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AGENDAS: The 'Pro-Choice' Lie

Since we have the stories of the crimes being committed by Planned Parenthood in the news, and the clear evidence that Planned Parenthood and the government are working to squelch the release of this story are also in the news, it seems a perfect time for some more tough love.  1,115 more words

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TRUTH: If You 'Cry For A Lion' But Not For The Slaughtered Child...

I have some more tough love to deliver.  If you are one of those who is more upset over the shooting of ‘Cecil the lion’ than the crimes being committed by ‘Planned Parenthood,’ then there is something wrong with you.  992 more words

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AGENDAS: The 'Living Wage' Lie

I am sick and tired of people complaining about not being able to earn a living wage.  That is a lie!  Anyone who is willing to work in this country can earn a living wage — even at minimum wage.  1,505 more words

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The Artist In Me: An Author Interview with Tim Dryden

Tim Dryden recently shared with us some insights from his debut book about his time with Ballet Magnificat, America’s first Christian professional ballet company. … 1,005 more words

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10 Things I Still Miss About Kentucky

I can’t believe that as of this summer it has been an entire decade since I moved away from my old Kentucky home. Time flies! 1,559 more words

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#TheEmptyChair: The Numbers Behind NY Mag's Cosby Accuser Cover

Last night the cover for New York magazine’s issue featuring the stories of 35 of the women raped by Bill Cosby dropped and it left many, myself included, shaken to our cores. 602 more words


Go Read a Watchman

I hesitate to say this because I am white and I am English, but I am calling bullshit on much of the discussion I have seen about… 565 more words