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Elemental force: Seeing Mount Lokon up close and personal

Eyes half-closed, I drowsily put my head around the door and saw Michael standing there. The dawn chorus had not yet started in Tomohon but there my guide stood, bouncing from toe to toe. 488 more words


Indian Dreaming

Hi all!

Back again and quite a few post coming up in the next few weeks!  I have gathered a lot of content but have struggled to keep a consistent and regular stream of blogs. 73 more words


Book of the month: Elena Varvello

Just over three years ago, an Italian novel tempted me out of book-reviewing retirement and formed the subject of the first of my Book of the month posts on this blog… 666 more words


Lucian Freud

I have found Freud’s work almost painful to look at. The characters all look like they’re in some long drawn out depression. Or at least a bad mood. 40 more words


Francis Bacon

The first time I saw a Bacon painting I thought I was looking at a hybrid. Some kind of cross between Henry Moore and Picasso. Except it was scarier. 37 more words


We are live

19th May 2017: Workculture.asia’s first live event. Workculture.asia is a community initiative brought to you by PULSE ASIA & WOBB, in association with CULTURISTIC… 411 more words