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Psychological Influences


Something that I had thought about a lot for quite some time now is on the importance of, what I am calling here (for lack of a better word), “Psychological Influences”. 1,035 more words

Our LD12 cultivation manuscript has been published

Our paper on the cultivation and genomics of the freshwater SAR11 strain LSUCC0530
has been published online in the ISME Journal (Here). The SAR11 LD12 lineage evolved to colonize freshwater ecosystems, and, like its marine cousins, occurs as one of the most… 166 more words


Sampling at the Calcasieu Jetties

On Monday, January 15th, I got to join Celeste on a sampling trip to Calcasieu Jetties in Cameron, Louisiana. This was my first time going on a sampling trip since joining the Thrash Lab. 141 more words

Lab Life

The Hungate 1000 Project is now published!

The Hungate 1000 Project was a massive undertaking: namely, sequencing the genome of 1000 microorganisms cultured from ruminant animals all over the world, and was both  coordinated and led by the… 848 more words


Featured Tiger

Cameron and the lab got highlighted by LSU as a recent Featured Tiger. There are some great shots from near Lake Borgne included and solid cameos by Mike, Celeste, Emily, Anna, and of course the RV Schipperke.

Lab Life

Re-using Culture cups

I originally bought my first stock of culturing cups over 5 years ago from Patrick @ Saurian.

Check out all the types of culturing cups… 406 more words


Breathless: Mike's Journey to Find Elusive Bacteria in the Oxygen-less Ocean

By Paige Jarreau. LSU biological sciences graduate student Mike Henson recently conducted field research in the great big blue! Mike works in Dr. Cameron Thrash’s lab… 343 more words