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Frenetic Friday

Frenetic Friday now with even more irony!

First I’d like to applaud Micah over at Christian Manliness for coming out of the closet and revealing that he is polyamorous. 586 more words


Would You Fire This Teacher?


Would you fire a teacher if he did any of the following?

  • Graphically described a sex act to his high-school class?
  • Graphically described a…
  • 629 more words
Teaching Sex And Sexuality

Jesus Hung Out With Sinners

The Argument

If I have heard it once, I’ve heard it six hundred and sixty-six times: “Don’t you know Jesus hung out with sinners? 757 more words

Christian Living

Low Hanging Fruit


No pun intended by “fruit.”

Gallup’s deltas on 2015 over 2001 on various social issues.

Some are gloating saying that the religious right is dead, and… 32 more words

Culture Wars

Catholics and conservatives surrender

This essayiest Neumayr, who writes about religious and moral issues for AMSPEC, caught my attention today.

He said: To paraphrase Yeats, the conservatives lack all conviction while the liberals are full of passionate intensity. 9 more words

Turn the Other Cheek - The Verse Curiously Absent When We Offer Prooftext Arguments

A couple weeks back the news came down that Tsarnev had been condemned to death for the Boston Marathon bombing.  As is common when I hear big news nowadays, I went to Twitter to check out what people were saying, specifically Christian leaders.   597 more words


Are We Too Polite to Tell Our Children the Truth?

It’s not a secret. The roots of Memorial Day lie twisted with America’s toughest problems of race and region. But my hunch is that very few Memorial Day speeches mentioned such things. 843 more words