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Honey Maid Fatalism?

Yesterday evening, just before I was about to head on over to the church, my wife saw a commercial on the television she had on while she was doing taxes for a client. 530 more words

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This Can't Be What It Looks Like

New York

It is.

H/T to “Joe” for e-mailing this to me.  And by “me,” I mean someone who still doesn’t want to believe that this is what it actually is.

Lord jehovah jireh.

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True Confessions

When I was in grammar school my sisters were teenagers who occasionally managed to get their hands on a magazine called True Confessions. This magazine was not approved reading for young girls and was considered fairly scandalous for the times, as it contained purportedly true stories of a seamier side of life, the “dirty laundry” of people’s lives. 369 more words

Personal Musings

G. Murphy Donovan’s latest article at The American Thinker, “Arrested Development and the Internet” discusses a book, Mind Change, written by a British neuroscientist, Susan Greenfield, the Baroness Ot-Moor, who also sits in the House of Lords.  1,751 more words

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Birds and Bees 2.0

The following is fiction, but based on a sad, tragic reality: children are growing up in a culture with no norms, no absolutes, and no foundations but the shifting sands of desire.  963 more words

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What Needs To Be Said About Wheaton

Normally I’m proud to tell people that I graduated from Wheaton. It has a reputation for being an institution that thrives on the basis of rigor, discipline, and academic conversation all towards the ends of “Christ and His Kingdom.” 1,380 more words