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Welcome to the 'Sanskari' world!

Even Babaji ki booti won’t stop Toronto’s based artist, Maria Qamar’s sassiness. She goes by the name @hatecopy and her work reflects on cross-appropriation, cultural appropriation and cultural exchange, all at the same time. 425 more words


Paris, Eiffel For You

Paris the city of long lines, good food & wine, art, culture, and (family) love. Paris is a gorgeous city that is absolutely enchanting and continually draws people to it. 623 more words

Richard Dawkins wants us to eat cultured human meat

Really. (Hat tip.)

It’s enough to make anyone a vegetarian.

Controversial scientist, Richard Dawkins, suggests that eating human meat created in the lab may help overcome the ‘taboo against cannibalism’.

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Southern Culture On the Fly - Issue No. 26

SCOF Issue No. 26 is out. Read it. If you can’t read, look at the pretty pictures. If you can’t see, have someone tell you about it. 20 more words

Fly Fishing

Review: Julius Caesar

Despite doing an English degree and so having spent many hours of my life immersed in the Bard’s iambic pentameter, I had, until last week, never seen Julius Caesar on stage. 590 more words

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There was too much noise on the street outside the library for Constance’s peace of mind, and she scowled to herself.

It had all started before she arrived at work around nine o’clock that morning (the library opened half an hour after that, but books needed tidying and the post, if it had arrived by then, needed sorting) and there had been a considerable amount of fuss on the street, fuss that had involved rows of folding chairs being lashed together and portable barriers and loudspeakers erected in disharmonious ugliness. 1,272 more words


Re-igniting passion

I recently (as in yesterday) finished watching a Netflix Original show called Erased that re-ignited my passion for Japanese culture.

If you haven’t heard of it yet, 305 more words