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The Kids Aren't Alright…with Transgender

My Fellow Progressives: What if time isn’t on our side? We tend to think that each new generation will get cooler, more tolerant, more progressive. But what about those stubborn conservative kids who consistently disprove our assumptions? 670 more words

Teaching Sex And Sexuality

America Joins the World...In Persecuting Christians

Don’t misunderstand me, the persecution being leveled at Christians in American is nothing like what many endure around the globe; we are not having our heads cut off and we have yet been fed to the lions. 411 more words




Vanderbilt, September 2015:

Vanderbilt, June 2013:

Hopefully, the black men on the football team will get the message that’s being aimed squarely at white men in frat houses.

Black Crime

How Kim Davis’ Refusal to Issue Marriage Licenses Helps Same–Sex Marriage

God bless Rowan County Clerk Kim Davis a devout, if confused, Christian who decided her belief in God prevents her from issuing marriage licenses to homosexual couples. 771 more words


Catholics, Marxists, and a sprinkling of neocons

It has occurred to me that there is a close affinity between the early Marx essays and medieval Catholicism. The notion of “profit” was anathema during the Middle Ages, and considered a cause of decadence (See Mark La Rochelle’s note on the “just price” in the comments section.) Plus, those of my ex-friends on the Left who are professional scholars have found jobs at Catholic universities and colleges. 584 more words

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