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What to Call This Journey?

Mo Ghille Mear (My Gallant Hero) by The Choral Scholars of University College Dublin

“The great Gaels of Ireland are the men that God made mad, … 843 more words

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Potential Post-COVID Travel Plan

Will this be possible in the next year or so? Unlikely.

How about in 5 years’ time? A little more likely…maybe.

But failing to plan is to plan to fail, and my partner expressed their desire to spend time on-country in Okinawa after the pandemic has cleared, to reconnect with his ancestral roots and discover a sense of belonging after years of being in the Ryukyuan diaspora. 775 more words

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Being On Country


Recently my partner expressed the desire to return to country, and spend some time reconnecting with their ancestral heritage. Much of that comes from a desire to spend time on their ancestral homeland of IeJima, and to learn more about their spiritual practices. 913 more words

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Long-Lived Business in Japan

From the video; Japanese businesses that have existed for over 200 years focus on sustained, small growth within their local communities rather than exponential growth in a short term. 49 more words

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The New Normal

I dunno I sort of feel like abled people really need to start understanding a thing most Disabled people figure out eventually.

There is no "back to normal".

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No-Yeast Starter Bread

Everyone is baking bread during the Coronavirus lockdown, and for some reason most of them all seem to be focussing on difficult-to-make sourdough breads with live yeast. 92 more words

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