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The Weapons of Culture Warriors - The Targeting of Milo & PewDiePie

Sargon of Akkad gives a good backstory on what’s happened in the last week here, with a fairly complete breakdown & summary:

He points out rather adeptly that the SJWs simply use whatever Alinskyite tactics they can against people they view as cultural enemies, regardless of truth, fact, or internal consistency.  331 more words


Sculptural Silhouettes at Burberry Makers House, London

by Bianca Ohannessian

Makers House is back and this time it’s sculptural.

Burberry has opened up its London Fashion Week show space once again with a treasure trove of things to see. 378 more words


Sophia Amoruso: 22 Hottest Photos Of The Nasty Gal Founder

Sophia Amoruso, 32, did not make her name as a leggy brunette with gorgeous eyes, but she easily could have. Instead, Amoruso came to fame thanks to one of the most savvy business minds in the world and an innate knack for sales. 150 more words


Making Kylo Ren Believable Again

There were several things the first time I saw Star Wars: The Force Awakens that I struggled with, partially because I have enough of a science background that it bothers me when science fiction ignores the science component, but by the second viewing I was able to relax some of those concerns and enjoy the film a little more. 555 more words


ADIF Humanitarian Fashion

Please help support Angela Luna and her interesting brand with a new message.

Get involved with social causes, movements for change and find a way to help. 18 more words

Design Theory

Let's Get This Straight

It is NOBODY’S BUSINESS but your own, let me repeat NOBODY’S BUSINESS but your own, what you choose to do with your body.  Before anyone states the obvious, I’m not talking about using your body to commit a crime or to inflict pain on another person.  666 more words