ended. 207 more words