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Henri Nouwen Quote

“The leaders of the future will be those who dare to claim their irrelevance in the contemporary world as a divine vocation that allows them to enter into a deep solidarity with the anguish underlying all the glitter of success, and to bring the light of Jesus there.”


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“The three of them spent their Saturday hours celebrating. They got ice cream and milkshake and surpassing the gates of the club and roaming the streets of Zamalek they bought a dozen books for Mony, one for Madiha and finally Fouad decided on a palette, paints and brushes. 26 more words


Surgery +6

This is old news now, Its December.

Its a good thing I didnt try to go back to work today. I thought I might be able to but, nope. 180 more words


No, Mass. does not need stricter gun laws. The reason is that as far as I am aware no gun law passed has saved a single life. Gun laws, like it or not only affect those who obey the law, criminals by definition are not obedient to the law. At best restrictive gun laws only disarm citizens who pose no obvious threat to anyone. In Orlando, it was the system that failed, I have read that the gunman (a licensed security guard, was investigated by the FBI on at least three occasions, he is said to have also made threatening remarks to fellow employees, however, the employer did nothing. I am sure this is due to the gunman's ethnicity, anyone other than this man would have been unceremoniously fired and the possibility exists that this terrible event would never have taken place. Lawful gun owners take their responsibility very seriously, disarming them serves no one. The greater threat is that certain politicians have taken this opportunity to advance their own agendas, apparently oblivious to the fact that those innocent people are dead, and more may die yet. This to me is an exercise in abject vulgarity. The focus should be on the killer and what could have been done to head this off, speaking again of the FBI and the killers employer. Is it not the job of the FBI to not simply identify potential terrorists, as the man certainly was, but deal with the threat they pose? The media is as much to blame as these vulgar politicians, they spoon feed the public faulty statistics, badly researched information and parrot anything these politicians say. This is not journalism, this is as much of the problem as politicians who capitalize of other peoples suffering. Politicians, anti-gun groups and the media would have you believe that anyone can walk into the corner store, grab a 30pack and a machine gun right off the shelf without so much as a glace from the store clerk, these people are as much the problem as anything by spreading lies to people who dont have the time or the inclination to do their own research of the facts. If anyone is interested in unfiltered facts, I suggest the FBI UNIFORM CRIME REPORTS, pretty dry stuff put together mostly for other law enforcement agencies, or people who already know what they are looking for. It contains all the stats for every manner of crime in the US and some of the world. Politicians and anti-gun people never read this because it doesnt support most claims. In short, no gun law would have prevented this tragedy in Orlando, (he was after all a security agent) however, action by at least two agencies could have. This does not mean that I favor unrestricted gun sales, quite the opposite, no one I know objects to background checks, this is just good policy. If you dont already know, the purchase of a firearm is preceded by a call to the BATF to insure the purchaser is allowed to buy a firearm. In Mass. a license to carry is required, as is a basic safety course for new licensees. All of this is reasonable, and anyone who willfully uses a firearm for an unlawful purpose should at least be investigated and appropriate action taken.


What to believe in

There are times when I ask myself what I believe in, usually times when the inside of my head is a mess. I wonder who I am, like everyone does, and I wonder is this all that I am? 318 more words


Box cameras and other 19th century wonders.

Last year I built an Afghan box camera, I saw some youtube videos about them and decided to give it a try. It worked! The basic idea is that this thing is an instant camera….. 209 more words


On hobbies and other disorders

I listed in an earlier post a short list of some of my past hobbies. The most recent is picking up my old cameras again, and making Ebay rich buying other old cameras and related do-dads. 294 more words