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My 'Beef' with India

Every time I return from India, there is a sense of loss – imprecise, suspended, like a hole without a ring. Yet there is also a feeling of release, as if one had just escaped death by drowning.”
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When It’s OK to Kill: The Ethics of Violence in ‘Game of Thrones’

The streets, rooms, and castles of Westeros are strewn with dead bodies –throats slit and bodies impaled, stabbed, or decapitated.  Yet Game of Thrones is as popular as ever. 1,196 more words


There is literally no such thing as good English: on rejecting “standard american english” and embracing language change

By Jagravi Dave

The way we speak ties us to where we’re from. Our speech is infused with linguistic markers, some extraordinarily salient and others more subtle, that identify us as coming from particular places so significantly that The New York Times was able to create a dialect quiz for the United States that identifies, based on self-reporting, the very town to which someone’s speech can be traced. 1,098 more words

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Why Are You So Obsessed with Me? the conventional wisdom of social media

By Viri Garcia

I confess that I’m on social media most of the day, but I promise it’s not for reasons you would expect. I don’t go on social media to retweet, repost, like, and share things. 959 more words

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Urban Flavors: religion and urbanization in the Middle East

By Lela Robinson

For those with sophisticated palettes, I recommend the urbanism.  Not an obvious choice, but if you’re an erudite progressive who enjoys the bitter taste of sophistication over the hearty flavors of reality, I can assure you, you would like nothing less. 916 more words

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Dismantling America’s Immigrant Fetish: how rabid anti-xenophobics can still be dicks

By Jeremiah Kim

SCENE: A pho restaurant. Amidst the streams of sweat, spit, and speech spilling out between steaming bowls of hot brown broth, a table for two sits silent and spotless. 1,714 more words

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Why Am I Watching This? musings on niche competition shows

By Olivia Bono

Sitting at home this past winter break, I stared half-interested at the screen as my dad flicked through channels. Usually our go-to idle viewing is somewhere between the History Channel, TNT, or Syfy. 1,257 more words

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