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September 27, 2015: Tri-color "Salt" Potatoes

One is never sure what will work. Sometimes, what can seem at first mundane, is virtually unheard of to the world at large.

Back in December of 2010, I was stuck for a topic/food/recipe for the blog, and I got a brainstorm: I had never seen a recipe for “Salt Potatoes” in any of the sundry food blogs and magazines I subscribed to. 402 more words

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June 07, 2015: Japanese Dinner for the Family

Story is king.

As an part-time chef and storyteller, it is not unusual for me to use food as yet another medium (to try, at least) to connect to my fellow-man, to make a bridge between thought and reality. 1,324 more words

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June 15, 2014: "Green Brain" Sushi

Two weeks ago I helped Yoshio cook for his daughter’s wedding. Yoshio had a tough job as he had all the responsibilities of a father of the bride plus he was also food designer and had to make sure his creations were made to his specification…all this for close to 100 people! 515 more words

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August 26, 2013: Irish-American Cuisine at Showa

Today was the third presentation of Irish-American food for Japanese students at the Showa Institute of Boston. Yoshio and I created a range of foods that show the assortment of influences on Irish-American cuisine. 163 more words

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January 21, 2013: Here There Be Dragons

I suppose, all in all, I have had my few brave moments. I did manage to get the “highest initials in the oak tree” (our childhood game/challenge) when I was a younger. 828 more words

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December 05, 2012: "Jiro..." Revisited

Back in April, I mentioned a movie that had just come out that I thought readers should be aware of: “Jiro Dreams of Sushi.” Going to movies (and other luxuries) have not been part of my life plan for a while now, due to a… 857 more words

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September 15, 2012: Green Tea Rice Porridge

Here is an interesting, yet simple variation to short-grained rice dish: green tea rice porridge. This is traditionally served in Japan for breakfast or for a snack. 94 more words

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