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The plight against Starbucks

By Malique Lewis

When two black men entered a Starbucks to wait for a friend to conduct a business meeting, the store’s manager said that they couldn’t wait in the vicinity because they didn’t purchase anything.   449 more words


The rise of artificial intelligence in a technologically-advanced society

By Rozany Guzman & Devin Dubon

In the modern world, artificial intelligence is a growing part of people’s lives. Online ordering, voice-controlled assistants, self-driving cars; A.I. 960 more words


Asia Argento at Cannes: "We know who you are"

That 1.05 minute speech by @AsiaArgento was more powerful than all the Hollywood virtue signalling & black dress protests. 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽pic.twitter.com/lTewSSimvz

— Rita Panahi (@RitaPanahi) May 20, 2018



Okinawa has a tradition of crafts. they create Ryukyu bingata


Capcom is bringing Resident Evil 7 to Switch... by streaming it

Capcom has announced Resident Evil 7 for Switch, which would be a great addition to the Nintendo console’s third-party library if not for a giant catch: it’s a Japan-only release for now, and more importantly it doesn’t run on the Switch hardware at all. 98 more words


La frase que me ha causado muchos problemas

¿Cuál es la frase? Es “porque siempre lo hacemos así“.

Me acuerda una anécdota que dice que en una familia hacían un pastel especial de carne para las fiestas. 657 more words


Westworld Spoilers Club season 2, episode 5: Akane No Mai

HBO’s science fiction drama Westworld isn’t just known for its talented cast and its philosophical musings about the nature of reality. It’s also become famous for its reveals, from mind-bending bombshells that link two characters to simple pieces of backstory that bring new insight to a storyline. 101 more words