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Criminals Gotta Criminal

One wouldn’t need to look much further than this article at Yahoo! Sports reporting the death of an NBA player to see damning evidence of what has gone wrong in this country. 926 more words


It’s Time for Ted Cruz to Just Fuck Off

Despite being whipped like a dog everywhere outside of states filled with gullible fools who are susceptible to being sold religious snake oil by Elmer Gantry like hucksters, Texas senator Ted Cruz – like a chronic case of genital herpes – just refuses to go away. 581 more words

2016 Elections

Begala rails against "scorched earth"

Sometimes a headline just hits on the truth in ways it was never intended to.  Clinton spinmeister extraordinaire, Paul Begala penned a piece at CNN: 606 more words


Students vs. neoliberals

via Students vs. neoliberals: The unreported conflict at the heart of our campus culture wars – Salon.com

Aviva Chomsky’s interesting analysis of  recent trends in campus radicalism puts the story in the context of economic realities faced by the “neoliberal university”: 562 more words


The Apologizer in Chief

Once again our king, neé, savior, Barry the All-Knowing, has decamped the fair land to apologize for American successes of the past.

This edition finds the Wondrous One in Japan speaking in his patented flowery-freshman pseudo-deep cant, subtly issuing regrets for things he was not involved in. 466 more words


Already Surrendering to World War T

Washington, D.C.

So what!? Republicans have ALWAYS championed trans rights. We don't even see gender. Dems are the REAL transphobes! pic.twitter.com/R1yjD58DsP

— Conservative Pundit (@DemsRRealRacist) …

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Culture Wars

Is it too late to let freedom ring once more?

Facebook has confessed that stories appearing on its supposedly-unbiased “Trending Topics” were manipulated. Rather than risk allowing its one billion active users exposure to the corrosive influence of conservative commentators, Facebook’s “news curators” decided to doctor the list of headline stories to favor left-wing political leanings. 202 more words