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Spaying and Neutering


One big purpose of Indiana’s newly passed RFRA legislation is to remove one of the major weapons from the arsenal of SJW bullies.

Culture Wars

You Lose Some

Fort Meade, Maryland

World War T loses a battle.

But don’t worry, their Vicksburg will come.

And also:

NSA data mining was unable to foresee that someone wanted to ram an SUV into the NSA HQ gates.

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Culture Wars

How the World Began: Shaker Bridge Theatre

Sunday morning blog post commentary on How the World Began. Hope you will read it and be convinced that you should see this play.



Defending the Social Kingship of Christ means I am at enmity with a significant percentage of the world's population

I was put on this earth, in part, to defend the Social Kingship of Christ. This necessarily puts me at enmity with a significant percentage of the world population. 1,063 more words


Caused Effect


Indiana Gov. Mike Pence signs a state law protecting religious freedom, meaning that people that don’t want to bake cakes for fake gay “marriages” don’t have to go to jail.

Sports nuts chimp out.

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