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Culture Wars: Cultural Marxism vs. Judeo-Christian Culture

Culture Wars: Cultural Marxism vs. Judeo-Christian Culture

How Cultural Marxism stole our culture

Having grown up during the 1950s, I have seen how our beloved country has tragically changed during my lifetime, but I did not know how it started or that it was part of Marxism all along.

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Judeo-Christian Culture

Legalizing Counterfeit Birth Certificates

How many other states are doing this? Be informed and be aware. The insane, destructive, and agenda driven attacks upon our children continue.

Illinois House Committee Approves HB 1785 Falsified Birth Certificates… 606 more words

Threads of Civic Virtue

“God grants liberty only to those who love it and are always ready to defend it.”

– Daniel Webster, 1834

I’ve been spending more time sorting through sewing and craft supplies lately, trying to organize my sewing room, than following politics and the news.

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General Interest

Protecting Kids from Knowledge: Transvestite Edition

P-ding!  There it is again—our ILYBYGTH alert when schools insist on blocking knowledge.

If you’re just joining us, you might be under the impression that the point of school is to teach kids stuff.    714 more words

In The News

Strangers in a Strange Land

Archbishop of Philadelphia Charles Chaput’s new book, Strangers in a Strange Land, has garnered much attention in most of the circles I frequent.  Depending on the group of peers to which I refer is a testament of much of the polarized political culture we now inhabit.   1,002 more words

Baby Boomers

Embrace Leftist Lunacy, then Amplify It

Article Originally Published at ‘Return of Kings’

Let’s be honest: it is, quite simply, a fact that Western leftists, progressives, and SJWs harbor a particular hatred towards orthodox Christian believers as well as other traditionalists. 1,180 more words


National Security: Christianity, Church and State Issues

National Security:

Christianity, Church and State Issues

Does Christian compassion conflict with national security?

Remember, the role of the state is to protect the citizens from terrorism by enforcing the law, so that the citizens, including Christians, can have freedom of religion to “welcome the stranger” …

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Judeo-Christian Culture