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Earthquakes, earthquakes everywhere

News over the past week has been dominated by earthquakes – for me in any case. Along with drama occurring around the world between big-wig politicians, stormy weather across the Americas and in South Asia, and my local New Zealand election, I’ve received an undeniably significant number of earthquake reports from around the world. 517 more words

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"Why her?" A pseudo-philosophical ontology

Two days ago, a young student at the school I work at was fatally struck by a school bus. She was someone from the Muslim community, though I didn’t know her and had never seen her before. 877 more words

Recollections & Reflections

Coffee Snobbery

Down under, we enjoy a good cup of coffee quite unlike anywhere else I have been. While I lived in London, it was widely accepted that New Zealanders and Australians were particular about their coffee, and often gathers of antipodeans involved lamenting the lack of palatable beverages. 344 more words


Reconciliation: My world and the rest of the world

With increasing regularity, I read or see things that make me question how all of us can be living in the same century. It makes me count my blessings as much as it makes me feel ill about how some people must live today. 818 more words


Khovar — an ancient art

I was traveling to Delhi from Birsa Munda airport in Ranchi. As I entered the check-in area at the arrival terminal, I saw a bright replica of an adivasi hut with khovar wall painting. 428 more words

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The Tender Mercy of God

Whenever I get a chance to visit with another Christian for any amount of time, I always ask them, “How did you come to faith?” I love to hear the story of people’s conversion to Jesus. 518 more words

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Hurricane Irma and the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse

History will record that on September 10, 2017, Hurricane Irma, a terrible tropical cyclone and the strongest hurricane ever recorded in the Atlantic basin, covered the state of Florinda with fury and force. 855 more words

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