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Another Cry In The Wilderness

An American wake-up call

Watching how Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton operate, with their enemies lists, where he issues veiled threats, channeling Mussolini’s ghost for his strongman image and she unleashes Clinton sewer rats to attack her political enemies and silence them, the following video should be watched by every American, to warn… 1,268 more words


Frenetic Friday

It’s Frenetic Friday folks and that’s all the warning you need. Adult conversations are ahead so buckle up its going to be a bumpy ride. 404 more words

Frenetic Friday

Passover, Freedom, and the War on Culture

The responsibilities of freedom, the history of freedom, and the culture wars that threaten the values and the foundations of civilization.

Listen to my interview on the Bill Martinez show (interview begins at 33:00).


Whatever Happened to a Woman's Right to Privacy?

The “Right to Privacy.” It’s something the left has argued for decades as one of our most important rights guaranteed by the 14th Amendment. Yet, when it comes to a woman’s right to privacy in a restroom or shower, the staunch defenders of… 309 more words

Current Events

General Assembly Surrenders to World War T

Jefferson City

I’m sure you’ve heard by now.

The tragic news came this afternoon.

I watched it directly, in person, and with my own eyes. 26 more words


Figuring out what I think about the "bathroom wars"

My Facebook timeline is split just about down the middle on this one, y’all. Seems like half of my friends are calling for Target boycotts, and the other half are calling them hateful fear mongers.   825 more words

Boo Yeah


That’s what I’m talking about.  Winning the culture wars.

This news has made me so happy that I almost did the Running Man while yelling out an obscene suggestion directed at SJWs. 96 more words

Culture Wars