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America desperately needs moral guidance

One of the worst aspects about “civil wars” is that the political divides often get down to tearing people’s most personal relationships apart too.  Lifelong friendships and even families can be sundered when people feel compelled to choose sides in civil wars.   1,706 more words

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Racism: Exposing the Demon of Oppression

I was having a conversation with some mom friends of mine yesterday and one of the African American moms in my circle began relating to us how she deals with her grown children.   3,215 more words


It's Official: the Left is less tolerant than the Right

Official statistics from the Pew Research Center have made clear that a larger percentage of Democrats than Republican have problems accepting the political views of those different from themselves. 687 more words


The Internationalist/Washington Coup Against the Office of the President

Something absolutely significant is happening via the Donald Trump presidency – and it’s a real turning point for the meaning of that office.

On 15 August, President Trump chose to speak on the side of Truth… 804 more words

Organized Crime

PHOTOS: Guy Does Photo Shoot With His 2 Baby Mamas

This is why the black community lacks morality & has no accountable behavior from either black men or black women.This photo shoot shows how desperate some black women are to be with another woman’s man & how they don’t seek decent men. 24 more words

Culture Wars

Damien Chazelle joins Twitter to blast Trump: 'Impeach this loathsome misogynist racist'

Oscar-winning filmmaker Damien Chazelle has joined Twitter to speak out against President Trump — branding him a “loathsome misogynist racist” — and to urge the Republican Party to “come to its senses and call for impeachment.” 538 more words