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On the other side

298/366 Looking into this rather noble looking café/restaurant from the outside, I couldn’t help reflect on the differences between the haves and have nots. The tiny apartments on one side and the luxurious yachts on the other. 50 more words

365 Project

Save the Strand

The strand is my favorite bookstore and it is at risk of closing, so I am leaving this here and pleading that y’all take an opportunity to shop on their website for your next book or holiday gift. 191 more words


بنزرت بالألوان..

أخيراً و بعد تعطيلات عديدة إستيقظ المرسى القديم ببنزرت بحلة جديدة.

هذه الفكرة التي لمعت في أذهن شباب الجهة و أعضاء جمعية ‘أنتم تغيرون بنزرت’ منذ سنة 2011، و التي قوبلت بالرفض و التعطيل و التمديد لأسباب عديدة، لعل أهمها كان التمويل.. 159 more words


Saturday Matinee: How to Operate Your Brain

Source: Open Culture

Speaking at the Human Be-In in January 1967, Timothy Leary uttered the famous phrase borrowed from Marshall McLuhan, “Turn on, tune in, drop out.” It was shorthand for saying experiment with psychedelics and achieve new levels of consciousness. 268 more words


The Media Continuing To Provide For Biden And The Democrats

Anyone that has not denounced Joe Biden and the Democrats after more revelation of them being connected to child porn and sex trafficking should not condemn others for following other candidates. 267 more words

The Savage Viewpoint

The Destruction of Our Society Part Three: A Shaping of the Mind to Understand Nothing and a Redefinition of Words

The audio version of this post likely differs some from the actual text in the original post

As we continue this series, we’re going to take a look at the destructive curriculum that seems to be poisoning our culture, poisoning the well of our educational system. 2,439 more words


Without Sense or Sensibility

Yesterday I wrote about how the country is ever more divided, and I used an example of how the move to a national popular vote will make rural areas subject to the whims of the major cities, even though those folks know nothing about the problems of rural areas. 468 more words