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Miles Teller says 'La La Land' exit 'played out much differently than people think'

In a wide-ranging conversation with Vulture, Miles Teller has shed new light on why he didn’t end up starring in La La Land. The short version: “It played out much differently than people think.” 364 more words


Don't Be Intimidated

Some of you might be feeling discouraged, afraid, worn out, or intimidated by the Enemy and his minions. I hope this helps.

Don’t be intimidated… 465 more words

General Observations

The World Was Better When There Were Saturday-Morning Cartoons

It is Saturday morning, and believe it or not, I don’t even know what time it is. I know it is later than 6 a.m. because there is sunshine outside, our two little dogs have already made their pleas to go potty, and Katie – who is on her last day of college fall break – has already asked me, “Whatcha doin’ today, Daddy?” 485 more words

General Observations

Lay Waste to the Lie of the Liberal Evangelical

I think I’ve an inkling of how many Muslims feel after a terrorist attack.  I’ve heard Islamic scholars and faith leaders say, “We’re not all like those who pervert our religious teachings.”  They are right.  1,094 more words

Food For Thought

A Sign Of Things To Come: Tragic plight of Germans in America during First World War | Daily Mail Online

Editor’s Commentary: The entry below was originally published by Harvey Day for DailyMail.com on 18 October 2017. There are a few things of note to point out about this surprising article – surprising because, as Day himself wrote, this is ‘a little remembered part of history today,’ and surprising because we now live in a time in the West when emphasis of non-White misfortunes in history are emphasized to an extreme and White misfortunes are hardly, if ever, mentioned. 2,595 more words

Organized Crime

Thor: Ragnarok’s incredible new twist

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THOR: RAGNAROK (M) “,”link”:”http:\/\/cdn.newsapi.com.au\/link\/ecbb2a2ee835d33054d3bbd1b3fc4c64″,”paidStatus”:”PREMIUM”,”originalSource”:”News Corp Australia Network”,”creditedSource”:”Herald Sun”,”subscriptionSummary”:”FIRST REVIEW: It\u2019s got Chris Hemsworth smashing things up with a big hammer. 9,580 more words

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Mutually Assured Destruction

“In the nuclear age, the revised maxim might well be amplified — but not, as might be expected, by inserting the word ‘nuclear’. For if the nuclear power now available were unleashed and not merely maintained as a deterrent, its use would mean ‘chaos’ not ‘war’, since war is organised action, which could not be continued in a state of chaos.

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