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Re-igniting passion

I recently (as in yesterday) finished watching a Netflix Original show called Erased that re-ignited my passion for Japanese culture.

If you haven’t heard of it yet, 305 more words

The Art of Relaxation

Picture this: You look at your desk. A pile of papers, folders, pens, and notebooks are sprawled out before your glowing laptop screen. You have 2 more assignments to do before you can start studying for your quiz on Friday. 454 more words


24 Hours or Less in Lugano

Ok so the title of this post might be a little bit misleading considering we actually only spent approximately five hours in Lugano… However, once you go to Lugano, you’ll know why you don’t really need anymore than half a day to explore the city! 555 more words


How to make cultured vegetables fast and easy? Fermented squash for my daughter

My friend, my sister, I recently discovered how to make fermented or cultured vegetables at home and I love it so much. Full of beneficial probiotics, fermented vegetables protect our intestine and strengthen us from the inside. 83 more words

Claire Samuel

Jonas Wood

In the art world I thought I knew, no one would publicly admit to an interest in golf, least of all a young painter who was just making his name. 1,228 more words


How to make your own butter

If you are a fan of butter then you may be delighted to know that it is really really easy to make your own butter at home!! 558 more words


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