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Is climate change finally losing its punch?

By Andy Duncan

I noticed something very subtle, today, while reading a recent article in the Guardian. If you can bear to read it yourself, here’s the… 619 more words


Smoke Screen or Strategy?

Donald Trump’s ceaseless stream of controversial executive orders & statements has been a defining factor of his Presidency. If anything, these have ramped up in recent weeks. 557 more words


Trump declares new culture war

Donald John Trump Sr. just cannot stop getting angry with institutions, people and anything or anyone else.

He’s now declaring a new culture war. He’s stirring up conflict where little — if any of it — exists in the moment. 257 more words

Jimmy Kimmel says good riddance to losing 30% of Republican viewers

Definition of “good riddance” or “riddance”: Relief or deliverance from being rid of something undesirable.

Attention, Republicans!

Jimmy Kimmel doesn’t care if you watch his ABC late-night talk show, “Jimmy Kimmel Live!”. 334 more words



An Amusing Diversion

It is fun to start of with a picture that helps to illustrate a concept, but how does one picture wisdom? So I googled up an image for “wisdom”. 1,595 more words


This is Hollyweird: Actress Bella Thorne wears porn-covered jumpsuit on red carpet

With all the sexual harassment scandals coming out of Hollywood, is it really good timing to wear an outfit with pictures of pornographic posters and your breasts so exposed… 144 more words


Jimmy Kimmel to woman: Put your mouth to what's in my pants

Over the past month, ABC late-night TV talk show host Jimmy Kimmel has forcefully spoken out on the need for gun control and against President Trump’s efforts to reform/repeal Obamacare. 336 more words