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Homemade Yogurt and Sour Cream

I’ve been rather fascinated, lately, with anything and everything probiotic (foods that still contain the live and beneficial bacteria used to culture them), so it was natural that I would eventually try to make my own yogurt and sour cream. 497 more words



Cultured and Graciousness
go together.

Cultured and Whine,

Adventures And Insights Of The Day

Cultured Vultures

while talking to my bestfriend Lev, I unconsciously made a prose about men…

conversationalist with in depth prodoundness and dark motives
vultures who breathes rembrandt amd listens to chopin, the ones who’d use you for poetry and leave you to bleed on their pages… 115 more words


Sofar Sounds: the secret gigs taking over the world

I was standing in the dark outside Seven Sisters tube station, trying (and failing) to look inconspicuous. It was drizzling. I was distinctly uncomfortable.

It wasn’t the most auspicious start to an evening, but, believe it or not, I had good reason to be loitering on a street corner in this part of London. 485 more words

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Recap: Girls, Season 4, Episode 5

After the little spark of hope for Hannah’s redemption at the end of last week’s episode (that is, before the door to her apartment was opened by Adam’s new girlfriend), I had high hopes that she would show a little dignity in this episode and that we would get to see how her experience in Iowa has helped her to grow. 998 more words

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Recap: Girls, Season 4, Episode 4

After a Girl-less week thanks to a little-known televised event they call the Super Bowl, our favourite dysfunctional personalities are back in Episode 4.

We open on Shoshanna in a cold, bland room, being interviewed by a cold, bland woman for a job that she actually quite wants.  1,054 more words

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