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It’s hard to know what to write about Christopher Shinn’s much awaited new play Against at the Almeida.  Set partly in a Rocket Factory in Silicone valley, with a barely veiled reference to the Mars-wards-looking US tycoon Elon Musk, and with a cast worthy of the paparazzi waiting at the door afterwards, the presence in the audience of Mark Rylance too, it oddly failed to blast off. 633 more words

Dozens of Viking Age Objects Stolen from the University Museum of Bergen

This key from the Viking Age is just one of about 300 stolen items. (Photo: University Museum of Bergen)

On Monday morning when employees at the University Museum of Bergen returned to work, they got a shocking surprise: Around 300 historical objects, many from the Viking Age, were during the weekend stolen from the Cultural History Collections. 240 more words


Some Joy From all The Naziness!

Hello folks! You know I wouldn’t let you down in these WTF?! times.

Here are some great responses when those ‘fine people on both sides’ 137 more words


Debate with Kristi Winters

This last weekend I was able to participate in a debate with Kristi Winters on the subject of “the sexual revolution”. The debate video can be found here: 16 more words


Nazi Captain America's Final Showdown: Secret Empire Pt 1

The “Nazi” Captain America Gimmick comes to a close

Captain America was revealed to be working for the Fascist/Terroist Organization, Hydra in May of 2016.  Steve Rogers: Captain America 1 contained the reveal. 840 more words


Cheongdam, Apujeong and more

Seoul takes it to the next level!

Seoul is such a vibrant city, everyday there is something new to explore and something old has changed in a way you’d simply never guess. 100 more words