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No Fear In Love - A Book Review

Andy Braner grew up in a conservative, fundamentalist church and it seems that his adult journey has been spent trying to overcome its effect on him. 793 more words

Social Justice Doesn't Do Nuance


P-D on the St. Louis response to the Boy Scouts going almost full LGBTQetc ahead.

Here’s the nuance:  All it means is that national has lifted its national blanket prohibitions on locals having LGBTQetc scout leaders.  158 more words

St. Louis Local

Initial Rumblings in the US

The Center for Medical Progress (CMP) has released its third video (the first of a two-parter) regarding Planned Parenthood’s practice of supplying “tissue specimens” or “products of conception” for advanced medical research. 369 more words

Kingdom Posts

Who is the real maverick?

With Donald Trump my childhood bias against New Yorkers makes it difficult for me to even listen to him, let alone take him seriously as a Presidential candidate.  794 more words


Why Flags Don't Matter

In recent weeks, the culture wars that have become characteristic of American society have reached new heights. Representative of this, I think, have been the many different flags that have been flown all over the country and more than anywhere else, on Facebook. 708 more words


We Get It. They Don't Care.

New York City

#IDNYC Does not care about your immigration status. #IDNYC doesn't care about your assigned gender. If you live in NYC. #IDNYC is for you.

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