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Does anyone remember Soviet disinformation campaigns?

Here’s an interesting piece by Humberto Fontovo: “Trump Spreads KGB-Hatched Disinformation Meme about JFK’s Assassination”.  The first paragraph sets the stage for how clueless all Americans now are about hostile foreign intelligence operations inside the United States: 52 more words


Traditional Catholic or Traitor to the Faith?

Traditional Catholic or Traitor to the Faith?

One of the first things reported about Senator Tim Kaine, Hillary Clinton’s running mate, was his claim to be a traditional Catholic. 399 more words

Patriotism: Restore One Nation under God


Restore One Nation under God

With regards to the Republican nominee for president, Perkins then said, “From his judicial nominees, to his running mate, to the party platform and the policies it promotes, Donald Trump has committed to upholding and protecting this First Freedom—and therefore our ability as citizens to unite our nation once again under God.”

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Judeo-Christian Culture

There's still time for real change

Highly principled, hard as nails, even-keeled, dedicated to higher values, devoted to the welfare of the people he serves, and fiercely loyal to those who serve under his command. 25 more words


"Endorsing This Philistine": The Christian Right Has Surrendered To Trump

As Jerry Falwell Jr. spoke on the Republican convention’s final night, longtime observers of the Christian Right movement, of which his father was a founder, had to shake their heads in wonder. 753 more words


The Trump RNC Speech and the New Republican Party: Goodbye Illegal Aliens, Hello Inner-City Children and the "LGBTQ Community"

– 23 July 2016 –


In clinching the Republican nomination and largely uniting the party behind his agenda, Donald Trump has managed to shift the definition of conservative for a new era. 2,093 more words