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Culture Wars: Never Trump Narcissist vs. Never Hillary Realist

Culture Wars:

Never Trump Narcissist vs. Neverhillary Realist

The Obsessive Narcissism of the #NeverTrump Bots

Joel B. Pollak

There is a repeated theme in the arguments made by “NeverTrump,” those Republicans who have sworn not to vote for the party’s nominee, Donald Trump.

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If you're going to ridicule research, do your homework

Rob Brooks, UNSW Australia

Sydney’s Daily Telegraph is suffering one of their frequent relapses into frothy-mouthed panic about government wastage on research grants. Poking at layabout academics for ‘wasting’ tax dollars on seemingly frivolous projects reminds me of nothing more than the schoolyard bully who secretly knows he peaked in year 9. 1,080 more words


What About the War on Children?

We hear so often about the so-called Republican War on Women but could God be asking us ; what about the Democratic War on My children? 431 more words

Culture Wars: Progressive Democrats, Milwaukee riots vs. Family Values

Culture Wars:

Progressive Democrats, Milwaukee riots vs. Family Values

 (Instead of going to troubled families) and trying to convert them and reorder their family life so it’s productive, the Democrat Party embraces the disaffection.

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Judeo-Christian Culture

The American Right's Guilty Conscience

The more self-aware parts of the American conservative movement are coming to realise their part in creating the monster that is Donald Trump. Good. But with Trump’s takeover of the Republican Party complete, the genie cannot be put back in the bottle. 1,412 more words

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A Smell the Leather Moment

This is one of those “smell the leather” moments.  In the early 80s, my husband and I had our oldest daughter’s baby pictures taken at a portrait studio. 356 more words


Both White Liberals and White Conservatives Want Blacks to Become Black-Skinned Copies of Themselves

– 20 August 2016 –


Recently Vox Day wrote a statement that caught my eye: “As I once wrote on Twitter, I don’t hate blacks, I just don’t expect them to be white. 1,198 more words