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Evolution… and not evolution

Good piece here in Slate.com this week from a lecturer, James J. Krupa, in the University of Kentucky who teaches evolution. it’s an amazing insight into just how difficult in some parts of the United States it is to teach that area of science (Krupa notes that the US is 34th lowest of ‘advanced’ states in terms of public acceptance of evolution, just ahead of Turkey). 429 more words


An Epistemic Search for the True Carbonara

People often speak of the “True Italian Carbonara” (or “True Pizza”, or whatever). Does such claim about an ideal dish make sense? Is it possible to establish objective criteria to define the original version of anything? 1,207 more words

Scientific Culture

Life in Türkiye

Western influences continue to transform Türkiye; now whilst some are for the better, that does not account for everything of course, and sometimes I cringe at the needless westernisation that heavily line the vast pockets of the very few – corruption here is a national sport, and one at which we very much excel. 306 more words


Film Notes: Roger Ebert's "Life Itself"

I finally saw “Life Itself,” a documentary about Roger Ebert, a well-known film critic with Chicago Sun-Times. The film is a warm portrait of… 477 more words


Human Power: Arts for Social Change

Last Friday evening, I attended a discussion on Human Power: Arts for Social Change organised by Avid Learning (of the Essar Group) and Good Earth (a home decor store) in Mumbai. 308 more words

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