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2017, September 5 - 2775 - appearances 3

all kinds of strange looks (5)
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Review: Hamlet (Jerwood Vanbrugh Theatre, RADA)

It was the theatrical event of the summer – but almost nobody actually got to see it.

By bringing together the irresistibly British pairing of luvvie icon, Kenneth Branagh, and heartthrob du jour (if a little more divisive post- 799 more words

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Review: 'It'

‘It’ faces an inherent dilemma: it is in danger of becoming a parody of itself. Set in a small town in Maine in the 1980s, where awkward adolescents cycle down wide streets, facing off against unknown evils, ‘It’ is immediately reminiscent of another recent drama: Netflix’s Stranger Things. 460 more words

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"civilised" humans 

August 28 , 2017

Humans are beasts , or may be they are more than that . Earlier when someone would say that, ‘man is the most dangerous animal’ , I would not believe in them…. 603 more words

Coconut yogurt: this time it worked!

I have been trying out different ways to make vegan yogurt, but so far all of my attempts have failed horribly. There is nothing fun about waking up to a weird and pungeant smell and realizing that it is the soy yogurt experiment that has gone wrong… really wrong! 446 more words


Sandwiches for a day at the museum. Getting cultured today, yo.

Sandwiches for a day at the museum. Getting cultured today, yo.

Guess...who has a museum - Memorial Day Weekend (Part 2)

As we quickly approach 4th of July, it is apparent that I am behind. I wanted to do a 3-parter, if you will, about Memorial day weekend. 593 more words